Aries: August 18, 2024

Prepare for a year filled with growth, magic and good fortune, Aries. The lucky planet Jupiter roams your zodiac from May 10 to October 28 – in a transit that only occurs once every 12 years – so it’s time to focus on expansion and new opportunities. One of the highlights of this period will be August 18, when Jupiter forms a harmonious trine aspect with the beautiful planet Venus. Venus will light up your fifth house with romance, passion and creativity at this time, so it will be a fabulously lucky time for love and dating. This connection between the benefits will also bring a lot of inspiration for artistic endeavors, so enjoy the magic.

Taurus: May 13, 2024

You are entering a period of major transformation this year, Taurus. The North Node of Fate enters your sign on January 18 – an entry that won’t happen again for nearly two decades – meaning the next two years will bring a series of eclipses that will help you realign yourself with your destiny and help you adopt a new version of yourself. A particularly powerful moment will strike on May 13, when the sun in your sign aligns with the north node. Coming just two weeks after a solar eclipse in Taurus, this day will likely bring clarity to your true calling and allow new pieces of your identity to emerge.

Gemini: May 30, 2024

Over the past year and a half, you’ve had a series of eclipses that rocked your identity and relationships, Gemini – but 2024 gives you a good chance to fully embrace this new and improved version of yourself. The mighty new moon in your sign on May 30 in particular gives you one of the luckiest opportunities of the year to manifest your desires and turn your dreams into reality. This lunation auspiciously connects to both abundant Jupiter and action-oriented Mars, bringing you the luck and motivation you need to jumpstart your personal goals. Your ruling planet Mercury will face severe Saturn, but it will also form harmonious aspects with mystical Neptune and transformational Pluto,

Cancer: July 17, 2024

On July 17th, the planets have some extra magic in store for you for the Cancer season. The sun and Mercury will just align in your sign, forming what is called a Mercury cazimi, which means that Mercury is “in the heart of the sun”. This aspect helps bring authenticity and clarity to our words and thoughts, and you will feel it more strongly than most. The sun and Mercury in Cancer will collectively form a lucky trine to dreamy planet Neptune, making it a great day for spiritual alignment, creative projects, and heightened intuition. It’s a great day for career advancement and networking too, thanks to a motivating connection between energetic Mars and lucky Jupiter, which will light up your house of public recognition. In addition to all this,

Leo: July 31, 2024

Summer is always your time to shine, Leo, but this year will be filled with even more passion and creativity than usual. That’s because Jupiter will light up your fifth house with joy and romance for the duration of the Leo season – and you can tap into that lucky energy even more on July 31, when your ruling planet, the sun, forms. an auspicious trine aspect with beneficial Jupiter. It’s a wonderful time to follow your heart, embrace what inspires you, and fall in love. It’s also a particularly good time to put your passion at the service of artistic projects.

Virgo: February 16, 2024

We’re starting the year with a month of Venus demotion in the romance and passion area of ​​your theme, which could spark feelings about past relationships and prompt a major reassessment of your preferences and of meetings. However, on February 16, it’s time to embark on a whole new love cycle – and not just because it’s Valentine’s week. This is because the loving planet Venus and the planet Mars will come together in your alluring fifth house for a fireworks-filled conjunction, offering new romantic connections and an opportunity to fully integrate the lessons you learned during of the demotion in January.

Libra: October 22, 2024

Your ruling planet Venus will spend most of the Libra season lighting up your sign, making your birthday month even more luxurious and charming than usual. And at the end of the Libra season on October 22, you will have one more surprise, as the beautiful planet Venus and the sparkling sun will form a super special alignment in your sign known as “Venus Star Point”. This lucky aspect brings magic and romance, as well as an exciting new beginning of pleasure, desire and creativity. It’s a great day to flirt and embrace your glamorous side by throwing a new look.

Scorpio: November 15, 2024

Your birthday season is set to be very sultry this year, Scorpio – as the beauty planet Venus graces your sign with her glamorous presence for most of the month, while the immense Jupiter brings luck to your fifth house of romance filled with passion. These two beneficial planets will shower additional blessings upon you (and your love life) on November 15, when they form a harmonious trine aspect with each other. You will find that matters of love and dating go much easier than usual, so use this favorable cosmic time to your advantage and have fun flirting.

Sagittarius: November 23, 2024

After a year and a half of eclipses hitting the axis of your zodiac sign, Sagittarius, 2024 will bring a propitious chance to smoothly integrate the upgrades and realignments that have taken place in your life during this time. And the new moon in your sign on November 23 will be one of the luckiest occasions of the year for you to manifest your desires and initiate new, exciting adventures. During this lunar reset, you will also have beneficial Venus and communicative Mercury in your sign, giving you clarity and grace as you initiate new projects or relationships. The sun and the moon will also connect harmoniously with Jupiter, your ruling planet, which adds to this lunation even more luck and magic.

Capricorn: January 8, 2024

We start the year with the demotion of the loving planet Venus in your sign, Capricorn, which sends you on a deep journey of reassessment regarding what you value and want to prioritize in relationships – which will result in a shine. for your love life throughout 2024. A particularly lucky time comes in the middle of the Capricorn season, January 8, when the sun and the beneficent Venus come together in your sign. Here they will form a special alignment known as the “Venus Star Point,” which gives you increased confidence, new romantic opportunities, and much-needed clarity on what you want from love.

Aquarius: March 6, 2024

Prepare to watch the sparks fly and embrace a whole new cycle of love and passion, Aquarius, as the sultry planet Venus lines up with the daring planet Mars in your sign on March 6. One aspect of conjunction between the planets of love has won This will not happen again in your sign for another two years, so this marks a new start that bodes well for you in your relationships, your expression and even your endeavors. creative. It’s a lucky time to say yes to a springtime fling or attempt an unconventional relationship.

Pisces: April 12, 2024

Pisces, 2024 is shaping up to be one of the most mystical years of your life, and the special cosmic connection that will take place on April 12 is one of the main reasons for that. On this day, the beneficent planet Jupiter – which is the planetary ruler of Pisces in traditional astrology – joins your modern planetary ruler, the dreamer Neptune, in your home sign. This magnificent alignment will amplify your creativity, fill you with inspiring new ideas, enhance your glamor side, and even cause spiritual awakenings that will give you unlimited access to your higher self. These two spiritual planets haven’t reunited in Pisces for over 150 years, and they won’t in our lifetime, so enjoy the magic.


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