According To Your Sign How You Handle Distance Relationships

Distance Relationships

According To Your Sign How You Handle Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships are complicated, not everyone is ready to have one. Love is complex in itself, but distance complicates everything much more. There are people who carry it better than others because of their personalities. If you want to know how you handle long-distance relationships according to your zodiac sign, you just have to keep reading:


Aries, you are a super independent person, but when you fall in love you give absolutely everything. You don’t care about the kilometers that separate you from that special person who makes your heart beat so much because you do everything possible to see her. You don’t hesitate to get on a plane or take a road trip whenever you have a few days off to spend time with your favorite person. You are pure fire and your impulses always lead you to do wonderful things for your partner. 


Taurus, you are a very realistic person, you love to always have your feet on the ground and that is why you know that a long-distance relationship is not easy. You are super loyal and you know that no temptation is going to make you fall, but the idea of ​​going days without seeing that person who makes you smile as nobody else exhausts you. You are not made for long-distance relationships and that is why sooner or later, one of the two will take the step to move in together.


Gemini, in a long-distance relationship you try to stay optimistic because you know you can’t do anything else. You love planning the future and counting the days you have left to be with that special person who has your heart revved up. You don’t mind having a long-distance relationship because that gives you your space, but over time, you will realize that you need to be with that special someone more and you will have to make important decisions. 


Cancer and love are super important to you, whether in person or at a distance, you always work hard so that everything goes well. You are the type of person who works on the relationship, even if there are kilometers in between. You try to talk on the phone every day to strengthen the bond and give surprises of all kinds. You always find a way to keep love alive. You are a super sentimental person and it shows. 


Leo, you are a person who needs everyone’s attention, especially your partner. That is why you are not made for long-distance relationships. Even when your partner is doing everything they can to make you feel cared for, it just doesn’t feel like enough. You always want more and you need to have that special person close to her to also show her that you love her madly. Distance is not a good ally for you. 


Virgo, you are a rather reserved person, you don’t like to share your things, but when you fall in love, all that changes. You open up more and start talking about how you feel about that special someone who makes you smile every day. It is true that distance is not good, but you always find a way to put things in order to work so that everything goes well and the relationship works. Distance doesn’t overwhelm you, it overwhelms you that everything can be turned off by it. 


Libra, love is super important to you, but long-distance relationships are not your thing. You need to feel love in your day to day and experience new feelings every hour. That is why long-distance relationships are not very good for you. You tend to lose interest very quickly and look for him near you because you know that life is two days and you are not going to be living in a situation that does not suit you at all. Better to leave it as soon as possible and that each one makes his life. 


Scorpio, you are a super passionate person, you need to give way to that burning passion and long-distance relationships do not allow you to do it whenever you want. You are capable of falling in love and living a love at a distance, but not for long. You are a very passionate person and the temptations around you can make you do crazy things. You are a loyal person and that is why you prefer to end a relationship rather than hurt that person who has made you feel such special things. 


Sagittarius, everything that is out of the ordinary amuses you. That is why you can live a distance relationship perfectly. That fire that characterizes you will be in charge of keeping the flame of passion active. You are one of those people who try to keep romance alive through the internet. You have high-pitched flames to download that dangerous fire and not commit crazy things. 


Capricorn, you are a super-loyal person. When you fall in love you don’t care about the distance, you are able to travel the whole world for the person you love. You fully trust that that special person will not hurt you because he really loves you. Distance is not fun, but it is not the worst thing in the world and you know that sooner or later your paths will merge to be able to share your lives together. 


Aquarius, you are a free and independent person and that is why, a priori, long-distance relationships are not a big problem for you. The problem comes when your jealousy starts to get sick. You see things where there are none and your head begins to create movies worthy of an Oscar. Long-distance relationships have their pros and cons, but it is clear to you that in the long run, they are not healthy for your mental health.


Pisces, you are a super emotional person and you have a very hard time saying goodbye. That is why people believe that long-distance relationships are not for you, but they are wrong. You don’t mind spending time apart from the love of your life because then everything is more fun when you’re by their side. There is no one else with whom you prefer to go out and the emotions that you experience when you are with your partner again are on another level.

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