According To Zodiac Sign The 3 Most Intuitive Women In 2023

Most Intuitive Women In 2023

According To Zodiac Sign The 3 Most Intuitive Women In 2023

Do you ever have the feeling that something is wrong – without having a plausible reason for it? If your gut is right, then you may have been blessed with the power of intuition.

Your sixth sense is so reliable, your friends will think you’re psychic. Although we are all endowed with the power of intuition to some degree, some people’s antennae are a little more tuned in to what could have anything to do with their zodiac signs. 

Every sign has something they are efficient at, but these zodiac signs know what everyone else can’t see right away. The instinct of these three women of the zodiac, integrated with their feminine intuition, almost never goes wrong in 2023.


Pisces women are the psychic among the zodiac signs. You have discovered every life lesson, so to speak, and therefore understand all aspects of life far better than anyone else.

Pisces women regularly receive clues that they can interpret. Sometimes it’s synchronicity and every now and then they have dreams that point to something.

It is commonly claimed that they are sensitive, but this is misinterpreted. Rather, they deeply feel every little thing around them.

Their leader, Neptune, is associated with desire and psychic abilities. That’s why a true Pisces woman can see things that are beyond the typical, even if she doesn’t realize it.

These women are always on the cutting edge in areas that involve spiritual matters. But what is even more remarkable is her ability to feel people on a cumulative scale.

They can tell you how you feel even before you feel and understand it yourself.

They are constantly concerned about others and long for favorable adjustments in society to make their social environment work better.

Because of this, they often advocate for human rights, animal civil liberties, and various other similar issues.

As a watermark with shifting quality, they quickly adapt to change and see things from different perspectives.

This allows them to have a lot of understanding for others. But sometimes you have to be careful not to lose yourself in this emotional world.


Cancer women have incredible observation skills and are usually gifted at seeing people’s true goals and intentions.

The biggest problem for them is not trusting their intuition. They are generally right but tend to change their actions or back down for those they love.

Cancer women are said to be family-oriented, but in a broader sense, this means they can make everyone feel so welcome, connected, and close that they seem like part of the family. They really make everyone feel comfortable with them.

This is one of the best gifts from our Cancer ladies. You intuitively know what other people need and always take the initiative to fulfill it.

If you need advice, ask a Cancer woman. She will surely understand better than you what your heart needs because she can shine through the veil of your fears as well as your ego. Cancer women are healers who can spread their maternal love to everyone.

The Cancer woman likes things that are cozy, comfortable, and familiar. She notices when there is even the slightest change in behavior.

It could be the subtle way her partner didn’t hold her hand or the way someone said “hello” without making eye contact.

No matter how big or small the change, you can be sure that an intuitive Cancer has already noticed it—even if you never said a word about it. 

were you having a bad day Cancer can read your mind as bright as day? That’s good because Cancer also happens to be the best sign for solving your emotional mysteries.


It’s no surprise that Aquarius is one of the most intuitive zodiac signs. Associated with progress, discovery, uniqueness, and enlightenment, this sign is always trying to see what is unattainable or unimpressive for most other zodiac signs.

Aquarius women are tough and confident in their decisions as they rely heavily on their intuition and are always looking ahead to the future.

Although various other zodiac signs often tend to access these details in more mystical ways, Aquarius women have a down-to-earth and proactive approach to everything they do.

Aquarius women are often seen as leaders of various groups promoting freedom and equal rights for all people.

They are dreamers and see even more than the rest of the zodiac signs. Sometimes an Aquarius woman can even have an epiphany and warn others about dire events. For outsiders, this sometimes seems difficult to grasp.

Aquarius women like to focus on one thing for a while. Whether she’s obsessing over that one mistake at work or can’t let go of a particular argument, Aquarius women analyze things when they feel it’s necessary. You can feel something is wrong before others even realize it.

Through their drive to achieve a better world, they are able to let go of their egos and selflessly spend their lives serving a greater cause.

Also, an Aquarius woman is secretive and mysterious about her own life. She can sniff out everyone else’s deepest, darkest secrets.

It’s more about vibrations, so she often senses trouble brewing before it even gets close to the surface. You can’t fool an Aquarius woman. Her intuition will tell her something is wrong. She can tell immediately when someone is lying to her.

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