According To The Zodiac Sign: This Fashion Trend Will Dominate Your 2023 – Part 1!

Fashion Trend Will Dominate Your 2023

According To The Zodiac Sign: This Fashion Trend Will Dominate Your 2023 – Part 1!

The new year is already in full swing. And for many of us, that also means that the latest fashion trends that everyone will supposedly be wearing in the new year are everywhere. But which trend really suits the personality?

We took a close look at the trends and found out which one fits which zodiac sign.

Capricorn: Prima ballerina

Capricorns want to convey a message with their style: they have everything under control! Because it is important to them to radiate a certain professionalism without hiding their feminine side. Luckily, the ballerinas are making a comeback and are totally trendy. Because with these, the Capricorns actually have the best of both worlds.

Aquarius: Oversized Everything

Aquarians always know what they are doing and always have everything under control. Only in fashion do they like to experiment; especially when it comes to silhouettes. They prefer to combine baggy pants with ultra-tight tops and make statements with XXL coats. Lucky that the baggy look will also be in demand in 2023 .

Pisces: all great

The dreamy and romantic Pisces are caught up in their past again this year. At least when it comes to fashion. Because the lace is making a comeback again – and brings back memories of youthful outfits for the fish!

Aries: That 70’s Show

Aries are adventurous, passionate, and always open to new fashion trends. This year, a few 70s elements fit in perfectly. The time travel trend is the ideal time for them to dare to try a bit of color.

Taurus: Business as usual

Taurus like it down to earth. They always want to be dressed appropriately and fear nothing more than being over- or underdressed. It’s good for her that the business look is also popular in 2023. After all, with elegant trousers, a blouse, and sporty sneakers you have always dressed appropriately.

Gemini: part of the (biker) gang

The twins like to show their cool side to the outside world. You don’t like to let people get too close to you and prefer to keep some distance at least at the beginning of a friendship or relationship. This year they can show their tough side in a clichéd way with leather jackets. And underneath, the twins prefer to live out their playful side 😉

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