This Is Burdening You From Your Previous Life, According To Your Karma Horoscope

This Is Burdening You From Your Previous Life, According To Your Karma Horoscope

According to Buddhist teachings, karma is something that always comes back to us, even based on our past life actions. It aims for someone to learn from their past actions and take responsibility for them.

For example, if you were lonely and unhappy most of the time in your previous life, that will carry over to your current life. You will now crave relationships and try to prevent those relationships from failing.

Depending on the zodiac sign, some are more prone to karma and some less. Even so, every sign of the zodiac has something that weighs on it from a previous life. Find out what it is with you:

1. Capricorn

In your past life, you were rather weak and unfulfilled, so in your current life, you are very bitter and self-centered. You have to change your ways. It doesn’t matter how much money you make, behind all of this there is still a person who is terrified of not being loved and accepted.

You should therefore not hide behind your achievements. Additionally, if you continue to be so arrogant, you will soon find that none of what you have achieved matters because you are alone.

2. Aquarius

In your previous life, you were shy and could not fully enjoy life. You were afraid to experience life and take risks.

Take this life as a chance to overcome all your fears and finally to become the person you always wanted to be. Fear gets you nowhere, and instead of being afraid of failure, you should be afraid of not even trying something.

3. Pisces

In your past life, you disappointed someone very deeply. So in this life, you will learn again and again that you shouldn’t play with other people’s feelings.

The people in your life will soon realize that you don’t really care about them. The person who really loved you is going to leave and that is going to be your biggest lesson. You will see how wrong you did – don’t let it be too late!

4. Aries

In your previous life, you were in charge. That is why you have a constant feeling of responsibility. You feel that nothing can function properly without your influence and that you are even responsible for other people.

You feel like you are hearing other people without actually realizing that they will never change and that they don’t even want to. As Aries, you need to think more of yourself in this life and be more selfish for your own good.

5. Taurus

In your past life, you were shaped by unrequited love. This love has now followed you into this new life. She keeps you up at night and ensures that you can no longer be happy simply because you are addicted to her.

You must finally learn to let go of them in this life. It shouldn’t define your happiness. You have to become happy yourself and realize that you can breathe without it.

6. Gemini

In your past life, you were unable to make the right decisions because you relied too much on your rationality. This restricted you in your thinking and acting.

Plus, you’ve been leaning too much on the expectations of others – without really following what you really want. Leave the thinking and analyzing and now for once follow your heart.

7. Cancer

In your previous life, you did something that made you feel guilty. Even if all your mind can’t help but be caring, this is where you should stop.

You can’t blame yourself for everything. You did your best to help others. Some things are just out of your control.

8. Leo

You have been let down and you are afraid of being alone. Even if you feel like this, you should know that there is always someone around to take care of you.

Your worth is not defined by the number of people around you. You don’t have to impress anyone. Society is always good, but you don’t need it and you can manage on your own.

9. Virgo

Envious people once took advantage of you. That’s why you can’t trust anyone today. You are afraid that someone will get too close or see you vulnerable.

That’s why you built a wall. You are valuable and you should take care of yourself. But you also need to learn to trust others more because not everyone wants bad things to happen to you.

10. Libra

In your previous life, you did not stand up for yourself, and so you received too little respect from others. Your trauma, therefore, relates to your sense of security.

No matter what happened in the past, you need to give others the chance to be there for you. They let you down back then, but it doesn’t have to be repeated.

11. Scorpio

You lost control of your life then, and now you are trying to prevent it from happening at all costs. Perhaps in your previous life, you were depressed and lonely from indulging in unhealthy pleasure.

That’s why you now have a dark aura. You were a good soul that someone broke once. Remember your karma. You know that the pain will only go away if you have the courage to be kind again.

12. Sagittarius

As a Sagittarius zodiac, you are the strongest character in the zodiac, but the pain you had to endure back then is incredibly cruel.

Nevertheless, something beautiful can still emerge from it – if you allow it. Take a good look at yourself and think about what it could be. You will find that it was worth all of this pain.


This Is Burdening You From Your Previous Life According To Your Karma Horoscope

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