Why you are unhappy (even with a great life) according to your zodiac sign

Nobody wants to be unhappy. It’s not that people wake up in the morning and say, “Today my life is going to be sore. Yippie! “

However, some people may have come to terms with the impossibility of ever being happy and found a way to live in their constant happiness.

You can even say that there are people who get lost in being unhappy, like it’s a trend that only the coolest people can pull off.

There is a difference between depression and being dissatisfied. Depression is a serious mental illness that affects the way we think, feel, behave, and perceive the world.

We all have moments when we are unhappy but which we can usually see a way out of.

Depression doesn’t last just a day or two and then go away – it can make the depressed person feel hopeless and like things will never get better for a long period of time.

No matter how unhappy you are, somewhere in the back of your mind you know that things will get better.

The things that make us unhappy can be small and may only require tiny changes.

You may be surprised how easy it is to do something to make yourself feel better.

People with depression are not so lucky because they may need medication, therapy, or both.

If you know that you are not depressed and that what you are feeling is unhappiness, the first thing to try is to find out why you are unhappy.

It may surprise you that all you need is a small fix or a simple customization.

Here’s the secret reason you’re unhappy based on your zodiac sign:


You are unhappy because you play it too safe. You have settled into a routine and are trying to convince yourself that you are fine, but the truth is that you are not fine.

If you don’t do anything about the dissatisfaction, fatigue, and apathy you are feeling, it will get worse.

You have to shake things up and take a big step because staying in your comfort zone is boring to death.


You don’t feel well because you put too much energy and mind into controlling the things you have no control over, especially other people.

You cannot make other people act or think the way you want them to.

You are only responsible for your own thoughts and behavior. You have to stop controlling yourself and others and just relax and enjoy what you already have.


You overwork yourself with all of your social events. It’s great to be around people, but not when you don’t give yourself time to relax, unwind and reorganize.

You are afraid of missing out and that results in not getting enough sleep or not taking good care of yourself.

You have to stay home and not party a few days a week. Not only will you feel happier, but you will also enjoy your activities more.


You are too empathetic and take on others’s problems as your own, so it’s not surprising that you’re completely overwhelmed.

If you give everything you have to others, there is nothing left for you and you are left with an empty shell.

You need to add yourself to the list and make sure that you face your own problems and challenges first and then you will be able to help other people. But not all – you are not a saint, just a normal person.


You care too much about what other people think of you. It does not matter.

When you are so anxious to make a good impression or to be who you think other people want you, you are putting incredible pressure on yourself and not allowing yourself to be who you are – and who you are now is great.

Be yourself and accept yourself and you will be surprised how much happier you will feel.


You are unhappy because you don’t want to share your problems and feelings with others.

You say you don’t want to burden other people with your problems, but the truth is that you are ashamed of yourself because you are such a perfectionist that everything does not go perfectly for you.

They’d rather make a show of everything being great than be open, honest, and vulnerable.

People love you, no matter what, and want to help you for a change (you always do something for other people).

You need to initiate them so that you can get some help dealing with the problems that are making you unhappy.


You take things too personally and that messes up your whole outlook on life.

People are not going to like you, and instead of trying to force them to change their minds, prefer to leave it alone.

You put yourself under incredible pressure and make yourself unnecessarily unhappy.

Focus on loving and accepting yourself and you will feel better.


You are unhappy because you focused on the half-empty glass, not the half-full one.

You tend to get sucked into the well of unhappiness and once you are there every little thing that goes wrong will drive you down even further.

On the positive side, you don’t do anything half-heartedly, but unfortunately that includes being unhappy.

You need to get your inner strength and focus on the positive things in your life and all that you have.

Once you’re mentally on the positive bandwagon, hit the gym or run to get your happiness hormones going. That double blow of positivity will help you feel happier.


You are not living your truth. You try to be what others want you to settle down and grow up, but you feel unhappy and the walls are closing against you.

You need stimulation and nothing excites you more than changes and new experiences.

You can get involved without feeling locked in and down. You need a change of scenery … yesterday.

So, plan a weekend getaway with your partner and get back on the road to happiness.


You are unhappy because you are afraid of getting out of your routine and doing something that may not pay off right away.

If something isn’t making money, is it worth doing?

The answer is yes. You can’t know what will come of this, and even if you just have the pleasure of doing something else – exploring an idea or taking a risk – it was worth it.


You are unhappy because you have to answer to someone else and are not your own boss right now. You don’t do the things you want to do, nor do you have the freedom to do them.

You live on independence in all areas of your life, and when someone tells you what to do that you may not have any respect for, it annoys you.

You need to come up with a new plan so that you can become self-employed and work exclusively for yourself.


Sometimes you do things for others that you don’t really want to do because you want things to be simple and to like you.

And in all honesty, you are easily guided by others. You need to stand up for yourself and be your own advocate.

When you make decisions and love yourself, you will be happier. If you don’t want to do something for someone, you don’t have to do it. You are stronger than you think.


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