According To Your Sign What Your Partner Should Give You So That You Really Feel In Love

You Really Feel In Love

According To Your Sign What Your Partner Should Give You So That You Really Feel In Love

Loving is much more than having a label, it does not help much that in front of the rest of the people they show that they are a perfect couple. What matters to you is what happens behind closed doors, the person they become when no one sees them. You don’t ask for much, simply, a partner who knows how to be through thick and thin. Otherwise, if you do not stay, you will not waste time. What your partner should give you so that you really feel in love according to your sign:


Just because you’re a down-to-earth person, doesn’t mean you want to be with someone who does your bidding. You are dominant, but you are attracted to a person who is on the same channel as you. You don’t want someone who gives you monotony, the more they make you get out of your comfort zone, the better it is for you. Relationships are lived, they are not to meet other people’s expectations. 


Caution and you get along perfectly when it comes to love you prefer to dig to the bottom because you know very well that you never finish meeting people. You like to tiptoe. That is why you are caught by that love that is reliable, and safe, that shows you that in your heart there is no room for anyone else while you are there. 


In short, Gemini, you can’t have much in common with someone who bends easily, you need the heart of those who are not afraid to use their steel cape, of those who keep quiet people who want to get into their business. You are an ingenious, exploring, and fun being, it is impossible for you to stay with someone who dulls your shine. If you don’t have an adventurous face, you leave.


You really enjoy romance, it is not something that is heavy for you, with each of your wounds you are able to give yourself as if it were the first time. You love when they make you feel special, but honestly, you don’t want a love that is only based on appearances. Loving for you is synonymous with commitment, someone who has the courage to love you every day. 


Perhaps it is because it has been very difficult for you to work on your self-love, but you decided a long time ago that your fears are not going to interfere when it comes to sharing your heart. At the end of the day, you already know that if they break you, you are capable of getting up again. Leo, you feel very comfortable when someone is able to hold your hand and supports you in every project that comes to mind, you don’t ask for more. 


You would love to be with a person from whom you do not have to beg for attention, someone who values ​​every second by your side and who is not dependent, because your list of priorities is immense, you are not going to allow love to break your dreams. You are very introverted when it comes to love because you need to see if your emotions are safe before letting yourself go. 


For you there is nothing more humiliating than letting your guard down for someone, it is hard to have to become the puppet of a love that does not even take the time to investigate what is in your heart. You fall in love when you witness him really try, someone who gives you a physical connection, but also a very emotional one. An intelligent mind that shelters you when everything goes wrong.


Scorpio, relationships and you don’t get along very well, because your distrustful part makes you think about the same thing a thousand times before daring. You know that love is not perfect, but you got tired of giving and giving so that they only give you crumbs. Your heart is strong, but it also breaks down from time to time. You are not going to expose it to someone who minimizes your feelings.


You never beat around the bush, from the first moment you make it very clear to the person that you want a relationship in which your freedom is not put at risk. You love to love deeply, but not give in to anyone’s whims. What you want is a complement, someone who accepts you as you are, but who supports you in your best version, you are not difficult, you value yourself.


In short, Capricorn, you see love as a deal and that does not mean that your soul is cold, on the contrary, it means that your word is sacred, when you commit you do not play games. Your affective responsibility is admirable, the person who touches your heart will have the best of you, but with the same intensity that you love, you leave if they break the established agreements.


They say that your way of loving is unsympathetic and that your narcissistic personality prevents you from creating a deep bond, but the truth is that they have no idea of ​​all the emotions that live in your heart. You are a brave, loving, tender being, but you are not going to allow anyone to turn off your desire to improve yourself. Love as a couple is good, however, never forget self-love.


Yes, it’s true, you have a dreamy, rebellious, intense soul, loving for moments is not your thing. You prefer to make it clear from the beginning that you want to build something beautiful and durable before they make you lose energy. You want a happy love, full of energy and with goodness in the heart. You are too compassionate and sweet to be with someone who doesn’t do things for others. 

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