All About Fire Signs And Their Compatibility In Love

All About Fire Signs And Their Compatibility In Love

Passion, love, intensity … There are three signs of the zodiac that share the same cosmic energy, they are the fire signs : Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The triad that honors drive, spontaneity and power. They are the creators of the zodiac, those who are carried away by the moment and who have Mother Nature on their side. Your steps make the difference, this is all about the fire signs and their compatibility in love:

Your personality 

Fire signs are easily distinguished because they are the ones who take the role of leaders, they have a sociable and friendly side that keeps them surrounded by the right people. If there is something that characterizes them, without a doubt, it is determination, when they decide something there is no one to make them change their minds. They really exude good vibes in everything they do and the ambition they carry in their hearts has led them to achieve everything they set out to do. However, they can be quite emotional, let’s say that their temper does not understand reasons and when it shows up it is better that you leave. Some may say they are manipulative, I would say they have the gift of persuasion.

♈️ Aries

Aries is represented by the symbol of the ram, its ruling planet is Mars and its power color is red. He has a dynamic personality, always the order of the day and when it comes to taking charge, he doesn’t hesitate for a second. Aries enjoys people, he likes to be communicative, express his emotions. Although many times he regrets, because he does not always think before speaking. Let’s say that thanks to Mars you have an impulsive side, full of courage and self-confidence. It is the planet that lives up to action. This is why Aries is so unstoppable.

♌️ Leo

A Leo represents the lion, governs the sun and its power colors are orange and yellow. Leo is the strength of the pack, he is the one who is not afraid of being the center of attention, on the contrary, he enjoys it. Leo likes to dazzle, expose his creative side and his good sense of humor. His personality is exuberant, he walks through life without filters and he feels very proud of his way of being. He is one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac, but also one of the proudest, when someone betrays him he simply turns the page. Leo is brave, stubborn and a bit arrogant for some, because he is not to settle for crumbs.

♐️ Sagittarius

Sagittarius is represented by the archer, his ruling planet is Jupiter and his power color is blue. It is a sign that always puts optimism first, is free, intelligent and goes with the flow. He is like Jupiter, he has the desire to explore, he attracts the positive and there is an unsettling part that keeps him at the bottom of the canyon in everything he does. Sagittarius is protective, he likes to encourage others and take care of them in their transformation. He can be as ambitious as he is caring and that helps him commit, but he doesn’t like long-term plans.

Fire and earth compatibility 

Surely you want to know everything about the fire signs and their compatibility in love. Well, when an earth sign meets a fire sign there is an interesting confrontation. On the one hand, we have practical, consistent and analytical minds. While on the other side are the fire signs that are impulsive, turn things over and waste no time in reflecting too much. Let’s say that a little-known spark can be ignited, but it will only be at the beginning. Later, frustration appears because they cannot understand their rhythms and the way each one sees life.

Fire and air compatibility 

The moment a fire sign falls in love with an air sign, it is a sign that deep conversations will be present. Let’s say inspiration is one of the main ingredients , both of you are passionate and get carried away. Lovers of fun, but by being together they avoid falling into excesses, they balance each other in an incredible way. They may have one of the longest lasting relationships, the kind where you can end up with graying hair on a bench while feeding the birds.

Fire and water compatibility 

The relationship between the fire and water signs has its pros and cons. For their part, the water signs are the emotional ones, the ones that are always ready to inspire the fire signs, who just need a little initiative to let themselves go. The water signs are feminine energy, the balance that makes the fire signs put their feet on the Earth . The problem is that, those of water can get too intense and temperamental, that’s when those of fire can not take it anymore, they feel suffocated and just want to run away.

Fire and fire compatibility 

A relationship that goes against the clock, insatiable, desperate and very intense. When a fire sign falls in love with a fire sign, it is synonymous with putting their mental and emotional stability to the test, because they are going to have good and bad encounters, but always to the extreme. They are fiery signs, not used to being told what to do, so their egos may not be getting along all that well. When the relationship is perfect there is no problem, it is a cluster of adrenaline that keeps them like magnets, but when the arguments are present they can hate each other.

And this is all about the fire signs and their compatibility in love. Fire signs take a long time, but this is what you really need to know about them.


All About Fire Signs And Their Compatibility In Love

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