According to behavioral researchers. By these 12 signs you realize that he only wants love

Do you know that: You meet this guy and fell in love with him at first sight? Or you’ve known each other for a while, but suddenly you just can not keep your eyes off him?

Maybe you’ve spent a few nights together, but you do not know if he’s serious about you. Does he only want you as a bed bunny or maybe he can imagine a relationship with you? If you are not sure, then it is important that you correctly interpret the signs. These 12 signs tell you that he only wants love:

1. He does not give any sign of life throughout the day

Sometimes it happens that he does not report all day long, even though you have understood each other so well the day before. That probably makes you doubt. That should be it, because men who do not report more often over a longer period, do not usually mean it seriously.

Of course, sometimes you are very busy, but if you really liked it, then it would set up the five seconds it takes to answer you. 

Even if he only reports very late in the day or writes you almost exclusively at night, it may be that he only wants to have love with you. 

2. He sends you lewd news

Maybe he also writes you a lot. In any case, you should pay attention to the content of your messages. Some guys write very suggestive messages or want to see  photos of you.

Especially when it’s a lot on your body, you should be startled. Maybe he’s only interested in your body and does not want to get to know you better, just get you to bed.

3. He just wants to meet with you privately.

You’ve known each other for a while, but he prefers to limit your meetings to the nights? Or he rejects meetings in public, such as in the cinema or at the Italian, completely? That, too, is a sign that he does not want anything serious about it. He’s probably only physically interested in you.

4. He shows no interest in your life

If he is not interested in your life, he will not ask you private questions. He does not want to know where you grew up or how you spent your childhood. It will not matter to him what you do in your free time or what you do with your bread.

Such guys will interrupt you too if you tell about yourself. They do not really want to get to know you and just do not mean it to you.

5. He does not forge plans for the future with you.

Of course you want to spend as much time as possible with someone you’re in love with. Then you also like to plan with this person in the future. Maybe you already have holiday plans together or you are planning a weekend together.

That would be a good sign. However, if your meetings always take place at short notice or if you have no idea when you will see each other again, he will eventually drop you. 

6. He never introduced you to his friends and family.

If you’ve known each other for a long time, then he should eventually introduce you to his friends or family. If not, he may not be interested in introducing yourself or making it official. Unfortunately, you’re only his bed bunny for him and that’s not usually presented to his family.

7. You have almost superficial conversations.

People in love want to tell everything. They spend hours talking and chatting about God and the world without having to make an effort. Because you want to know how the other person is ticking, which views and values ​​he has, and what he likes or what he does not like.

But if he always wants to get straight to the point or keeps the talks as superficial as possible, then he is only interested in having Love with you.


No matter how hard you try or how carefully you try to make more of it, it keeps blocking you. He does not want to have dates in a restaurant or outside of his home with you.

You spend almost all your time in bed, trying to keep you at bay all the time. You should take these signs seriously. Because he probably can not (for now) imagine anything solid with you.

9. He behaves disrespectfully towards you.

This sign also strongly indicates that he does not seek a relationship. If he behaves disrespectful to you, then you should rather stay away from him.

He may even write with other women or click through his dating app while he is lying next to you in bed? Such behavior is completely disrespectful. It does not seem to matter to him how you feel about it. 

10. He almost never listens to you.

He constantly forgets what you have told him. Then he suddenly announces himself and wants to see you, but he does not remember that you have already told him that you are going to a concert with your girls. He just does not listen to you properly and it does not seem to matter to him what you say or intend to do.

11. He has a bad reputation.

Did some people even warn you about him? Casanovas usually have a bad reputation. If that is the case then he will not burn anything. If you want to be the only one for someone, you should stay away from him quickly. This man will not have a relationship with you.

12. He seems very closed.

You will also realize that he does not care if he does not tell you about his everyday life or never mentions his family or friends. Even when he barely talks about his past, it means he only sees you as his bedbug. Believe me, he is not worth it. It’s better for you to move away from him, so you will not be disappointed in the end.

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