What Intelligent Women Ask To Feel Loved

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What Intelligent Women Ask To Feel Loved

You are a strong woman and the person who tells you otherwise is lying. That man is afraid of success, that’s why he didn’t stay by your side because he doesn’t know what to do with someone who doesn’t allow fear to collapse. You have very clear goals and you are here to pursue your dreams, not mediocre love. There is what intelligent women ask for to feel loved because when they don’t give it to them they get bored and leave. Each sign of the zodiac demands it in its own way and abandons those who do not deserve it. It’s like that, the place you gave him was great, you put your expectations on someone who barely came up to your heels. Don’t lower yourself again. 


Look at you, Aries, so brave, full of energy, your enthusiasm shows in everything you do. That adventure that runs through your body is what drives you to fight the many challenges that life throws at you. You are here to feel the freedom, try new things, and hold on to new beginnings. You are so intelligent that to feel loved you need them to respect your essence, that they do not want to come and give you orders. You are not aggressive, perhaps a bit stubborn and restless, but you prefer to let your guard down when something bothers you. They say you’re complicated, because they see you so full of life and without ties, that they get scared. You fight for what you believe in and invest your time and energy in what is worth it. If they want to come and put chains on you, let them go. You don’t feel like dealing with someone who doesn’t keep up with you, you want to breathe freedom, not decorate a cage that turns you off. 


Your will is admirable, you don’t let anything get you down, always ready to find the beautiful side of life, even when your heart feels down. You notice practicality from head to toe, nobody beats you when it comes to making decisions. You prefer a thousand times to face the consequences of a mistake than to spend a long time thinking about an issue. Your thing is not to be with unhealthy love, you want someone who seeks stability and who does not judge your conservative side, because you are used to following the rules. What you ask to feel loved is to be with a person who does not run away from routine and who is able to put the cards on the table when necessary. You don’t want one more problem, the couple is supposed to support you and not sink you. You are not difficult, you like good food, travel, and those pleasures that give you life without falling into excess. It’s not that complicated


You don’t need a lot of looks to shine. Come on, you’re beautiful inside and out, but it’s your intelligence that mesmerizes hearts. You are not submissive and that becomes attractive to people who are capable of bringing good things to your days. Your character is sweet and contradictory at the same time. You hate when you feel that you are falling into monotony, something in you drives you to look for that spark that makes a difference in everything. What you ask for to feel loved is a loving, generous person who is not afraid of showing her kindness. You are annoyed to meet selfish and lying people, who do not have the slightest idea of ​​what it means to love. You need attention, flattery, and deep talks. If someone has nothing to offer, let them leave, when they subtract more than what they contribute, deep down you know that you have nothing to do there. 


Your qualities are unique, fighting to exhaustion, always going against the tide. Sometimes with a sad soul and other times with your head held high, but you never give up. You are not one of those who is waiting for the perfect fairy tale, you changed that idea a long time ago and now you bet on real love. Someone who is capable of appreciating your shyness, but also your full potential. What you ask to feel loved is to experience that feeling of home every time you are with someone. It is very hard to realize that you go out of your way for a person, but she just gives you the leftovers of her. You want security, not having to worry 24 hours that she ends up leaving you for someone else. Because when it comes to love you are delicate and delivered. 


Leo, you are the woman who has often ended up on the wrong way, loves that are only a stone on the road. You don’t like to feel that you are the one who conquers, the one she is looking for, the one who begs every time a message is not answered. You are used to taking firm steps, full of ambition, courage, and strength. Life may get tough from time to time, but obstacles don’t scare you, they motivate you. That is why what you ask to feel loved is someone who is more of actions than dreams. You are not willing to give yourself to an idealistic person. Being dominant is something that is given to you without effort, you don’t care if they say that you are arrogant or that you think you are superior. It’s not like that, it’s just that you will no longer let your guard down to please others. Oh my God! It’s a life, you’re not going to waste it on someone who trembles every time they appreciate your shine. 


