This is how you push love away – based on your zodiac sign

Sometimes people push love away on purpose, but most of the time they do it on purpose.

We accept the love we think we deserve, and usually that’s rarely what we need.

Simply because we often underestimate ourselves and do not realize how much we are actually worth.

This is how we draw bad people into our lives and ask them to love us in ways they don’t really know.

This is the first mistake we make and one that will never bring us closer to receiving love.

Still, there are other things that the zodiac signs do that put them in a position where potential affection will push them away.

Even if these things will never bother the right person, they make dating for the zodiac signs very difficult.

Hence, based on your zodiac sign, this is why you are pushing love away, so try to think about it.

1. Aries

A person born under the zodiac sign Aries usually rejects love because they are impatient.

They want too much of everything right away and others just can’t keep up with this pace.

Even after the second date, they will wonder if the two of you are together now, and will demand that, because otherwise they have no time to lose.

They want a relationship and all the good things that come with it right away without really enjoying the process of getting to know each other.

So the love for you will feel very rushed and push your partner away because you don’t give him enough time and space.

2. Taurus

The Taurus zodiac sign usually pushes love away because they suffocate a person with their own.

Therefore, once they like someone, they will call them up every day and express their love as if they have known someone for years instead of just one day.

Obviously, they get excited too quickly before they really get to know a person.

Many also find this behavior unattractive and sometimes even shy away from it.

So in order not to scare away love, you have to take things a little more calmly.

3. Twins

The zodiac sign Gemini pushes love away because it can be too cold at times.

You are the most intellectual sign of the zodiac, but you also have a lot of pride in you.

You can’t just joke with them, and they’re not in the mood for things that don’t lead to anything.

They are too mature when it comes to love and many will find they lack excitement and youthfulness.

So in order not to push love away, they need to change their approach and become more open-minded.

4. Cancer

The zodiac sign Cancer pushes love away because they are too nice to people who don’t deserve it.

As soon as they meet someone, they are just too nice to them and give the impression that they are naive and weak.

While this is far from the truth, they are still easily exploited because they are, in fact, too good people.

Sometimes they just have to take away all that love because not everyone will appreciate it.

So in order not to push love away, they have to learn to be nice only when a person really deserves it.

5. Leo

The zodiac sign Leo pushes love away because they are afraid to commit.

It’s really hard for them to imagine just being with one person and leaving flirting aside forever.

After all, they are very popular with others and attract a lot of attention.

They are also very scared that someone they love will eventually hurt them, which is why Leos are not really as strong as they seem.

So in order not to push love away, they have to trust others more and be indulgent.

6. Virgo

Virgos push love away because they are trying to change a person.

Since they are perfectionists, one of their worst character traits is that they are not trying to improve their partner, but rather to change them completely.

They just want someone to act and be how they want them to be, regardless of their feelings.

As a result, their partner is disappointed and they have the feeling that they have been robbed of their entire individuality.

So in order for a virgin not to push love away, she has to accept her partner for who he is.

7. Libra

The zodiac sign Libra pushes love away because they are afraid of being hurt.

They are very vain when it comes to their own self-image and the way others see them.

So if they are not respected and loved well enough, their self-esteem is easily hurt.

Nevertheless, you have to be on the losing side in love, otherwise there is no profit.

So that the Libra does not push love away, it has to become more relational and let go of its ego.

8. Scorpio

The zodiac sign Scorpio pushes love away because it is too calculating.

One of their worst traits is that they plan everything in advance and never take a relationship naturally.

It’s like they’re playing with the other person’s minds and feelings just to get their way, and that’s sick.

Many are also influenced by this behavior and decide to leave the relationship because it is too toxic.

So in order for a Scorpio not to push love away, he has to stop manipulating.

9. Sagittarius

The zodiac sign Sagittarius pushes love away because it easily idealizes people in their head.

As soon as you meet someone you like, you immediately consider him the most perfect person and rid him of all flaws.

They also set their expectations too high and are easily disappointed as a result.

The Sagittarius falls in love easily, but also very easily out again, because his head is in the clouds.

So so that they don’t push love away, they have to become more realistic when it comes to it.

10. Capricorn

The main reason why the Capricorn pushes love away is primarily because of its high standards.

These people simply expect too much from their partner without realizing that he is an actual person.

Such expectations can be based on either looks or intellect, but are always associated with wealth.

Because, after all, they hold themselves in high esteem so the person they date has to be of good quality.

So in order not to push love away, they have to learn to be more humble.

11. Aquarius

The reason Aquarius pushes love away is mainly because they are very cold and reserved.

One of their biggest fears is getting hurt and wasting their time, so they often reveal very little about themselves.

On their first dates, and even in the months of being with them, they hide a lot about themselves.

Mainly because they’re not used to being exposed and that can make the relationship suffer.

So in order not to push love away, you have to be more open with your feelings.

12. Fish

The reason Pisces push love away is their terrible sacrifice mentality.

They pretend to be the most innocent person in the world and yet they never take responsibility for their own actions.

In their mind they can do anything to others, but when it comes to themselves, they are the victim.

That’s a terrible mentality because it means that you will never admit a mistake.

So in order not to push love away, you have to stop being liars and emotional manipulators.


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