Karma Horoscope: Find out what burdens you from your previous life

According to Buddhist teachings, karma is what comes back to us based on past life actions.

Our present life, destiny, and character are the embodiment of our past good and bad deeds, and the foundation of karma is based on the principles of absolute justice, reward, or punishment.

Karma aims at a person learning something from past actions and taking responsibility for his life.

For example, if you spent most of your time in a previous life being lonely and unhappy, that will carry over to your current life.

In this life you will crave relationships and you will do whatever you can to keep those relationships from breaking up.

Regardless of whether these relationships have to do with family, friends or potential partners.

Or, perhaps you have done things in a past life that you believed in but were not well thought out so that there were no results.

These decisions have put you and others at risk, financially and physically. That led to a loss of self-confidence at the time, so that you have carried it over into your present life.

Depending on the zodiac sign, some people are more prone to certain karmas and it is important that they recognize this and work on themselves and their actions in this life.

1. Aries

In your previous life you felt very responsible for something and you were in charge.

Therefore, you have a constant feeling of responsibility and affect your general well-being.

You feel that nothing can function properly without your influence, and that you are even responsible for the actions of other people.

While in romantic relationships they feel like they need to fix or heal someone.

Without actually realizing that they will never change and that they don’t even want to, for the sake of Aries.

Simply because they don’t have their golden heart and humanity, but you as Aries still need to be more selfish for your own good.

2. Taurus

In your past life, your seemingly ideal life was tarnished by an unrequited love.

This love has now followed you into this new life and does not allow you to sleep.

She keeps you up at night and has got you to the point where you can no longer be happy simply because you are addicted to her.

The man or woman who made you feel this way is your karma and they will teach you another important lesson.

In this life, you will live without her love too, but you finally have to learn that you should.

You shouldn’t be defining your happiness, and you need to become happy yourself and realize that you can breathe without it.

3. Twins

In your past life, you were unable to make the right decisions because you relied too much on rationality.

Somehow you were even narrowed down and restricted in your thoughts and actions, so your rationality is your personal karma.

Also, you relied too much on other people’s opinions and expectations.

Without really following your heart and what you personally want, which you had to do from the start.

So if you are a Gemini, stop thinking and analyzing and for once, follow your heart.

Don’t worry about this either, because only good things will happen to you.

4. Cancer

In your previous life you did something that made you feel guilty.

Perhaps you have neglected to care for someone or you regret that you could not do more to influence the outcome of something.

In any case, this karma has now followed you into this life and you need to break free from it.

Even if all your mind can’t help but be nurturing and caring, you need to stop blaming yourself.

You have done your best to help others, so try not to feel guilty that things will end up the way they did.

Some things are just beyond your control, and while you shouldn’t stop doing your best, you shouldn’t feel responsible for all the bads that happen.

5. Leo

In your past life, you have been let down and as a result you are afraid of being alone.

Either you were missing a father figure in your life or you simply find yourself as an only child in this life.

So this is your krama too, realizing that no matter what, you will never be alone.

Even if you feel like this, you should know that there is always someone to watch over you and someone to be there for you.

Neither is your worth defined by the amount of people who surround you and who you think will impress you.

Society is always good, but you don’t need it and you can overcome any obstacle on your own.

6. Virgo

In your previous life, envious people took advantage of you and eventually ruined you.

This is your karma and because of this experience you feel that you cannot trust anyone.

You don’t want anyone to get too close to you or see you vulnerable, so you’ve built yourself a wall that no one can break through.

This makes people feel cold about you, but that is far from the truth.

You are just too valuable to be used and embarrassed like in your previous life.

Even so, you need to learn to trust others more because not everyone wants bad things to happen to you.

7. Libra

In your previous life you failed to stand up for yourself and so many did not respect you.

You also found yourself in situations where you were unsafe and your family failed to protect you.

In general, many Libra are haunted by a past life trauma that often relates to their sense of security.

Simply because this is their karma and a lesson they need to stay strong.

No matter what happened in the past and how much others let you down, you can still make it through with her immense character.

Just remember that your past does not define you and that you always have the power to change.

8. Scorpio

In your previous life you lost control of your life and now you are trying to prevent it from happening at all costs.

Now you are the person who doesn’t care much about how others feel or how your actions are going to affect someone.

Simply because what you do to others ruined you in your previous life too.

Perhaps you have been depressed, lonely, and out of control from indulging in unhealthy pleasures.

This is also the reason why many Scorpios have a somewhat dark aura, after all, they were good souls that someone broke once.

Remember your karma and know that the pain will only go away if you have the courage to be kind again.

9. Sagittarius

In your past life, you have endured more pain than anyone would like.

The zodiac sign Sagittarius is considered to be the strongest character in the zodiac, but the pain they have to endure because of their karma is incredibly cruel.

Life is unfair to them and they are marked for life by everything they experience.

Nevertheless, all this pain is their karma and a guarantee that something beautiful can arise from it.

While facing hardship, they are nonetheless blessed with something that hardly anyone possesses.

To help you determine this, take a good look at yourself and think about what it could be and believe me, it was worth the pain.

10. Capricorn

In your past life you felt weak and unfulfilled, so in this life you become very bitter and self-centered.

This is your karma and you must change your ways before you completely waste your life.

Your success is not defined and no matter how much money you make, there is still a person behind it all.

A person who is terribly afraid of not being loved and accepted, so hide behind your accomplishments.

It is also important that you realize that you must not belittle others just because they do not meet your expectations.

So, if you continue to be so limited and arrogant, you will soon find that none of what you have accomplished matters because you are alone.

11. Aquarius

In your previous life, you were very shy and reserved and could not fully enjoy life.

You were also prone to depression and poor self-esteem.

All of this made you fearful about life and taking risks.

That is your krama and that is why you have to change your ways in this life.

Take this life as a chance to overcome all your fears and finally become the person you always wanted to be.

Fear gets you nowhere, and instead of being afraid of failure, you are afraid of not even daring something.

12. Fish

In your past life you have deeply disappointed someone.

So you will learn over and over again in this life that you shouldn’t play with other people’s feelings.

So as you walk around treating people like they are job offers, you will soon realize that they don’t really care about you.

Different from the person who really loved you and that will show up as your lesson all over again in this life.

In this lifetime they will break their hearts with you, and when you realize how wrong you have been, it will be too late.

All that will be left will be a lesson that you will use when someone loves you again as much as the person you left behind.


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