Now the Scorpion not only likes chaos, but he wants you to know that he likes it too. Loving chaos and bringing it to people is what you can expect from Scorpio. Yes, they are very intelligent and very loving, but they are the worst manipulators of the earth and they do it with lies, seductions, promises of wealth … and more lies.
Where do they create the worst chaos? Lover. And they don’t care. They don’t care if you signed in for big love and ended up in broken-hearted chaos. Here is their business card. They love it.


Impulsive Lion throws caution to the wind and does what he wants when he wants, whatever the consequences. It’s chaos in action. The lion is stubborn and self-centered, and they have to make their way. Well, everything is fine in a fantasy world, but in the real world, you can’t always get what you want.
Unfortunately, Lion does not take this reasoning into account and makes his way until they get what they want, which undoubtedly causes chaos. And the chaos causes confusion, painful feelings, insecurity and a lot of other things that Lion could not say less. They cause chaos for the sake of it all.


Ah, now we all know who’s the biggest fan of chaos? It’s Donald Trump, and he’s also the ultimate Gemini. Gemini does things “just to see what would happen”. They don’t care how it all happens, but just the amount of trouble and madness that can be caused right now.
Chaos brings Gemini to life. They will form relationships in seconds, simply because they make such bad choices, but those choices are forged in the fires of chaos. Gemini has no idea what they are doing; they call this lack of concern “living in the present moment”, but the reality is that their actions are all chaos, all the time. Chaos is the way Gemini does not deal with reality.


The Virgin hates chaos, but that does not prevent them from creating it daily. Since they love to stir the pot so much, you could look at them and pretend that they love chaos. What is really happening is that the Virgin still believes that they are right, no matter what.
They are also furiously offended by all those who disagree with them, and to prove that they are right, they will create a whole fiction of lies just to put you on their side. When lies are discovered, chaos ensues. You can never trust the Virgin. Their will to be right prevails over their will, to be honest, and it is a scenario made of pure chaos.


Chaos, for a Taurus, is just another day. Taurus likes to party; they love the madness associated with drugs, music, fast cars and illegal businesses. No wonder they love chaos so much. Chaos represents a lack of control, uncontrollable circumstances, and unanticipated wild results – this is what makes the Taurus boat float.
It’s the idea that they can’t control what’s going to happen, and in this monster-control world, it’s like a breath of fresh air so you don’t really know what is going to happen. Bring chaos. The Taurus is there, ready and waiting to put out this fire with petrol.


Another sign that gets so bored that they turn to chaos for their thrills, Aquarius simply participates for the joy of seeing something collapse. Aquarius imagines disasters; they see planes colliding in the air, they imagine trains coming out of the track, they like the imaginary sound of people screaming while trapped in a trash can.
Aquarius is the one who shouts “fire!” In a crowded theatre just to see what’s going to happen, then claiming that it was their God-given right to be able to have such freedom of expression.


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