11 things you should know about Sagittarius.

11 things you should know about Sagittarius.

1. The shooter loves to laugh. He actually wants to have a good time every day. They are good partners who see life as a kind of adventure. They are carefree most of the time and look most playful and naive.

2. If you are sad or stressed, the shooter will try to make you laugh. He’ll do almost anything to see you laugh again.

3. Should you succeed in making a shooter laugh regularly, then there is a high probability that he will win his heart or at least find a place in it.

4. The shooter loves to travel, it is in his blood to constantly want to discover new places and countries. He can never stay at home or in one place for very long, change is his home.

5. Something that could be interpreted “negatively” by the shooter is his direct nature. He always says what he thinks and can unconsciously harm people he did not want to harm. He lacks the necessary amount of empathy to understand that sometimes it is better to keep your mouth shut. But you shouldn’t take that personally.

6. What you can interpret positively for the shooters is that they rarely take anything personally and with them you rarely have drama and they are almost never overly emotional. If you want someone who is very romantic and constantly wants to prove their love to you, the shooter is the wrong choice.

7. If you tell a shooter to do this and that, he will most likely do the opposite. He doesn’t like being ordered around and rebel slumbers in him. His freedom is important to him and he wants to remain independent and self-sufficient in as many areas of his life as possible. Persuading him to do something is usually pointless.

8. The shooter loves to entertain others. If you go on a date with him, you should choose a place where he can live out and show you what entertainer he is. A karaoke bar, for example, would be the ideal meeting point for a date.

9. If the shooter has children, then he is the parent who makes the children laugh and you can usually only count yourself lucky to have a shooter as a father/mom.

10. Never put the shooter in front of an ultimatum, he will always stand against the one who issued the ultimatum.

11. Sagittarius is an adventurous person who is not afraid of the unknown. Challenges are something that motivates and motivates him and he is not afraid of setbacks because he knows that it takes part to walk in ways that others are afraid of.


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