The 10 best personality traits of the Virgin

1. Virgins are critical thinkers.

A Virgo will go through all the possible elements of reflection before making a decision.
They do not like to spoil, that is why they will look from all sides before giving a solution to a problem.

2. Virgins work hard.

A Virgo knows that good things come to those who earn her, which is why they will work in line to get everything they want.
They will often have sleepless nights in order to do all of their work in a timely manner. Their hard work does not go unnoticed, and many admire the dedication that a Virgin has.

3. They are incredible artists.

The creativity of a Virgin always flows. They use art to escape their problems. They liked to express themselves through music, dance, theatre and even drawing.
If you are never sure how a Virgo feels, just look at her illustrations.

4. They remember everything!

A Virgin has an incredible memory. They can remember and recall childhood events that most people do not remember, and they constantly evoke old memories that made them feel good, which made others smile.

5. The Virgins are faithful.

If you have a romantic place in the life of a Virgin, they will show you that they are one of the most faithful signs that there is.
They will never let you down and have only eyes for a lover. You can say jump and they will no doubt say how high.
Their love is endless and they will always remain faithful.

6. The virgins are sweet

Virgos are one of the sweetest signs there is. They are filled with love and affection forever. Their hearts remain good and humble because they always try to help anyone and everyone in their lives.

7. They are patient.

Virgins are highly valued for the patience they have with others. They are constantly trying to find good in people and often give those in their lives the benefit of the doubt.
Although there is usually a limit to the time they are willing to wait, the time is generally long and gives people around them enough time to repair their act if need be.

8. They take responsibility seriously.

If you give instructions to a Virgo, they will most likely follow the instructions to a T without a doubt.
They like to be left in charge of situations and don’t want to let anyone down. They just want the person who gave them the instructions to be proud of them.

9. Virgins are reliable.

Most Virgins strive to be reliable. They want everyone to know that they are always there to help them no matter what.
A Virgo will be the first to answer your call and the last to leave a situation when you need it.

10. The Virgins are modest.

Virgins are very modest. They are often naturally humble. They like people to see them as down to earth people.
They always put others before themselves. They are proud of their achievements but never too arrogant.

The 10 worst personality traits of the Virgin

1. They remember everything.

While their memory can be a great tool for them, it is also the reason for their anxiety.
Unfortunately, they can think of an incident that happened to them years ago and cringe at the fact that they let it happen. They will worry so much that their worry will prevail in many situations.

2. Virgos can be too critical of others.

They can be good at critical thinking, but they are also known for their critical thinking about others.
Without even really taking their judgment into account, they sometimes have the impression that people are not trying hard enough or as hard as they are.

3. The Virgins are stubborn.

Once a Virgo has a vision of what she wants, no one can tell her otherwise.
Even if someone has an idea to guide a Virgin in a better direction, the Virgin will most likely stop and not listen to her. Virgins are very provocative.

4. They can be a little tense.

Sometimes Virgins need to learn to relax. They work and worry very easily and are the queen not to let go.
With good friends, it is easier for a Virgo to learn to relax.

5. Virgins want to please everyone.

Virgos are people who please. They want to make sure everyone around them is always happy.
This causes them to push their thoughts away. They can forget to take charge and their need to please everyone becomes very unhealthy.

6. They easily get frustrated with themselves.

Perfectionists, Virgins are really hard on themselves. They want to be nothing less than the ideal image they have for themselves in their heads.
They will literally throw away a whole project if they think it was not perfect at the start.

7. Virgins are the kings and queens of over-thinkers.

Virgos love to think too much. They will constantly think about the things they have done wrong in the past and let them bother them to the end. They even drive their friends crazy with the amount they think.
The only thing that calms them is to go to sleep, but even it doesn’t last too long.

8. They don’t know how to ask for help.

Virgos like to do things for themselves, even if they really need help. They prefer to try all the means they know before asking for help.
Indeed, they are very autonomous and they do not like to disturb people.

9. Virgos are annoyed by the least of things.

It’s never on purpose, but they just can’t help it, especially if they’re in the area and someone comes in to disturb their peace, and when that happens, they’ll fight back with slight anger.

10. Virgins are difficult.

Virgos like to be precise in their decisions and have an idea in almost every aspect – be it men, food or even the types of TV shows they watch.
Their build prevents them from following the course of life.


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