What Each Sign Does To Break Its Own Heart

What Each Sign Does To Break Its Own Heart

I wish it were as easy as breathing, I wish doing what you want and where you want was not so complicated. But, that’s life, sometimes, you have to feel the pain of the thorns and other times enjoy the aroma of the roses. The bad thing is that most of the time it is your thoughts that do not let you move forward, those that harm you and lie to you, making you believe that you are not capable. You’re trying to get into where you can’t fit… What does each sign do to break its own heart? 


You are pure energy, who makes the decision and goes out in search of what is necessary to fulfill it. Sometimes, you set goals that make your life bitter, because you demand too much of yourself and you do not accept a negative for an answer. It is time for you to accept that not everything will always turn out the way you want, that your ambition can be counterproductive. You must understand that nothing in this life is forced, let everything flow. Let go and trust destiny, you are breaking your heart for holding on and you are missing opportunities where happiness really is.


Taurus, you are so organized and meticulous, that lately nothing in your life is unpredictable, it seems that you are not taking the time to enjoy yourself, you do not want anything to arrive at random and happiness is not there. Control cannot be the main ingredient of your days, it is okay to have goals, to build dreams in a disciplined way, but you are building walls too high, what are you afraid of? The beauty of life comes without warning, love, friends, work, what really makes your heart beat faster. So much protection is taking away your essence, it’s worth the risk.


A constant indecision, that’s what has you from one side to the other. It seems that just when you are ready to take the step something gets in the way, you want to but in the end you don’t want to. You are a valuable, talkative, intelligent soul and you enjoy being the center of attention. However, there comes a point where you get lost among so many emotions, you don’t give your heart a break and you end up turning off; blaming life. When it is you, Gemini, who must have the courage to face. Let go of that fear of commitment , of a bit of routine, of wanting to share your days with someone else.


If there is something that costs you, it is living in the present, just when you try to turn the page, your thoughts betray you. Remember that the brain does not understand temporality if you focus on the past, it will return there, just at the moment when you cannot let go and you are unhappy. Let life show you what it has in store for you, there are millions of people ready to give you a smile. Cancer stops breaking your own heart by reminding people that they are no longer the same and that no matter how hard you try, nothing will ever be the same.


The impulsive, the fabulous, the one who wastes brilliance in each of his steps. Leo, you are so unique that you go through life leaving footprints in all the people who cross your path. What does each sign do to break your own heart? Leo, you  demand too much of yourself, you don’t always have to be the one who honors perfection , making mistakes is fine and resting too. You are desperate to get everything done in one day and that’s when frustration and stress become your best company. From time to time it is okay to pay attention to your feelings, what do you really feel? Cry, you can be strong and feel like you can’t take it anymore. Take a break, you deserve it.


Your mind does not stop, it is always here and there, no matter how hard you try to focus on something, you get lost among a million thoughts. You are breaking your own heart when you think too much, you worry as if everything around you is your responsibility, even for what has already happened. That is opening the doors to your insecurities, focusing on your flaws does not lead to anything good, because with that attitude you will only be disappointed in what you see every day in front of the mirror. Give yourself the opportunity to let go, make mistakes and start over.


The sign that honors romanticism, who has tenderness in every word and who knows very well how to make everyone who comes into his life feel at peace. However, your ability to love many times goes from being a blessing to a curse, because you melt for others. What does each sign do to break your own heart? Libra, you forget what is most important, about yourself, what you want, your hobbies, your dreams and even what bothers you, because you end up giving in to everything. Libra, you break your own heart because you lose yourself in the need to make the other happy. 


A unique, emotional, mysterious soul with a touch of darkness that few understand. The problem is when you focus on the negative, that’s when you make your heart fill with cracks. And it is that your distrustful part takes control and you do not give anyone the opportunity to approach and love you. Scorpio, the reason is very simple , you forgot about self-love, as long as you are not the first to love yourself, no one else will. You are setting absurd conditions and pretexts because you are afraid to give yourself up and get hurt, but if you don’t, your life will go away.


Thirst for adventure, for freedom, to simply let your soul be who it wants to be. Sagittarius you are so original that you do not have time to lose yourself in stability, at least you think so. But tell me, what are you running from? It seems that nothing satisfies you, when you achieve a goal you consider a greater one and always from one side to the other. You are optimistic and an expert at pretending that everything is fine, even if it is not real. Yes, love is not a fairy tale, but if you don’t try, if you don’t give commitment a chance, you’re going to continue with that emptiness, wanting to share with someone and not being able to.


Work, dreams, discipline. They are ingredients that cannot be missing in your day, but what about feelings? Capricorn, sometimes, you focus so much on accomplishing something that you forget the most important thing as if you were a machine ready to produce. Of course, to make excuses nobody beats you, you invent whatever it takes to evade what life is presenting you. What does each sign do to break your own heart? Capricorn, you break your heart when you do not listen to yourself, when you do something you do not want, when you are still in a relationship and you no longer feel anything. Stop forcing yourself, you deserve more than the bitterness of company.


The independent, the one who has a unique way of seeing life and is a master when it comes to putting distance. Aquarius, you are so unpredictable that sometimes you don’t even understand yourself. Yes, you are rebellious, you follow the rules that are in your heart, the problem is that you break it when you want to get the idea that you do not need love . And it is hard for you to trust others, that’s why you prefer solitude, that’s where you feel comfortable, where you don’t have to deal with intolerance or prejudice. But, deep down you would like to know what it feels like to let yourself go.


Pisces is the one who goes through life breathing love, who always gives everything and who, despite criticism, does not let go of his dreams. It is the fish in the water, the one that feels complete when it makes its emotions vibrate. It is the one that is lost in music and any other type of art. What does each sign do to break your own heart? Pisces, you break it whenyoutry to please the otherand forget that you are a priority. Remember that you do not have to lower your level, do not make yourself smaller to fit into someone’s world, it is not there. Stay with the person who accepts you as is and with whom you do not have the need to pretend.


What Each Sign Does To Break Its Own Heart

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