These Zodiac Signs Are Addicted To Summer

Addicted To Summer

These Zodiac Signs Are Addicted To Summer

The time has finally come: it’s getting warmer, the pants are getting shorter and the sun is finally shining longer! Summer is approaching in big steps and for some zodiac signs, this means a peak phase.

Summer is the best time of the year for these three zodiac signs!


As a true water sign, summer is THE season for crabs. Because they are real sun worshipers! As soon as it gets warmer outside, the crabs are bursting with energy and motivation.

They just want to do everything and at the beginning of the season, they are the ones who make a summer bucket list for themselves and those around them. From picnics to beach vacations to renting a boat on the nearby lake; the list includes pretty much every summer cliche Cancerians can think of. But the sign of the zodiac is so enthusiastic and motivated that it infects everyone with its good mood and motivates them to go on various adventures.


For the lions, summer is all about one thing: flirting. Because the extroverted lions have an absolute ego boost in summer. The warm temperatures ensure that they feel all the more comfortable in their own skin. This results in an enormous drive for action.

They long for long party evenings, extensive visits to the bar, and hot flirts all year round; in summer they finally live out this wish to the fullest!

And for the lions that have been awarded, it is always particularly romantic in the warm season. Because whether it’s a couple’s vacation or extended and adventurous dates: the lions are looking for togetherness!


Scorpios are very passionate and creative. This is particularly evident in summer. Because as soon as there are more hours of sunshine, Scorpios feel like they can get a lot more out of the day. Accordingly, they plan even more creative to-dos and projects in their everyday lives.

Summer is therefore the best opportunity for the sign of the zodiac to do all the things that have long been on Scorpio’s to-do list – at least when it comes to leisure projects.

Scorpios use this time to recharge their creative batteries. This is how they manage to have enough memories to get them through the gray winter months, even after the best time of the year (temperatures above 26 degrees).

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