Why Libra Lost Interest In You

Why Libra Lost Interest In You

If Libra lost interest in you, it was because you didn’t listen to him when he needed to. Libra does not need to find his soulmate, but he does like to have a person by his side who knows how to listen to him when he needs it most, who knows how to advise him and help him make up his mind. If when Libra tries to tell you about his problems, you don’t listen to him and you start talking about yours… Bad go. If whenever he is with you, you are looking at your cell phone or talking about something that nobody cares about, even worse …

Libra wants to see that you are really interested in what he is telling you, he wants you to be able to remember all those little ones he tells you, he wants you to listen to him and see that you care.

If you can’t talk about anything other than yourself and your things, don’t even try … Be careful, this doesn’t mean that Libra doesn’t care what happens to you, but in those moments he wants someone to encourage him and listen to him. Libra also likes to feel loved.

But be careful, because Libra wants balance in everything … And he will also lose interest in you if you are a person who is always aware of everything he does and what he does not do. Libra wants to be free but also wants to feel heard. An intermediate point, without excesses. Libra does not want a person who is overwhelming or overly sentimental by their side.

Libra will have its romantic and sentimental moments, but from time to time and in small doses. Because as they say, good things always come in small doses. And Libra will gradually lose interest in you if they see that you are a fairly controlling person and that you are interested in any detail of their life … But they will also lose interest if you are too egocentric. Libra loves to socialize and exchange ideas and interests with others. But if you only defend your opinion and that of no one else … Turn off and let’s go. Remember that to keep Libra interested it is important to find balance.


Why Libra Lost Interest In You

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