According To Your Sign The Lesson You Will Learn In April 2023

Lesson You Will Learn In April 2023

According To Your Sign The Lesson You Will Learn In April 2023

2023 is definitely a dynamic year full of surprises and rewards, as well as 360º changes and evolution. The Universe made a series of moves in March to hasten our destiny. But April… oh April will be a month that invites us to slow down a little to say goodbye to what no longer works and welcome the new. Get ready, you will discover what will be a lesson you will learn in April 2023 according to your sign:

But pay attention, the news can only come when you have made enough space to receive it. It is eclipse season, the cosmic portal in which we will feel predestined events: people leaving, new people in our lives, unexpected opportunities, and changes in plans… 

Here we tell you the lesson you will learn in April 2023 according to your sign. For a broader understanding, we suggest you review, in addition to your sun sign, the sign of the ascendant and the moon sign. 


Your fiery style generates anger and or resentment. In your mind, you recreate the day that person will ask you for forgiveness again. The problem, Aries, is that you don’t always get the apologies you deserve, and rarely do people acknowledge that they hurt you. Let go of your ex, stay away from that friend, and send that client to hell… You must do the closing of a cycle on your own, it is entirely up to you to forgive and heal. Drop that insert and open up to the new that is to come: there are powerful and beneficial connections waiting for you.


We know what the change costs you. You go to great lengths to maintain your relationships to live up to the adage “and they were happy ever after”… But dear Taurus, some people are temporary. People are borrowed by the Universe and in time they must be returned. And many, many times you will thank for it. Learn that loves, friends and even relatives are for rats. Practice healthy detachment and if necessary go to a retreat in order to get away from those who no longer want to be with you. 


Life is busy, you want to learn, consume, try, and have all kinds of experiences before leaving this world. Change is your constant, Gemini. But you can’t always make your life the multiverse. If you have not achieved any of your dreams today, it is because you are not concentrating enough. Be patient, some things require focus, time, and dedication. You can start by putting your house in order, making checklists, and leaving everything pending to finally dedicate yourself to what matters. 


You can’t be blamed for protecting yourself, dear Cancer. When they hurt you, you leave. You don’t have to justify to anyone why you made the decision to walk away, nor do you have to pay your bills! It’s great that you need a safe place for a while. Let people say what they want because they are really giving their opinion from their own shortcomings. Just be careful to stay in that space for a long time. You need to give your life a spark to move in another direction and locked up / or you won’t get it. Try something completely different and take other risks. 


Trial and error is part of your process, Leo. Being wrong is much better than never having tried. Your life is yours and you should be proud to direct it as you wish. What happens is that the world around you has its opinions but what you can do is ignore them. In fact, you have already been feeling tension with some people who give you bad vibes. What happens is that they envy you because only you are capable of moving from the known place. You need to distance yourself from people who absorb your energy and surround yourself, instead, with beings who transmit peace and bring light.


Your excessive dedication to work is not a standard to measure what others do. Do not compare what you have walked with the journey of other people. That is very exhausting, industrious Virgo. It is likely that in this world there are people who surpass you and you must learn to live with them. Stop looking to the sides and focus on your own path. The rewards will come. It would be great if you vent your emotions a bit with someone who knows how to listen to you and you will get those fears out of the closet. You will feel rested and thus you will prevent stress from becoming somatic. 


You work hard for people and sometimes they don’t even give you a thank you. Learn to say “no” to social commitments and help you are asked for at the last minute. But wait Libra, it does not mean that you change and become selfish, your heart is very big and people will come to notice it. You are doing the right thing, feel proud, and don’t stop being you. It is better to learn to detect who appreciates your presence in their lives. Also, the important thing about getting away from the social sphere is to recharge your batteries so that you share from a genuine desire and not from the stress of pleasing everyone. 


No matter how hard you try, sometimes failure is a part of life. It’s true, you won’t always get it right but stop being so hard on yourself. Just make mistakes, live to the fullest, and don’t ask for forgiveness or permission. People are not always going to celebrate your decisions and that doesn’t matter. You focus on being better. Just be careful with excesses, especially money. Pleasure is important but sometimes you exaggerate the tastes you give yourself. You deserve heaven, but for now, invest wisely on earth. 


We do not doubt your ability to dream big. If it weren’t for your restless mind, you wouldn’t be where you are. Don’t stop dreaming but be patient dear Sagittarius. A high goal deserves solid foundations and these require time. You shouldn’t run without first learning to walk. Give yourself the time to build structures so that your desires have a place to manifest. In the meantime, celebrate what you’ve already accomplished, sometimes you forget that what you’ve done is more than enough. Celebrate how far you’ve come before setting yourself new goals. 


Of course, your earthy way of being leads you to work tirelessly, Capri. Any time of the day should be productive and profitable for you. But better than falling ill from exhaustion is taking a good nap. Be careful, if you continue like this you will collapse. Don’t pretend to carry the world on your back, give yourself rest spaces and be kind to yourself. A very good idea besides resting is to relax in another place. Being upside down at work is limiting your creative side and slowly burying you. Change neighborhoods, travel to a new city, and move for a while. Make a change of scenery urgently. 


You are immensely concerned about humanity but understand that it is not in your hands to save it. You have a powerful but limited range. From the place you occupy in the world, you can contribute but you must accept that you cannot change other people. Let go of control and free yourself from hero or heroine complexes. You are already doing more than enough. And by the way, lately you have been too rational which completely disconnects you from your intuitive part. Try to connect with your creativity and the muses that inspire you.


Your heart can’t help but offer love unconditionally. The sad thing is that not everyone is willing to accept your generous offer. You must accept that not all people are ready to receive and that what really matters here is how much you love yourself. Reserve that loves that you have left over for something bigger than yourself, it can be a divinity, a cause, or a group… Take advantage of this valuable time to book spaces with those beings who adore you and appreciate the wonderful person you are. 

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