According To Your Sign Which Wednesday Character Are You?

Which Wednesday Character?

According To Your Sign Which Wednesday Character Are You?

Wednesday is without a doubt the series of the season, and of course, from Horóscopo Negro we had to analyze the main characters and associate their personalities with the archetypes of the zodiac signs. It could not be less. And yes, after doing so we could say that almost 99% of all of them agree. Do you want to see which one is you? Let’s see which Wednesday character you are according to your sign.

Gomez Addams as Aries

You couldn’t be another Aries character… Gomez Addams is optimistic, cheerful, very permissive, and super open-minded. He may seem serious at times but he has an amusing background. One of the most important things in his life is his family and he will do whatever it takes to defend it. If he is in love, he gives himself completely to love and is super passionate, like you, Aries. Pure fire. In addition, he is pretty good at extreme sports such as knife throwing or fencing. Despite being a very successful person in his life, he is not obsessed with money and is capable of spending thousands of dollars on any whim. Really, finding happiness is his top priority in life, just like Aries.

Pugsley Addams as Taurus

Pugsley has a heart of gold and is more sensitive than he appears when you first meet him. He is super observant, he knows what others need, and is always ready to help in any way he can. He has a lot of “engineering” skills, his mind is full of creativity and he makes a lot of inventions from scratch. His protective side of him is amazing and he is very family-friendly. He needs his family too much and what’s more, he only vents to them. He may be a bit traditional in some aspects of his life, but he’s happy like that, with everything in order.

Tyler Galpin as Gemini

Tyler could not be other than a Gemini, a person with two very marked sides to his personality. On the one hand, he is sensitive, and a bit introspective at times, and he doesn’t usually think too much about the future but rather, he lives in the present. On the other hand, he is charming and kind-hearted when he wants to be, able to manipulate very well when he wants to get something. He always gets out of difficult and complicated situations and is a very good friend. Of course, he keeps a big secret, like most Geminis…

Eugene Ottinger as Cancer

Without a doubt, Eugene’s personality fits a lot with Cancer. He is sincere, sensitive, and very sweet. Also, he has a firm concept of friendship. He would not betray who he loves and no matter what happens he will be next to the people he considers almost his family. Sometimes it’s hard for him to fit in, he’s too sensitive and there are things that hurt him but he doesn’t tell them. He may look fragile but he is NOT weak. He is more, he is braver than many others.

Larissa Weems as Leo

There’s no way Larissa Weems could have been another sign. She is a 100% lioness. Larissa is the principal of Nevermore Academy, she leads and loves being in charge. Also, she always makes sure everything runs smoothly. Honestly, there is no one better than Leo for a position of authority and leadership like this. Larissa watches over the school and isn’t afraid to make decisions or take action. Leos are super confident. Even when they aren’t. Larissa has a strong presence, everyone looks at her when she arrives, and she is naturally noticeable and extremely passionate. She is just like Leo.

Bianca Barclay as Virgo

That villain that everyone adores is Bianca. Just like she happens to Virgo many times. She is very suspicious and especially with strangers. Also, she is very perfectionist and hates to lose, just like Virgo. Despite her cold appearance, she has powerful intuition and is very mystical. Her secrets are powerful and she has to keep them safe. Bianca is the queen bee of Nevermore, and she highlights her practicality, her organization, and her control over everything. She is one of the leaders of the student body and has an iron hand. She is also competitive and needs to be first in everything she does.

Morticia Addams as Libra

Morticia would certainly be Libra, the kind and easy-going matriarch of the Addams Family. She may seem a little distant at first, a little reserved, like her own. But once you get to know her she is loving, friendly, and warm. She is spontaneous, flexible, affectionate, and willing to do everything for her loved ones. She is very observant and is super attentive to the needs of her children, in addition, she is also empathetic and deeply intuitive. She is not a person who likes to be the center of attention, like Libra, she prefers to have a supporting role, she prefers to be behind the scenes.

Wednesday-Wednesday-Merlina as Scorpio

It is evident that Wednesday is a Scorpio, dark, independent, analytical, cunning, and a person who loves to unravel all kinds of complex mysteries. She has that antisocial point that some Scorpios also have, she doesn’t like the common, the basic, hysterical people, people who want to attract too much attention… She is complex, a strategist, and one of the sharpest minds that exist, and also, she has the intelligence and determination to face any challenge that comes your way. As she defines herself: “I know that I am stubborn, decisive and obsessive. These are all traits of great serial killers and writers. I love”. How much Scorpio is in her veins!

Thing-Thing-Fingers as Sagittarius

What a spirit Thing has, he is adventurous, and wild, he loves to explore and discover new things, the perfect companion, the perfect friend. He is also restless, he needs to do things all the time. He is the perfect investigator and always finds out everything. Thing is that incredible friend that will accompany you on all your adventures, that he will not say NO to anything, like a good Sagi, and will look out for your good if you are his friend. Even if you don’t always like what he does.

Ajax Petropolus as Capricorn

Ajax would be a Capricorn, someone shy and a bit introverted. He has a hard time looking into the eyes and trusting others but he doesn’t have a bad background. It is true that he does not need the rest to be well, he is not extremely sociable and he only feels comfortable when he is confident. His heart could be made of ice, but in this case, it’s made of stone. Literal. Very Capri. I really want to and I can’t when talking about feelings…

Xavier Thorpe as Aquarius

Xavier is very creative, and very charismatic, but also very much his own, very much his own. Independent, unusual, intuitive, and prone to loneliness. He is capable of making art come alive, capable of bringing peace to any situation. He is a person who is very committed to his people, he does not want to hurt others, and his dreams have a lot of meaning. The moment he finds himself dominated or manipulated by someone, he cuts his losses. He doesn’t want to suffer for love… But he suffers.

Enid Sinclair as Pisces

What sign could Enid be? It’s clear, Pisces. It could not be another. She is Wednesday’s roommate and friend. And she is the complete opposite of this one. She is spontaneous, sensitive, with a certain loss of control at times, sociable, super intense, and very affectionate energy. She enjoys trying new things, she has a passion for what she likes but also a strong emptiness inside of her that she always hides with a smile. In love, she is thrown, she can’t stay with the desire to say what she feels. Enid’s world is deep. Very deep.


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