4 Zodiac Signs Who Will Cheat On Their Partner In 2022

4 Zodiac Signs Who Will Cheat On Their Partner In 2022

Unfortunately, some relationships may end unhappily in 2022 as one of the partners may not be faithful. According to astrology, there are 4 zodiac signs that are more inclined to cheat on their partner this year. 

Many people who are in a relationship fear one thing above all – being cheated on or betrayed by their partner. Of course, it’s terrifying to find out that your partner is also with someone else or thinks about someone else all the time.

Many people don’t care whether it’s physical or emotional fraud. Because the pain is the same for them.

Maybe it’s happened to you before or maybe you’re in a relationship right now where you’re not sure if your partner is faithful to you. Or you are still looking for a suitable partner and definitely don’t want to be with someone who is dishonest.

In that case, astrology could help you. She reveals the 4 zodiac signs that tend to be unfaithful this year and that you should pay particular attention to or avoid right from the start.

Find out what they are!


People born under this sign will most likely be unfaithful next year. However, they will do it for different reasons than you think. It will have nothing to do with a lack of love – quite the opposite.

Her pride and vindictiveness will make her cheat on her partner. Libras will tend to want to “punish” their partner for a certain act. They want to get back at him for everything they’ve been through in the past, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be their partner who was the culprit.

Maybe it’s a negative experience you’ve had because of former partners. The fact is that next year Libras will feel cheated.

There have probably been many different disappointments that Libra has experienced that have left them distrusting people and doubting anyone who would want to give them love. Therefore, if she feels she is falling in love too quickly or giving too much, she will look for a way to disappoint that person – and infidelity is the best way to achieve this.

So if you meet a Libra in the next year, or if you already date a Libra, be prepared that she is most likely out for revenge.


Geminis are very multifaceted people who are characterized by their extreme sociability. Anyone who knows her knows this, and the next year is set to further increase her physical attractiveness. So the twin will hardly be able to save himself from offers.

If you should be in a relationship with this zodiac sign, your worst enemy will be routine as it will affect both of you greatly. The Gemini must really make every effort not to succumb to the temptation of infidelity.

One of the things recommended for people born under this sign is to do whatever it takes to have new experiences in love and appreciate all the things their partner does for them. Gemini should never risk true love for a temporary illusion. But Gemini may learn that the hard way next year if they give in to temptation.


Although Leos are fairly focused people and usually analyze their every move to make the best decisions, things will spiral out of control over the next year. The desire to betray one’s partner will haunt him all year long as he runs away from the commitment.

If you are in a relationship with this zodiac sign, fear of moving to a new level will cause them to look for someone else and possibly betray you as well.

On the other hand, if you have just met, the outcome will be the same because Leo will be afraid to start something serious. He will be confused and have trouble seeing things clearly.

So he might try to keep options open and bench you if he has to. It is very important for Leo to get his emotions in order during this time, otherwise, he could make a mistake that he could deeply regret. As a result, he could lose the love of his life forever.


You have to know that people born under this sign are quite competitive and like to be the center of attention from time to time.

If they don’t get enough compliments from their partner, they may look for someone who can give them what they need and say what they want to hear. 

Virgos will have a strong tendency to betray their partner in 2022 because they believe deep down that they deserve the credit.

Virgo partners need to understand that a relationship is not just about physical attraction, kissing, and affection. Other things are also needed to sustain love.

If a Virgo is happy with their relationship and contemplates being unfaithful, it is not because of a lack of love, but because of a lack of commitment, trust, and communication.

At the same time, the year 2022 is supposed to represent the opportunity for people born under this sign to improve their relationship and not cheat on their partner by openly communicating their needs.


4 Zodiac Signs Who Will Cheat On Their Partner In 2022

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