What Your Ruling Planet Says About Your Sign Even If You Hide It

What Your Ruling Planet Says About Your Sign Even If You Hide It

Without a doubt, each sign of the zodiac has a peculiar personality, it depends a lot on its ruling planet. There are attitudes that, even if they try to hide, give them away and that’s fine. Everyone in this world struggles with the dark side of it, which is often essential to growth in many ways. The way in which they communicate, manage their intelligence, and how to show their emotions, is very varied. Let’s see what your ruling planet says about your sign even if you hide it:


It is Mars who dominates you, the planet that honors action and is not afraid of impulses. However, that does not mean that you make foolish decisions, on the contrary, you are very determined and do not run away when it comes to taking the initiative. It is the planet of intensity, war, and ambition. It is thanks to your planet that a unique temperament flows to you, because of it you have achieved many victories.


It’s Venus, the planet that doesn’t take its eyes off you. Perhaps that is why you always keep in mind what you are worth, you are not going to allow anyone to treat you as if they were doing you a favor. Also, Venus is love, and attraction and is the reason why you always strive for stability and harmony. Your commitment, beauty, and desire to have the best come from there, from the way it governs you.


The planet of communication, Mercury. It is the one that intensifies your intellectual side and that unique way in which you absorb the knowledge of everyone who crosses your path. You are an extremely logical sign, you do not like to confuse emotions, although there are times when you have your outbursts. You focus on working on your best version, the opinion of people has long since ceased to matter to you.


The Moon is the one who guides your victories and defeats. Despite the fact that it influences your emotional part too much, you are very lucky to have it on your side. It is thanks to her that you are so transparent, you follow your intuition and your heart, and there is no more. You try hard to reflect and do things the best you can. Your intention has never been to hurt but to protect.


In short, Leo, you have the sun on your side. It is the one that fills you with vitality, that crazy energy that does not like to receive a refusal, you do everything in your power to listen to your thoughts and make them come true. The Sun helps you understand that life is not rosy, but despite its nasty streaks, it is very worthwhile. You are like that, you are not afraid to show your brilliance to the rest.


Mercury is the one that bathes you in his intellect and at the same time motivates you to express what you feel. It is a planet that does not run away from projects, on the contrary, it guides you so that you dare to make long-term plans. In addition, it keeps you very focused, because it honors the logical part and rarely gets carried away by impulses. The structure is what it gives you and that relieves you.


The planet of romanticism, vanity, and art, definitely, Venus is pure beauty and that is the reason why it encourages you in everything that comes to your mind. It is thanks to him that you can attract like-minded people. Libra, you don’t like to conform to other people’s ideas, you always find something better. It is love that prevents you from getting stuck.


Pluto is watching you in everything you do. Scorpio is the planet that describes you perfectly because it represents rebirth, but also death. It has that touch of darkness that makes it mysterious and attractive, however, few dare to dig deep. Thanks to him you have a very serious side. He is the one who makes you spin things to get better results. Sagittarius

The planet that glorifies expansion, the one that opens ideas and reminds you that you are capable of the most difficult thing you can imagine. It is the one that fills you with abundance and at the same time inspires you to know every corner of the world. It is thanks to Jupiter that you always have an optimistic, free and brave attitude, no matter how hard you are going through. It is the one that invites you to discover yourself all the time.


You are not afraid of restrictions, you trust that it is essential to have them do things meticulously and without fear. You don’t waste time on nonsense and when you focus on something you work very hard to achieve it. Thanks to Saturn that you remain firm in the midst of the storm, it is the one that awakens your traditional and persevering side. You are not one to give up.


The planet that influences you in every pore is nothing less than Uranus. Aquarius is the one that represents innovation but also has a very rebellious and collective touch, just like you. Uranus is not satisfied with the conventional, it knows that there are always two sides to the coin and you love the one that is not seen. It’s also a creative planet, that’s why you’re so smart, but not everyone understands you.


There is no doubt, it is a sensitivity that speaks for you and awakens your dreamy side in everything you do. This is because Neptune never lets you go, it is the planet of illusion, confusion, and imagination. It inspires you to give it your all, to follow your intuition, and also helps you add a little sweetness to bitter moments. It doesn’t put a blindfold on you, but it makes your life less painful.

What Your Ruling Planet Says About Your Sign Even If You Hide It

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