According To Your Sign What You Should Never Do In A Relationship

Never Do In A Relationship

According To Your Sign What You Should Never Do In A Relationship

Growing up in love is understanding that others love us as they can and as they know, not as we want. By not understanding this dimension of love, we can fall into mistakes that distance us from those we love. For this reason, we want to talk to you about some of the traits of your personality according to your sign that you should control if you want to learn to love, mature and achieve this stable and healthy relationship that you have been looking for for for so long. This is what you should never do in a relationship according to your sign:


Impulses can lead you to say and do things that only take you away from your partner. There comes a time in life when you have to become a little more patient and analytical. Be consistent with your actions and take responsibility when you mess up. Learning to ask for forgiveness is important in a relationship, as much or more than turning your partner’s most spicy thoughts into reality. Find the balance between your passion and your impulsiveness and you will make your partner more in love, day after day. 


Materializing everything is a mistake that you make, as well as wanting to count on love. Taurus, no matter how detailed you are, if you don’t know how to learn to give value to the needs of others and give them value, there are few relationships that will work for you. It’s okay to prioritize yourself on many occasions, but you must also learn when it’s time to prioritize your partner. Both of you must be able to be there for each other, materialize these desires that you both have, and, above all, show how valuable you are to each other. 


Try not to lie, even if you think this person will not be able to tolerate or accept reality. The truth can hurt, true, but lies hurt much more. Your relationships often fail because when you mess up, instead of acknowledging it, you throw dirt on top of your actions. You don’t take responsibility for them and when they confront you, you want to cover it up with lies or stories that have little to do with reality. Gemini, darling, learn to always go with the truth ahead: your partner can bear the truth much more than you suppose and we advise you to avoid those situations that can lead you to lie.


Avoid jealousy and scenes. Right now. You can’t expect a relationship to work if you nullify the other person. We must remind you that this person stole your heart because of his way of being. It will be useless to change or limit it because sooner or later, it will get tired and move away from you. In the worst case, she will stay, but she will not be the same as the one you started with and this leads directly to falling out of love. 


You cannot take the lead from your partner at all times. Their emotions, their way of being, and their achievements should be as important to you as your own. Despite not having bad intentions, this way of being so yours can lead the other person to think that it is not enough, that he does not have what it takes to be by your side. Learn to love beauty, to let the other person dazzle you. Don’t worry so much and leave something in their hands. You will be pleasantly surprised when you see everything this person can and wants to do for you. 


Do not be so critical and limiting with your partner and with your relationship. It’s super good to see what doesn’t work and find joint solutions, but you can’t take this to the extreme. How do you think the other person will feel if you show disapproval all the time? Don’t be like that and let the other person make mistakes. She understands and forgives, always within limits, of course. The perfect relationship, Virgo, does not exist and this longing will only lead you to spend a lot of time alone. It’s not that it’s bad to be alone for a while, but you know that it’s not what you want. Be more flexible and you will see how everything will go much better. 


Routines give you security. To you. This does not mean that everyone likes to lead a routine life, much less that it should be your routine. If you leave no room for surprise, how can you enjoy love 100%? Do not lock yourself in something that has worked for you all your life to try something new. What is the worst that can happen? That you don’t like this new life? You are always on time to go back, but life is based on moving forward and improving day after day. 


As much as you try to hide it when something doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit. And we understand that this is the case many times, but you must stop to think about what the other person likes. If you always have to do what you want and in the way you want it, it is possible that the other person will end up getting tired of the relationship. Put yourself in their shoes and stop being so strict in this case. Another aspect to take into account is this manipulative facet that exists in you and that comes out, without limitations, when it comes to getting what you want. Playing with fire, you’re going to get burned. This person is going to leave your side without looking back if you don’t let them be a little bit.


Sagi, try to show much more how much you love this person who is so important to you. Sometimes you assume that the other person already knows this and you focus on living life to the fullest with them, giving them new experiences and making monotony a part of your life. Let’s see, this is not bad. But, it would be much better if you accompanied it with a sincere and open “I love you” from time to time. Words are worth a lot in a relationship. 


Capri, we all have priorities and preferences in life: our partner, family, work, hobbies, etc. But you have them all and this means that you don’t have time to enjoy the most valuable ones. If you want your relationship to work, you must take care of it, you already know this. And when you want, you do it very well. However, when it comes to taking time, it can be difficult for you, since you want to get to everything. This is impossible. If you decide to be in a relationship, there will be things that you should put aside. Or, at least, spend much less time on them. 


Aquarius, love, you cannot ignore your partner as you usually do when it comes to formalizing things. We’re not telling you to commit right away, but keep in mind that this is something that will inevitably happen. You don’t want to give up your independence, to do what you like or what works best for you. We know that being in a relationship is not a mortal need for you, but this does not mean that you do not like having a partner, right? Well, for it to work, you have to give in a little and let the other person into this very unique and personal space that you have set up for yourself. You may even like it much more. 


Pisces, when you start a relationship, you give everything and you give it from the first moment. This just makes the other person understand that you’re always going to be there and this gives him the power to do whatever he wants because he knows you’re not going to leave his side. This situation can lead to the most toxic relationships for you. In addition, you can also fall into the mistake of leaving yourself. Don’t let this ever happen. Be yourself and prioritize yourself from time to time. Your needs are just as important as those of your partner. 

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