7 things a man only does when he has strong feelings for you

So there is this guy who gives you a lot of attention, but you just can’t figure out if he really has a crush on you or if he just wants to mess with you.

Understand, of course. You’ve been hurt many times in the past, and before you even start a serious relationship with him, you really want to be sure that he’s the one who’ll make you happy. You can no longer be content with manipulators and you finally want someone who will love, appreciate and respect you.

But people are very complicated in the way they show us their affection, so we have to be careful with the things they do for us.

But there are some signs that he has strong feelings for you and that he loves you, and because of this, he will do some amazing things for you that someone else would not.

1. He is fighting with you.

Is there anything more special than a man who is ready to fight with you against everything that life prepares for both of you? He is always there to help you learn and make you better. He is there for you when you are sick or sad and does not leave your side for a moment until you feel better again.

If he didn’t have strong feelings for you, then he probably wouldn’t bother to invest the time and energy to be there for you and make you feel better or make you successful.

2. He remembers the little things.

He remembers everything that has to do with you! He remembered your birthday after only telling him about it once, and he remembers all the little details from your childhood. What does that mean? It means he’s listening to you.

If he wasn’t interested in you, do you really think he would do it with an extra effort just to remember all of these things? No. But because he has really strong feelings for you, he is ready to remember even the smallest details of your life.

3. He is nice to your family and friends.

He knows how important your family and friends are to you, so he does everything in his power to be nice to them and make them happy. A man like this deserves to be kept – believe me!

4. He is vulnerable.

A man who is really interested in the woman he is in a relationship with will show her his vulnerable side. It will be hard for him, but he will show you every side of himself. He knows that you can only get to know him completely when he shows you every part of him.

That’s why he’s ready to talk to you about his child abuse or deceased pet – and he never got one again because he was afraid of losing it again.

5. He respects your limits.

For a man who has strong feelings for you, “No” really means “No”. He won’t beg you to sleep with him unless you’re really ready for it. It won’t rush or make you do something you are not ready to do. And that means that he respects you and your limits.

It will never cross it and it will never make you do something outside your comfort zone. He knows better.

6. It changes.

First, don’t expect him to change for you. If you don’t like him the way he is, he’s not the one for you at all. But if he sees that something he is doing bothers you and he changes it for you, it means nothing less than that he is in love with you. It’s a big deal because we all know how persistent men can be!

7. He will let you express your opinion freely.

When we start a relationship, our new partner could throw us to the ground by saying that our opinion doesn’t matter to him and that we have nothing to say in the relationship – but if a man is really in love with a woman, then he will never do something like that. Even if he doesn’t agree with you, he lets you express your opinion freely and respects your opinion in every way.


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