Why it’s difficult to get out of a toxic relationship. Based on your zodiac sign.

Why it’s difficult to get out of a toxic relationship. Based on your zodiac sign.


You love hunting and you hate being bored. You are known for certain characteristics, your impulsive nature, your stubbornness and your willingness to take risks. But there are also situations where other people are just boring and tiring.

It doesn’t happen that often, but there are certain people who know how to keep you curious. And that’s why you can stay in a toxic relationship, even if you know it’s not good for you. It is the curiosity and tension that you need and that keeps you there, but also your will that does not want to give up.


You are someone who quickly gets used to a relationship and also settles in. You love it when the day is structured and there are no big changes in your life.

That’s why it is incredibly difficult for you to separate yourself from someone you have got used to, even if you know that they are doing you anything but good.

As soon as someone becomes an integral part of your life, it is almost an impossible task for you to remove this person from your life. You would rather resign yourself to the fact that it is a relationship with lots of depths and a few heights instead of walking and turning your whole life upside down.


You are someone who tends not to know where you want to go. You are curious but also undecided and even if that makes you a very picky person when it comes to finding a partner, this can also be the reason why you stay with someone who is not good for you.

Even if you know that it would be better to leave, you are afraid of the unknown, what comes afterward and so you worry a lot, but ultimately you stay with your partner.

You also tend to worry a lot about things that will never happen, which only unsettles you more. If your partner does only one thing well but does some wrong, you will think of that one good thing and calm yourself down to keep in the toxic relationship.


If you are in love, you tend to be literally “blind to love”. You are said to fall in love at first sight. You are also said to be very caring and loving, which are great qualities, but they can also doom you.

You are someone who ties up very quickly in a relationship and plans long-term common goals. Such behavior often leads to you overlooking all of your partner’s bad qualities and, as mentioned, becoming blind to love. You love your partner so much that you don’t want to admit that they don’t do you good and only hurt you.


You don’t want to see that you were wrong about someone. As a rule, you are one of those people who would rather stay alone than spend time with someone who is not what you imagine. However, if you get involved with someone, then you are also ready to fight and invest a lot, even if everyone warns you about this person.

And when it turns out that everyone else was right, you’ll be too stubborn to see your mistake and try to save the relationship, with a lot of drama and a lot of discussions. You put up with the stress, just so that the others are not right. But sooner or later, mostly later, you will also realize that this person is not good for you.


The problem with you is that you think you can save everyone from yourself. You are actually a very critical and attentive person, which means that it takes a long time to trust someone. But if you let yourself down and trust and your watchful manner slackens, then your rational and analytical thinking takes over.

You then want to solve the problems you have and want to protect your partner from yourself. Not because you are naive or gullible, you recognize the problems in your relationship very well, but you believe because you are so rational that you can solve all worries and change them, which means that you stay in a toxic relationship longer than necessary.


Leaving a sinking ship first is not your way. Usually, you go down with the ship. You are a person who is usually very balanced and who avoids arguments and discussions. And it is this trait of avoiding confrontation that is responsible for keeping you in a toxic relationship longer than necessary.

You don’t want to face the drama that would follow if you face your partner with accomplished facts. You want to maintain peace and harmony in your life, even if that means staying with someone who is poisonous to your life. Even if this reads very contradictory, only the Libra itself knows why it postpones the end of a failed relationship and prefers to sweep the problems under the carpet.


You always only want what you can’t have. Your style is very attractive and that you are distant and closed-back only makes you curious about more. The people who want you as a partner are usually in line with you. But what you also have are serious trust problems and a strong urge for things that you cannot have.

This often drives you into the arms of toxic people, even if you would never admit it. It is strange, but you would rather be with someone you can keep your distance from so as not to get hurt yourself than with someone who is good for you and then could not maintain this distance.


You only see their good qualities in people. Your naturally optimistic nature always makes you see only the good in a person. You are someone who enjoys his freedom and independence.

You like to flirt and take your life as it comes and because of this relaxed way of life you tend to see everything through pink glasses, making the negative qualities of a person completely invisible.

You stay in a toxic relationship longer than necessary because you never lose hope that everything will get better. You will stay in this relationship until you have no choice but to leave.


If you have invested a lot of strength, time and feelings in a relationship, you do not want to end it lightly, even if it is not good for you. You are someone who always speaks clearly what he thinks and feels.

You don’t play games in a relationship and insist on honesty. Your intentions are always known. Because you have invested a lot, you will delay the end for a long time. You will fight for everything to change for the better. You stay in a toxic relationship longer than necessary because you want to fix the old one instead of starting with someone new.


You are considered someone who rarely expresses his emotions. Rarely are you the one who lets people look inside and usually you prefer to stay alone.

In order to enter into a relationship with someone, that person should fascinate you mentally, physically but also with their intellect. Even if it turns out that the relationship doesn’t make you happy, you will get stuck in it because you don’t want to open yourself up to someone new. It is easier for you to stay than to plunge into unknown water.


You are usually the “therapist” for everyone else, including in a relationship. You are caring and empathetic, and although these traits are really important in a relationship, they can also get you in trouble.

It is important to you to connect with your partner on all mental and physical levels and even if you know that your partner has a toxic effect on your life, you will show him the love that he actually does not deserve. And this constant giving and taking nothing is why your partner doesn’t let you go and you stay in a toxic relationship longer than necessary.


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