The dos & don’ts for the zodiac signs for the new moon on October 6, 2021

The dark new moon always marks a magical moment in the lunar cycle, because even if it cannot be seen in the night sky, it has a special influence on our everyday life. In astrology, the new moon not only stands for the beginning of a new lunar cycle, but also for the beginning of a new chapter in our life. The new moon is therefore the ideal time to take a little time for yourself, to reflect and to manifest which goals you want to achieve in the next few weeks.

At the same time, each new moon brings with it very individual opportunities, based on which zodiac sign and which planetary constellations it is accompanied by. The new moon on October 6, 2021 takes place under the sign of Libra and above all shows us the topic of balance. Means that now is the right time to find more balance in partnerships, between work and leisure or more balance in ourselves. You can find out what effect the Libra moon has on your zodiac sign and what dos and don’ts you can use to make the most of the astro event in autumn in the horoscope.


  • Dos:  For Aries, the new moon on October 6th is all about relationships . For everyone who is already in a partnership, this offers such a great moment to create more closeness and intimacy; Singles, on the other hand, can open up emotionally and initiate the next step with their date. An open heart puts you on the right track.
  • Don’ts:  While duties shouldn’t be neglected, they shouldn’t be a priority under this soulful new moon. The moment is too good to work overtime in the office instead of cuddling with your partner on the sofa.


  • Dos:  The new moon is the right time to update your wellness routine. A healthy diet, more exercise, a new morning routine – find out what is good for your body and say goodbye to old vices.
  • Don’ts:  You should dedicate the new moon evening to yourself, social life can wait a little now. So better cancel Tinder dates, parties and dinners and use the time to recharge your batteries with energy and inspiration.


  • Dos:  The Libra New Moon puts Gemini in a romantic, passionate and flirty mood. And you should use it right away. Dates are particularly promising under this new moon and zodiac signs in a relationship can now find their way closer to their partner again.
  • Don’ts:  Stress quickly lets the tingling energy of the new moon dissipate. So consciously go back a few days before, keep the to-do list as small as possible and find a balance when things get stressful at work. So you can really get involved in the romantic mood and use it for yourself and your partner.


  • Dos:  According to the horoscope, the new moon in October raises old memories in Cancers. Keyword: ex-partner, heartbreak and old wounds. You therefore need a lot of time for yourself, because with the new moon the optimal time has come to work through this pain and finally to let go – for a liberated feeling in the new cycle.
  • Don’ts: You are now busy with yourself and have to clean up things from the past – so there is currently little space for new love stories. So better put off dates and important conversations with a new crush – you can’t really get involved now anyway.

Lion :

  • Dos:  For the lions the new moon illuminates the social life. All around the Astro event, you have great opportunities to connect with new people, thereby opening new doors and should therefore use every opportunity to socialize.
  • Don’ts: Sitting at home alone? Now only ensures a gloomy mood and chaos of thoughts. Make better use of the great new moon energy to fill your schedule and to be inspired by those around you. After that, you’ll have enough time to relax on the sofa.

Virgo :

  • Dos:  The Libra new moon is in the financial sector of the Virgo horoscope. This means that now is a great time to forge new savings plans, think about investments, or tackle a salary negotiation with your boss. The stars are on success!
  • Don’ts:  There is currently a lull in the Virgo’s love life. Instead of forcing a date or connection with someone, it is now advisable to take care of personal matters such as the finances mentioned above. This provides a new drive and quickly makes you forget the frustration of love.


  • Dos:  The new moon is in your own zodiac sign and this is the best chance to reach for your dreams. The cosmic energies not only give you new self-confidence, but also make you the shining focus and help you to achieve what you have long dreamed of. The new moon sets the perfect starting signal here to refresh your plans and put them into practice step by step.
  • Don’ts:  With big goals in mind, doubts or fears of failure usually arise. You shouldn’t give this space now, but rely entirely on your intuition and believe in yourself. The new moon is your time to shine!


  • Dos:  According to the horoscope, the Libra new moon can feel a bit heavy to Scorpio . Thoughts are more inward now and you need time to organize and reflect on feelings. A little me-time is therefore ideal to immerse yourself in your emotions.
  • Don’ts:  Please hide projects at work, a busy schedule and troubles in your love life now! These just drain you even more and anyway you don’t have a clear head now to really move things forward. Better to take a little distance and focus entirely on yourself. After that, you can deal with the open issues with more clarity.


  • Dos:  The new moon lights up the social life of Sagittarius. For you, it’s now about exchanging ideas with friends, making new contacts and just having fun. So why not try the new trendy restaurant with the BFF or enjoy a cocktail in your favorite bar?
  • Don’ts:  Sagittarius best survive the Libra new moon in company, but alone the zodiac sign quickly feels lonely and bored. If you don’t have the opportunity to meet your loved one in person, you should at least plan a face-time call with your best friend.

Capricorn :

  • Dos:  For the Capricorn, the new moon brings topics related to the professional environment to the table. The right moment has come to think about changing jobs, starting a new project or manifesting professional goals. The new moon pushes your motivation.
  • Don’ts: In no case should you let yourself be distracted by an ex or a toxic date during this motivating moon energy. Whoever wants to spark in between – it’s about your personal growth now and you shouldn’t let anyone spoil that for you.

Aquarius :

  • Dos:  The new moon in Libra gives the zodiac sign Aquarius new optimism and joie de vivre. After a low energy level, you will finally feel like yourself again and are just bubbling over with ideas. It is now time to make plans, create vision boards and indulge in your daydreams.
  • Don’ts: According to the horoscope, me-time is all around the new moon, because this way you can use your positive mood to the full to come up with new ideas. Therefore, under no circumstances do you get involved in dramas in your social environment. That would let the inspiring new moon energy fizzle out quickly.

Fishes :

  • Dos:  For Pisces, this Libra new moon is about deepening relationships. Whether in a friendly or romantic way: You now have the opportunity to open up emotionally and to let go, to exchange ideas and to communicate needs to the other. For a fulfilled and harmonious friendship or love relationship.
  • Don’ts:  Restraint is the wrong way to go now, my dear fish. If there is anything you care about, bring it up now – otherwise it may be too late. You can also prevent tension and drama wonderfully through honest discussions.

The dos & don'ts for the zodiac signs for the new moon on October 6, 2021

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