4 Signs That Are Always Ghosting

What happened? Everything seemed perfect, beautiful messages in the morning, conversations until falling asleep, the ‘I miss you’, ‘I love you’, could not be missed. But when you least expect it, it disappears, as if the Earth itself had swallowed it. No more notifications, the future is gone and you are left with an uncertain present. Have you ever heard of ghosting? Well, that’s when they cruelly disappear … These are the 4 signs that are always ghosted

Sometimes the love of your life turns out to be the worst of your pain. That’s when you understand that someone who harms your mental health cannot wear this label. The digital age has taught us that we can connect in seconds to the other side of the world, but few talk about the emotions that are left roaming the network. We are human, we fall in love, even behind a screen. But there are signs that they meet ghost people.

The ghosting, when they disappear cruelly 

There are zodiac signs who are not very lucky in this love, at least sometime in their life they have been ghosted and, boy, is it a complicated process. Because after engaging in deep conversations, everything changes overnight . The messages become silent and anxiety becomes your worst companion. You wonder if you did something wrong or if it was really all a game.

They end you in the cruelest way, because they don’t want to face the responsibility of closing a cycle, no matter how you feel. It is very common after the first dates, but it has also occurred in long emotional relationships and, it does not always have to be the couple, sometimes they are friends, acquaintances or a family member. These are the signs to which ghosting is applied:


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Idealistic, passionate and confident. Let’s say that this description could be taken as a weak point for Aquarius , particularly if we are talking about ghosting , because they give the heart without thinking. So it is very common for ghosts to haunt your life, they have had to get excited and end up in pieces, because they fall in love or give their friendship to unstable people.


Dreamers, tender and shy. Astrology says that Pisces lives up to everything romantic that appears in its life. When they give their hearts, they do not understand the reason, they simply want to see the person they like happy, and this makes them vulnerable to ghosts. The bad thing is that Pisces is a sign that does not show itself with anyone, so when someone ends it cruelly, they experience it worse than the rest. 


Detailed, loving and precise. The Virgo are people who wrap from the first conversation because they have a really nice vibe that does not compare to anyone. They value everything around them and give opportunities, sometimes more. That’s when the ghosts take advantage to abuse their nobility. Although they are indifferent in the background they have a very bad time.


Ingenious, funny and curious. Although Gemini is a sign of strong character, it is not saved from the fury of ghosting , this because at first they are indifferent but if the person is persistent they end up falling in love and there, yes, there is no going back. When Geminis love, they get excited wholesale and if things don’t go as planned, they experience moments of extreme anxiety , but thanks to their strength they get ahead.


4 Signs That Are Always Ghosting

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