This Is Why You Are Stuck In A Toxic Relationship In The Summer Of 2022 According To Your Zodiac Sign

This Is Why You Are Stuck In A Toxic Relationship In The Summer Of 2022 According To Your Zodiac Sign

Abusive and toxic relationships are something of a mystery to the outsider. If the abuse is so obvious, you might be wondering why would anyone want to stay in a relationship like this?

You can try to explain it with logic and even convince the abuse victim that it is completely incomprehensible that he or she should still remain in a relationship that is so obviously flawed and lacking in self-esteem, emotional well-being, and sometimes even the harms physical health.

Still, there are many basic reasons why someone would stay in a bad relationship – one that is harmful and unhealthy. 

Here’s why you’re stuck in a toxic relationship (if you’re in one) this summer, according to your zodiac sign:


you are too comfortable You probably know it yourself. You’ve settled down and now you feel like there’s no point in going through a breakup and being pushed back into the dating pool. Instead, you think it’s more logical to see through the relationship.

The more someone invests in a relationship, the harder it is to let go. So when you’ve put a lot of time, effort, energy, and resources into a relationship, you’re more likely to stick with it, even if it becomes unhealthy.

However, you have to realize that if you don’t close this door once and for all, you’ll miss out on many good opportunities.


A bad relationship is better than no relationship at all for many people who remain in toxic relationships. When making decisions, we evaluate each of our options to select the best possible one. 

You are afraid to leave because it would change the course of your entire life. where would you live what would your parents say What would you do with your free time? You’re afraid to find out. There was a life before this person.


You don’t think well enough of yourself and feel like you deserve the mean things this person says and does. You feel it is your own fault that you are in this current situation, so you never complain.

If you feel like you’re not worthy enough and don’t value yourself very much, then it makes sense why you might want to get involved with someone who nurtures those beliefs more. Maybe you feel like you can’t get better anyway, or that you’re permanently damaged and broken. But you deserve love!


You mistakenly believe that there is passion between you. It makes perfect sense to you. The only reason you guys are so angry at each other is that you love each other so much you can’t stand each other. In truth, this is not love or passion! 


You are too stubborn to leave because you don’t want your entire story to go to waste and it was all for nothing. You don’t want to give up on someone you’ve already given years of your life to, and you’d rather stay and try to fix things, even if they’re beyond repair. But do you really want to waste more time?


You are blinded by your emotions and cannot even say you are in a toxic relationship because you are so in love with the other person. You think that you have found your soul mate and you would never dream of leaving him.


You are overly optimistic and assume that you are just going through a rough patch and things will get better soon. Unfortunately, once the good times return, you forget the bad times.

What benefits do you see in staying in this relationship? What negative aspects do you detach yourself from in order to reinforce the positive aspects of your partner?


You feel obligated to stay. Maybe it’s the kids. Maybe it’s because you already have a ring on your finger. You feel that if you left, your friends and family would abandon you.

You may also choose to stay in this unhealthy relationship because you want to help or fix your partner. 


You don’t want to admit that you fell in love with someone who is toxic. You don’t want to endure the humiliation of a breakup and would rather suffer in silence while you can handle it. You’re just embarrassed that something like this happened to you, so you don’t admit it to yourself.


Your fears keep you in place. You are afraid to leave and afraid of hurting the other person by leaving. You may even be scared of being single again.

You are uncomfortable with the thought that you might find out that there is no one on the planet who could treat you with respect and truly love you. That’s why you don’t even try.


You think that the arguments and conflicts are normal and you don’t pay any attention to them. You may think that all couples have the same problems and that everyone has to go through these “phases”. In your world, there should be such a relationship and therefore you are sure that you have done nothing wrong. 


You feel so strongly attracted to this person. The love is good and every time you think about leaving your mind changes because the chemistry is too strong. You would miss that person too much. But really, it’s the back and forth that keeps you with this person. It’s exciting – no question about it. But is it also fulfilling?


This Is Why You Are Stuck In A Toxic Relationship In The Summer Of 2022 According To Your Zodiac Sign

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