24 pairs of zodiac signs that should consider carefully whether to enter into a relationship, because it will fail.

24 pairs of zodiac signs that should consider carefully whether to enter into a relationship, because it will fail.

Life would be much easier if we could choose the people we fall in love with. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. But if you’re wondering why the relationship you’re in doesn’t work, the stars may have the answers you’re looking for!

1. Scorpio and Cancer

Both signs feel things more than other signs and have the amazing ability to understand other people because they are so empathetic. But even though these signs understand each other, there are simply too many feelings to get it going.

2. Virgo and Gemini

The virgin and the twins have the opposite problem: they are too different. They think differently about things in almost every way. The virgin treats every situation with caution, while twins like to take risks. 

3. Libra and Sagittarius

The Libra is usually one of the simplest signs in the zodiac to deal with in relationships. But the shooter is very different from the Libra in the way he wants to live his life.

4. Pisces and Aquarius

There are some things that these signs have in common, such as their desire for freedom and their creative tendencies, but they love very differently. Aquarius prefers to be single. In contrast, the fish loves to be in love and yearns for a strong connection. 

5. Taurus and Aquarius

Aquarius is not the most reliable sign in the zodiac, which is a non-negotiable trait for someone like Taurus. And Aquarius will probably get a bit bored with Taurus.

6. Capricorn and twins

In contrast to the twin, the Capricorn is all about work. The twin needs someone who is as fun-loving as he is, who is not a workaholic, and who jumps with his eyes closed and takes risks. In summary, this means that the ibex is not suitable for this. 

7. Virgo and Pisces

The fish is a dreamer and loves the ability to be free in all respects and to fantasize endlessly. The virgin, on the other hand, lives a lot in the real world and is more of a practical than a creative thinker. 

8. Sagittarius and Virgo

Staying grounded and safe is one of the top priorities of the virgin. In a relationship with a shooter, the virgin will feel as if she is constantly reaching her limits while the shooter will feel like she is locked in a cage. 

9. Aries and Cancer

The ram and cancer actually have a lot in common, with both signs being extremely caring and loving. But the ram will think that the cancer is too sensitive and cancer will think that the ram is insensitive.

10. Twins and Cancer

Cancer and the twin differ in that the cancer is very sensitive, while the twins tend to let go of things. Twins yearn for adventure, new experiences, travel, and excitement. The cancer is happy to just stay at home.

11. Leo and Pisces

Fish are very sensitive, and a lion may find it difficult to understand why certain things affect him so much. And fish will likely have difficulty understanding how a lion can be so careless about other people’s feelings.

12. Taurus and Sagittarius

The shooter loves to see the world. On the other hand, Taurus basically lives for every day and consistency. This sign is a quiet service provider who demands a nice, safe, and quiet lifestyle, which the shooter cannot give him. 

13. Scorpio and Aquarius

Aquarius needs distance in a relationship. He may feel suffocated by too much affection, and this will frustrate the scorpion who needs the physical side of the relationship as much as the emotional side.

14. Cancer and Cancer

This sign is extremely emotional and sensitive and cannot be with someone who is insensitive or careless. There will be a lot of care and care in this regard, but far too many feelings and too little logic.

15. Leo and Capricorn

The ibex is a quiet hardworking worker. He’s the guy who doesn’t say a word about what he’s doing and then one day comes up with the news that he bought the house. The lion is more of the type who posts something on social media every day. It just can’t fit!

16. Aries and Taurus

Both characters are extremely strong-willed. The bull is actually known as the most stubborn sign in the zodiac, but the ram is not much more flexible. You know, it will happen when these two have their first argument!

17. Aries and Virgo

When it comes to jumping into bed together, their approaches are simply too different. The ram likes to try new things. This could intimidate the virgin, who is usually very protected and takes a long time to open. 

18. Leo and Leo

When the lion and the lion come together, there is too much fire. They usually get into a rivalry and the constant competition can lead to some massive battles that cannot be easily resolved with a simple apology.

19. Cancer and Pisces

The relationship may feel magical, but logically it’s not a good idea. All of these emotions are toxic in the end because neither sign is good at putting all these sentimental things aside. 

20. Virgo and Libra

The biggest problem in this regard is usually the Libra’s inability to make a decision. While the virgin likes to analyze everything, she usually does it much faster. The Libra will be annoyed about it.

21. Aquarius and cancer

When it comes to love, these two just come from two completely different places. Cancer wants someone to be there for them at all costs. Aquarius demands a lot less from his partner, but he requires a certain degree of freedom. 

22. Capricorn and Sagittarius

The problem is that the shooter really needs someone who is emotional, but the Capricorn can be pretty cold and reserved. Both do not like to talk about their feelings and think much more with their heads than with their hearts.

23. Leo and Taurus

These two are not an ideal combination, as the lion has a strong temper, which can lead to saying hurtful things when angry. When these two come together, it usually takes a long time to overcome their anger.

24. Aries and Scorpio

The scorpion tends to be very jealous. If the ram is constantly questioned or challenged, the ram feels controlled and resigned. That’s why you better not have a relationship with each other.


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