You know that your dreams have no limits or expiration dates. It has been very difficult for you to land your ideas, to allow someone to change your plans. You are not here to adapt to anyone and it is not selfish, it is simply giving yourself the priority you deserve. You are the one who adds a touch of patience to everything, you like to observe and not miss the details. They may say that you are cold because you love to put up a barrier, being selective is much better than allowing anyone to have access to your vulnerable side. What you ask to feel loved is that they are willing to learn with you along the way. A person who is capable of embracing his dreams, but who has time to applaud yours. You are one of those who follow logic, but you are also very intuitive, it is your heart that ultimately tells you when you should not continue with someone. Sometimes you have to let go even if it hurts because if you stay it hurts twice as much. 


They say that it is not enough to be pretty, you have to know how to be, and you are proof of that. Libra, on the outside you look beautiful, a woman who inevitably steals sighs as she passes by and you like that, but you know that you are much more than the case. Your charm is hidden in your elegance, in the goodness that is in your heart, and in that way in which you often give everything to the people you love. You know how to listen and understand, you have everything. That is the reason why you ask for genuine love, someone who values ​​your effort, and who does not meddle in your decisions. It’s very annoying when they come with the intention of dominating you as if you were a girl who doesn’t even know what she wants. You hate when you are contradicted and you are not willing to become anyone’s puppet. Now, you know your worth and that helps you let go long before giving up your soul


There is not much to argue, the thing is clear, you know what you want, what you can achieve, and what you deserve. It is very difficult for the criticism of others to break you because you have become an expert in minimizing your steps. You are demanding and for the same reason, you do not forgive yourself a single failure. For you, most loves are passing through, not because you don’t have the guts to commit, it’s just that almost no one is capable of reaching your standards. You cannot settle for less, you are a tenacious woman and your emotional part invites you to be intense in everything. It is clear that your state of mind is not perfect and that is why what you ask to feel loved is that a person does not leave when your bad moments speak for you. That being that more than a bunch of butterflies causes you peace. A love that does not break your balance and that helps you to be better at everything. May he recognize that your dreams matter and that your passion does not go out. 


Sagittarius, if there is something in this life that you hate with all your being, it is pretending to be someone you are not. Every day you get up to fight the ghosts that don’t let you move forward and you try to be as positive as possible. It’s not that everything is perfect, there are times when you collapse and you don’t want to know anything about anyone, but you walk away, gain strength and come back with more desire. What you ask to feel loved is to share with someone who does not fill you with negativity, a person who does not seek to stop you, on the contrary, who inspires you to give your best. You are not going to stay with someone who does not follow in your footsteps, because for that you prefer to be alone and boy, you do not get along with loneliness at all. That is much better than being next to someone who steals your smiles and calms. 


You are a woman who does not mind working twice as long to fulfill your dreams. You are not afraid at all to go out and fight for what you want. Since you were little, you understood that life is about ups and downs, but keeping a smile is the law. You like tranquility, the moment you start to feel invaded by someone, you know it’s time to turn the page. No matter how much that person attracts you, if it overwhelms you, you know that it is not there. They say that you are demanding, that you don’t usually share your emotions with anyone and it’s real. What you ask for to feel loved is a partner who is able to put himself in your place. Someone who doesn’t want you to stop, on the contrary, who is proud to see you shine. If that person makes you feel pressured and watched 24 hours a day, he does not deserve the best of you. 


You show strength in everything you say and do. Aquarius, you are not the type of woman who needs to show her attractiveness, because your way of talking and laughing is more than enough to steal attention. Also, you have that shy and sensitive side, which makes you fall in love. If you like to say things up front, the less detours the better. That is why what you ask to feel loved is someone honest, you do not tolerate lies. At the first falsehood you leave, you are not going to stay next to a person who constantly fails you. They say you don’t commit, but you do, you just put your expectations first. You are the type of woman who does not get hooked easily, your personality is free, and if you are with someone it is because you appreciate them, not because you need them. Let it be clear because loneliness has never scared you. 


Without a doubt, your soft character is a magnet for those people who seek peace in their lives. Although you are not willing to become anyone’s savior, if you do not feel that the relationship is reciprocal, you better put an end to it before your emotions risk breaking. You are a kind woman, very patient and you work very hard to keep your balance. You are not going to allow someone who does not know how to love you to come and alter your day-to-day. What you ask for to feel loved is a caring person, who is not afraid to express what they feel. Someone who isn’t perfect, but who works every day to become their best version. You want a love that paints your gray days, that doesn’t get scared when you get down or judge you for caring about others.

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