5 most non-romantic zodiac signs


Being romantic can be a nice thing, but not everyone likes the idea of ​​having a partner who is always romantic. Being unromantic isn’t always bad. Maybe these people just like to orient themselves to reality, they stick to facts and don’t like to wear pink glasses.

There are 5 zodiac signs that are especially known for not being romantic. Rather, they are known to be very direct and always rely on their minds.


Aquarius is usually very intelligent, well-read, creative and has a reputation for being emotionally very clear, in other words, a “cool person”. He is not one of those people who can be impressed by romantic gestures. He himself may also sleep through the birthday or Valentine’s Day or tell you that it is a normal day.

In the daytime, Aquarius is one of those people who express their love more subtly. It’s the details that tell you when Aquarius loves someone. Because they are so intelligent, you really have to be attentive to interpret their emotions.

2 GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 20)

When it comes to beautiful words, the twin is a master at it, but romance requires more than just beautiful words. The twin can say “I love you” in an infinite number of ways, but when it comes to romantic deeds, the twin is suddenly speechless.

The twin may have the best intentions, but he can’t do what he wants to do. He doesn’t really know how to express his love in a romantic way. In addition, he is far too easily distracted to do something completely unromantic. He is considered a good speaker and charmer, but unfortunately, that’s about it.


Aries are passionate and full of fire, but when it comes to the good old romance, it could put them off. The ram is there like the Aquarius, both tend to move away from someone who is too romantic for them (and in their eyes attached).

The ram can only be romantic if it is spontaneous and it was not really its intention to be romantic at the moment. But he is not one of those people who want to show their love to someone at any price. They are the kind of person who speaks deeds that leaves no doubt open.



The virgin is practically predisposed and she shows you her love by doing something for you or helping you with something. Or she writes and asks you about your life, the real interest is synonymous with feelings. The virgin likes to annoy you then and yes that can be annoying in the long run, but she only means well.

What the virgin sees as romantic can seem very cool to others, but that’s just her way. It’s not that the virgin dismisses romance as a waste of time, but she knows better to do with her time and she doesn’t have to build a castle in the air from which she knows it won’t weather a storm. It insists on a real relationship based on facts.


Capricorn is preceded by a reputation for being really unromantic and lacking sensitivity. Yes, they do everything for their partner and take care of everything, but they do it in a practical way and are usually too stingy to spend money on romantic gestures.

The ibex also hates being pressured and believes that what it does is romantic enough. In the end, it remains to be said that the ibex is difficult to inspire for the romantic things in a relationship, but mostly only because it is too stingy and sober for the whole thing. He shows his love in the good and old-fashioned way, namely with his loyalty, his behavior and care.


5 most non-romantic zodiac signs

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