Your psychopathic traits based on your zodiac sign

Your psychopathic traits based on your zodiac sign

While our zodiac sign cannot define all aspects of us, it can define the negative ones.

Because our zodiac sign is like a flashlight that illuminates the dark sides of our own selves that we didn’t even see as negative before.

Because they came so naturally to us that we didn’t want to look at them that way.

While all our lives we have wondered what is it about us that makes other people distance themselves from us.

Certainly, these negative traits don’t mean we’re psychopaths either, but they can be so pronounced that we’re approaching the psychopathic spectrum.

According to the characteristics that our zodiac sign best expresses.

Also, don’t be surprised if a certain tendency that your zodiac sign expresses doesn’t suit you.

Because in addition to your sun sign, you also have your moon sign and your descendant, which might suit your personality better.

But even that doesn’t have to be the case, because there’s a 1 in 100 chance that you’re a psychopath.

However, if that is the case, then the zodiac signs are expressing their psychopathy through the tendencies mentioned.

1. Aries

One of the most psychopathic tendencies of the Aries zodiac sign is their need for dominance and control.

They want to make others feel inferior in order to feel superior to themselves.

In addition, they are also guided by their arrogance and need for excitement, which also leads them to constantly torment those around them.

Just because they lacked excitement that day and needed someone to be their whipping boy.

2. Taurus

One of the most psychopathic tendencies of the Taurus zodiac sign is their egocentric and selfish behavior.

You pretend to be one of the most caring people out there, but you only use others to get attention.

They think their needs come first and their fight is the worst.

This is especially noticeable when you ask them for advice and support and they bring up the issue of how bad things are going on in their own lives.

3. Gemini

One of the most psychopathic tendencies of the Gemini zodiac sign is sadism and the need for superiority.

Where, as an intellectual sign, they want to prove that they are the most competent in everything and are always right.

This is particularly evident in their reaction when they disagree with something.

They also defend their point of view with sheer aggression just to make you feel inferior and stupid.

4. Cancer

Also, the most psychopathic tendency of the Cancer zodiac sign is that they act innocent just to be able to take advantage of you.

In reality, however, they often hide many intentions behind their sweet smiles and humble words.

In fact, they don’t like you that much and will use you either for love, attention, or money.

Which is really painful to find out once her mask falls.

5. Leo

One of the most psychopathic tendencies of the Leo zodiac sign is that they want to claim people as their own.

They are also very aware of all their positive traits and virtues and want someone “less” than them that they can control.

Preferably they make her believe that without her they would be nothing, which they are not.

This causes every person under their influence to want to get rid of them.

6. Virgo

One of Virgo’s most psychopathic tendencies is their need to control everything around them.

This includes other people and the way they live, talk and even think.

This is also something they mostly do with their partner whom they want to “improve”.

In doing so, they are unaware that they are stripping him of all his originality and authenticity, turning him into a bland and robotic person.

7. Libra

One of the most psychopathic tendencies of the Libra zodiac sign is their obsession with their own self-image.

They want to be admired and liked by everyone while having an artificial personality that hides most of their weaknesses.

In addition, they make people feel close to them without really letting them get close.

Since they always only want to be admired and not loved, they often disappear from their lives without a trace.

8. Scorpio

One of the most psychopathic tendencies of the Scorpio zodiac sign is their vengeance.

Where they will wait months and even years to inflict them with the same kind of pain they inflicted on them.

So in reality they never forget other people and especially those who have wronged them.

They demand justice, and when it doesn’t come, they take care of it themselves.

9. Sagittarius

One of the most psychopathic tendencies of Sagittarius is their constant need for drama and infidelity.

These people simply need a chaotic world and multiple lovers to function.

Rest is not an option for them, and neither is a person, they need variety.

Most importantly, all of their actions have no consequences for them, and most of the time they don’t.

10. Capricorn

One of the most psychopathic tendencies of Capricorn is their god complex and thirst for status.

They choose their mates solely on the basis of their economic power and looks.

Capricorns also don’t get along well with the poor or with people “without status”, and if someone doesn’t have one, they look down on them.

This makes them one of the most superficial signs of the zodiac.

11. Aquarius

One of Aquarius’ most psychopathic tendencies is their emotional detachment from other people and their unusual way of being.

So they can distance themselves from the people close to them for months without feeling the need for closeness.

Because they belong more on the cold emotional spectrum and prefer little to no company.

Still, this behavior affects those who love them, mostly because they feel like they can’t really count on them in life.

12. Pisces

One of the most psychopathic tendencies of Pisces is their emotional abuse and pathological laying.

They always play the “victim” but in reality they pretend to be the perfect friends and partners just to hide their endless lies.

Pisces are able to say they love you when they are already dating people behind your back and cheating on you.

Because they only ever use their sensitivity to get at you to give them what they want, which is extremely cruel.

Your psychopathic traits based on your zodiac sign

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