You might have felt like you’ve been going through the wringer in 2021, but that’s only because it was meant to prepare you for what lies ahead in 2022.
While you wondered how long you needed to learn the same lesson, you were in fact building your self-esteem so firmly that when you start moving forward in the first days of the new year, you will find that you are in fact incapable. to see things as before. Or most of all, be who you used to be.
With Jupiter in your fifth house of joy and love for most of 2022, that means this year is all about getting the reward for all the hard work you’ve done before. It might not mean or sound like what you thought it would be, but that doesn’t mean it won’t end up being much better.
With the north knot hanging out in your seventh house of committed relationships, this means this is the year you actually put all that previous personal work to good use.
While you may be challenged to finally receive everything you ever wanted, even if it wasn’t from the person you wanted to receive it from, this year marks a major change in your relationships.
It’s about loving happiness (no more endless crying), committed relationships, and really seeing what the point of everything that has happened before was. Expect relationships to get more serious in early April once you are able to see that the happiness you feel is actually here to stay.


This year, it’s not just about love or even dating, but serious and committed relationships. This is because Jupiter will be spending time in your seventh house for most of the year, helping you see expansion and luck in this area of ​​your life.
Jupiter will be moving through romantic Pisces during this time, so not only will you find luck in love, but it will be the lasting kind as well. Don’t worry if it sounds too good to be true, part of the Pisces charm.
It often reveals to us a kind of love that we have always dreamed of but could not really conceive of. While you might be inclined to try and explain it logically, do yourself a favor and let go of the way you’ve previously approached love so you don’t miss out on all of the unpredictable magic of love.
This is the year to practice more than before and to realize that even if you try to control other areas of your life, you cannot really control love. It might not arrive at the perfect time or in the package you had hoped for, but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t arrive exactly on time.


As a Sagittarius, it’s often thought that you are more wandering than engaged, however, the lesson that is often revealed is that you actually need both. That you don’t have to choose between being engaged and having a partner who wants to help you show off the world.

That you may not have to convince yourself to settle for less because it seems unattainable or too unbelievable. While your philosophical nature is something that makes you who you are, in terms of love it often comes across as over-thinking that can mar even the most amazing love.
With Jupiter spending time in Aries this year and reaching your fifth house of pleasure and love, you can expect to enter a phase of your life where you have both a commitment and an adventure.
It is the ultimate medicine for Sagittarius and it can last forever. With the end of the Eclipse cycle on your axis in December, that means the past is firmly behind you now, as long as you have the courage to leave it there.
Now, as part of this new cycle, you are able to not only see that you never had to choose between the different parts of yourself, but instead choose the love that fulfills them all.
The minute you start to see and believe that it is possible is the minute you realize that luck is on your side just like the universe, for your love forever can only turn out to be one. once you are there to receive it.



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