Signs That You Need To Ask Yourself Often If You Want To Be With That Person

Signs That You Need To Ask Yourself Often If You Want To Be With That Person

Ending a relationship is not synonymous with failure, it is if you stay with someone who takes away much more than what benefits you. Sometimes, we remain insane, because we are terrified of turning the page, we cling to comfort and we sacrifice our dreams, laughter, our desire to live from day to day. There are signs of the zodiac that need to ask themselves regularly if they really want to be with that person. Above all, because you have to face things:

4.- Aries

Being a risk lover you can fall into the worst of temptations, sink into a relationship in which toxicity is part of the day to day. That’s when we passionately mistake love for something negative. Stop holding on to adrenaline, putting your mental, emotional and physical stability at stake, just to live the uncertainty of something that is tearing you apart.

Love is much more than feeling butterflies in the stomach, sometimes, you have to put aside customs to welcome stability, where trust and communication are essential. Do not stay with someone for the short moments of satisfaction, love is not a wild night under the sheets, that is only part of it. Your thoughts, your dreams and your sadness matter, has your partner already taken that into account? Are you going to let your life continue to be fragmented?

3.- Libra

Even when? Libra is such a kind soul that she forgets herself, suddenly she gives up everything until she feels like she can’t take it anymore. It is time for you to pay attention to what you are living, because the days are passing like water in your hands and you are not doing anything. Being selfish with what you want is fine, you are not here to solve anyone’s life, your only responsibility is your happiness .

If you stay with someone out of pity, for wanting to heal their wounds, all you are going to do is make yours reopen. I know that breaking costs you, that you don’t have the heart to tear someone else’s to pieces. However, it is time for you to ask yourself if you are really going to sacrifice your best years with someone who does not value you. Do not stay where you do not shine, the role of martyr does not fit you, you are much more than a pile of repressed tears.

2.- Sagittarius

Sometimes your security can become a double-edged sword, because you are too demanding when it comes to opening your heart. That is why you prefer to jump from love to love, because it is much easier than facing your feelings and having the courage to start something formal . Stop being so demanding, saying that no one is good enough for you to give them your heart.

Opportunities are gone because you don’t let your mind and heart decide to be with someone. Loving is also a risk and it is clear that it will not always turn out the way you want, but avoiding people will only make time pass and tomorrow you will regret not having tried. That shell is becoming counterproductive. Emotional distance is synonymous with not living, if you are not going to give your soul to someone else, what is the meaning of everything?

1.- Aquarius

Aquarius , it is hard for you to show your weaknesses to the rest, you are the type of sign that prefers to put a huge wall before they can touch your wounds. However, you are wasting your time with people who are not worth it, who only love you for a little while and do not intend to reply to your messages the next day. Stop begging for attention, you are much more than that.

Your mentality is strong, you are intelligent and you have a huge heart, you should not blame yourself, it is not that you have something wrong, it is that you are related to people who do not want commitment, they are doing the same as you, fleeing from the emotional part and yes you continue like this, the only thing you are going to achieve is having to collect the fragments of your self-esteem and dignity. Aquarius you are someone who deserves time, love and genuine words, do not pretend to believe someone who is not worth it.


Signs That You Need To Ask Yourself Often If You Want To Be With That Person

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