What Is The Most Disliked Zodiac Sign In 2022?

What Is The Most Disliked Zodiac Sign In 2022?

Scorpio is the least popular sign of the entire zodiac. Nestled between two of the most sympathetic zodiac signs, Libra and Sagittarius, Scorpio stands out as a manipulative, power-hungry, and deceptive sign.

On the plus side, Scorpios are mysterious, passionate, curious, and intelligent. On the other hand, they are also dark, vindictive, obsessive, and controlling.

Scorpios can be really scary and have a vicious sting. However, what most people don’t understand is that Scorpios will only attack when they feel threatened – which is often the case due to their sensitive and dominant nature.

They’re cold, they lie a lot, and they’re always trying to manipulate their way to the top. Scorpios make terrible exes because they can hold grudges until the end of time and will never give up the emotional hold they once had over their exes.

Make sure never to betray a Scorpio as they will take revenge and it will be very uncomfortable. They know exactly how to hit you, where it hurts and when you least expect it.

Overall, there are 5 reasons why Scorpio is the most disliked zodiac sign of them all. Here you are:

1. His need for control

Scorpios absolutely love feeling powerful. Finally, their planetary rulers are Pluto and Mars. Both planets are about power. Aries, also ruled by Mars, also controls.

But he is more obvious and his way is less harmful. Scorpio will want to control others in a very covert and deceptive way. He digs into every little detail of someone to bring all their weaknesses to the table so he can manipulate that person.

Scorpios keep friends and partners as close as possible so they can monitor them. They hate feeling like they don’t know what people are up to. They can push boundaries, but they will always keep them under their thumb with subtlety.

These zodiac signs are paranoid souls, and any feeling of losing control of themselves sets alarm bells ringing for them. If you are a Scorpio, you should try to observe your need for control and learn to let go. It would be for the good of all.

2. His subtle manipulations

This is one of Scorpio’s hallmarks. With this zodiac sign, one must always be on the lookout for subtle manipulations. Scorpios can influence others in ways that reinforce their own sense of superiority.

They are absolute professionals in gaslighting and can read people like books. They instinctively use this information to their advantage, confusing the weak-willed and those lacking in intuitive nature. Their manipulations are so subtle, often they know a lot more about a situation than they let on, yet they will drive you nuts and act naive the entire time.

They are very cautious and know the power of vulnerability. It’s not uncommon for Scorpios to use vulnerability as a tactic to gain information from others or manipulate their view of them in some way. When you find that they act to make you feel sorry for them or prioritize their feelings, it can feel pretty gross.

3. His possessiveness

Scorpio is obsessive and possessive in everything they do. This can be quite problematic when he enters into romantic relationships.

He tends to go 100 percent in the blink of an eye when he has a crush. Usually, both parties feel great and immersed in each other. But at some point, the other will wake up a little bit from the soul merging trance and realize that they are feeling too deeply.

While the other person might feel like they lost themselves because they were absorbed in the intensity of the relationship, Scorpio usually still feels great.

So the partner steps back a bit and Scorpio’s possessive insecurities set in. Then he gets paranoid and things get tumultuous and toxic.

The hope is that Scorpio will find someone who doesn’t feel “obsessed” with them. He really likes to feel like he has full control over his partners. It’s best if he reveals it early in the relationship.

4. His addiction to drama

Scorpio is the sign of transformation. And his constant need for transformation often comes at a cost to those around him. In order to transform, Scorpio needs a certain amount of drama, either external or internal. And they usually have no qualms about dragging everyone into their shadow of darkness and growth.

Going through deep passions and emotional depths with Scorpio can be very draining. And when it happens in a relationship with the Scorpio, things can quickly get ugly. Many intense, explosive feelings can surface. The best partners for Scorpio are able to handle the unpredictability of Scorpio’s emotional nature.

5. His vengefulness

Although usually self-possessed, Scorpio can easily feel wronged or betrayed and then lash out viciously at the person they once loved. Scorpios have razor-sharp tongues and can make snide remarks about someone that leave traumatic emotional scars.

An insecure Scorpio blinded by vengeance is a terrifying sight. If you fall prey to him, you’re just hoping he’ll use one of his less explosive tactics and just completely ignore you to get on with his life. It’s better if he just pretends you never existed.

Keep in mind, though, that not all Scorpios behave this way. It’s the most insecure and self-sabotaging Scorpios who most often fall into these patterns. Being a Scorpio is hard and requires a lot of self-reflection.

Many have no sinister ulterior motives. They just need to feel safe before they drop their protective barriers. If you can melt her heart and nurture her soft, sensitive inner realm, you will find a powerful friend or lover in Scorpio. A relationship that is faithful, deep, and genuine.


What Is The Most Disliked Zodiac Sign In 2022?

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