Don’t get too overwhelmed by an Aries who unlocks you. This relatively insignificant task is nothing for this energy sign. It would take a lot more energy for them to talk to you.
All in all, it shows he’s thinking of you. This is quite important for an Aries, who tends to get involved on their own.
Either way, you might be better off waiting for him to say something first. You know how aggressive he can be. He may be trying to fight.


Chances are it’s been a while since things ended. Taurus is cautious. They value stability above almost anything else, so for them to invite a variable into their life – that is, coming back to you – is a huge step.
It can be a good opportunity for you to get in touch with yourself. He might be expecting it. Be careful, however. Ease in it.
Maybe send him pictures that reminded you of him – if you at least want to be friends again. Otherwise, it’s best to ignore or use this opportunity to wrap up if you haven’t already.


Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. Chances are, they’ve already sent you a message. Or they entertain their duality. It’s hard enough to tell which face they’re showing online. You also know that they are difficult to follow.
It’s still important that he unblocked you. He opened up a means of communication. Take advantage if you are up for it. It might be better for you to speak in person.


It’s a big deal for a Cancer to make this move. There are two likely but opposite reasons why he might have unblocked you if he’s Cancer: either he misses you or misses the feeling of being with you.
One is legitimate and really on you. The other is Cancer’s internal inclination towards nostalgia.
It’s probably better for both of you if you keep giving each other time and space. Cancers are very emotional and it is essential to set limits with them.


Proceed carefully if he’s a Leo and has unlocked you. Maybe he’s looking for drama. In fact, it probably is.
Leos hate being ignored, even if it’s on their own terms. At worst, Lions can be extremely jealous. He’s probably unlocked so he can see how you’re doing with your life.
Needless to say, beware. Wait until he shows he wants a real connection. Social networks are not real life. It would be best not to fuel the flames of this sun-ruled sign until you know its true intentions.


If he’s Virgo and unblocks you, chances are he’s at least ready to talk to you again.
Virgos suffer from perfectionism. By allowing you to return to his life in the smallest of capacities, he invited a variable that could interrupt the current stability of his life. This could mean that he may be able to talk to you again.
It’s best to use your new communication channel to contact him if you want to talk to him. Keep the online chat to a minimum, as he could step up to his virtual chair and start discussing things that are best worked out in person.


Your sentence is over when a Libra unlocks you. He’s decided you’re back on relatively decent conditions – at least you can see him on social media again.
Libras can’t stand conflict, so this move shows you aren’t a threat. It wouldn’t be surprising if they spoke to you before they unlocked you.
If not, no worries. Libras have a harder time making decisions for themselves than for others. You might want to start the conversation to nudge him. Maybe he’ll thank you in the long run.


The most mysterious of the Zodiac, it’s hard to pin down the intention of a Scorpio unblocking you on social media. It is possible, if not likely, that he is doing this to keep an eye on you rather than to reopen things.
This gesture can be symbolic of his reinvention, as Scorpios often do. Chances are the road to get him to block you has been cruel and bumpy for you.
If a Scorpio feels like you’ve played with their feelings, they’ll sting. May he really be done with you by unlocking you… wait and see if he makes any other moves.


He’s more than likely willing to talk to you if he’s unblocked you. His Sagittarius optimism probably prompts him to let you in, but his wisdom cautions him to do it slowly.
No matter. Sagittarians are risk takers, so if you contact him, he will likely respond to you. Probably with a funny GIF to lighten up the atmosphere.
Don’t expect a full conversation, however. You should know by now that Sagittarius can be flaky. And it’s best to be prepared for brutal honesty. The real question is, are you ready to talk to him?


A Capricorn who unlocks you is more about them than you. You are part of their journey. Capricorns often have a precise view of where their peak is located, so unblocking can mean one of many things.One likely possibility is that unlocking yourself is a symbolic gesture. He is ready to move forward. It might mean moving forward in the direction of getting back together – but it’s best to let him establish that.
That’s the other possibility: he realized he wanted you to come back. He has taken the time to let you into his busy life. Let him tell you what his intentions are.


Aquarians crave freedom above all else. You probably haven’t heard much from him or her until now.
As an Aquarius, he also attaches great importance to friendship. One way to express it is, of course, through social media. They needed a bit of a break with you – fair. From time to time they need breaks with most of the people they are close to.
But now her walls are crumbling, superficially more than sincere. It will probably need more time to wobble.
If you want to be friends or more than friends, be patient. The last thing you want is an Aquarius dragging you into a breakdown.


One problem with social media is that it’s not real life. This is what is most attractive to Pisces.
Social media means a lot to a Pisces. He probably unblocked you to live out one of his fantasies. Maybe this fantasy involves you getting back together.
Don’t be surprised if he sends you a message. Your reaction is up to you. He knows if he needs space, so by reaching out he is also communicating that he is welcome to have you in his waters.
It is important for you to keep a grip on reality rather than drowning yourself in its potential glamor. It might be sticky too. Overall, walk cautiously.


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