Our life is made up of ups and downs. From phases in which we would like to bury our heads in the sand and those in which we are just bursting with energy.

The new moon on October 6th catapults three zodiac signs out of their depths and gives them new energy. Our horoscope will tell you which three zodiac signs are involved.

Our horoscope predicts: These 3 zodiac signs draw new energy from the new moon on October 6th


The new moon is in the zodiac sign Libra and gives it an extra portion of power to achieve its goals. Whether fitness, job or relationship: Whatever the zodiac sign is up to, it will see its first successes by the end of the month.

But be careful: at such a high as the air sign in October, the next low hurts all the more. Therefore, the scales should always try not to lift too much.


Keep on walking, Sagittarius … The last few weeks have not been easy for the fire sign, as it found that it had developed feelings for its non-binding affair – but these were not reciprocated. This rejection scratched the self-confidence of the attractive zodiac sign, which usually everyone wraps around their fingers with its ease. From the new moon, however, the Sagittarius draws the strength to look ahead and slowly open his heart again.


Oh yes! For the Capricorn , it couldn’t be better professionally, because praises are sung to him from all sides. And the hard-working zodiac sign has more than deserved that, as it has put everything aside (including its relationship) in the last few months to work on its career.
Our horoscope predicts that with the new moon comes the chance of a new – better one! – to take up a position. So what are you waiting for, dear Capricorn ?!

Which 3 zodiac signs draw new energy from the new moon on October 6th

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