What Zodiac Signs Are Suitable In Love?

What Zodiac Signs Are Suitable In Love?

Finding a partner (or someone with whom to share time and hobbies) is sometimes an impossible mission. Although in the horoscope the answer to many things can be found, among them, we can know who we get along with the most according to the characteristics of our zodiac sign.

The results of the study and, ultimately, the most compatible zodiac signs are :

signs compatible with aries

Aries would be more combatible with Libra , according to the study. With 20% more interaction between them than with other signs, water and air complement each other. The initiative of the former and the stability of the latter is what makes them a good couple, both in love and in friendship.

Taurus Compatible Signs

Earth signs stand on their own, and this is demonstrated by the study, which states that Taurus are happier with another of their same sign. The study uncovers that Taurus men are the most active on the app, and perhaps it is this perseverance that attracts women of the same zodiac sign.

Signs compatible with Gemini

Two signs with a lot of predisposition, get a 28% probability in the study when it comes to starting a conversation. Both Gemini and Virgo are mutable signs, so the most natural thing is for them to feed off each other. Both signs are very communicative, but perhaps Virgo’s controlling traits make Gemini end up ‘ghosting’ him. Instead, Aquarius would be the only sign capable of supporting these attitudes of the Gemini.

Signs compatible with Cancer

The study uncovers the weakness of Cancer women: Taurus men . There is a 37% chance that they will start a conversation through the app, something that is not surprising given that both personalities are very easygoing with each other, being a fixed sign and a cardinal sign. Perhaps not in love, but together with the Pisces , they are the two most tearful signs of the zodiac, and they can build a beautiful friendship.

Signs compatible with Leo

So used to seeing their image in a mirror, that less than looking for that same one next to them. This couple only seeks to attract attention, and the only thing that can cause a Leo together with another Leo is that all eyes fall on them. Being their compatibility 5% higher than with the rest of the signs.

Signs compatible with Virgo

This other earth sign tends to its equals, but not in the same way as Taurus. A Virgo will always be compatible, with a 32% chance, with a Capricorn , another hardworking and stubborn earth sign, although Capricorn pride could play a trick on this relationship. If this were so, a Virgo can always look for an Aries to get out of their comfort zone, as well as a Gemini to have a wild night.

Signs compatible with Libra

Libras are 20% more likely to connect with Capricorns than with other signs in the love field, and be careful, because that percentage rises to almost 47% when we talk about love. I’m pretty sure I’m right. They would also understand each other as friends, although Capricorn’s stubbornness could make any Libra uncomfortable. With a Cancer or a Virgo they would have a better time.

Scorpio Compatible Signs

Those born under the scorpion have a hard time finding both love and friendship compatibility. They do not trust others and tend to isolate themselves in their shell. But it is true that they are 5% more likely to get along with Taurus .

Signs compatible with Capricorn

Capricorns and Cancers have a lot of fun. How if one is grid like him alone and the other lives in his own movie? Opposites attract. They are the ‘yin’ and the ‘yang’. According to the study of the ‘app’, they interact with each other 10% more than the rest. It is likely that they will only reach a friendship, but it will be one of the good ones and a lot of things will be contributed.

Sagittarius Compatible Signs

The positive Sagittarius girls end up striking up a conversation with Capricorns 30% more often, according to the aforementioned study, since they are very clear in their thoughts. They should avoid any fickle signs like Gemini, Aquarius and even Sagittarius.

Pisces Compatible Signs

Only someone who has the same imagination as a Pisces can withstand the dramas in a relationship and the misunderstandings in a friendship. You were right: that someone is Cancer . Their minds go much faster than ours, feeding off each other and understanding each other perfectly.

Signs compatible with Aquarius

The Taurus and the Aquarius are the two typical signs of the zodiac that form a very strange couple, one of those in which nobody gives a penny for them due to their apparent lack of compatibility, but they are happy with life. And it is that the study ensures that they have a 30% more chance of connecting well with each other.


What Zodiac Signs Are Suitable In Love?

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