you are a healer. You like to take care of others. You care more about their happiness than yours. This is why you are constantly in the wrong relationship and why you have so many problems leaving it. You don’t want to abandon someone when you feel they need you. You don’t want to get away from someone who could benefit from your tenderness, your generosity, your tender heart. You worry too much about what they would do without you if you leave, you don’t worry about wondering if you are well. You stay too long because you think it’s the right thing to do. You feel it is your duty to save them.


You are stubborn. You don’t like to admit your mistakes. You hate the idea of ​​abandoning the people in whom you have invested your energy. You hate the possibility of wasting so much time with the wrong person. Of course, you don’t consider yourself a failure. You consider yourself a fighter. This is why you will do everything in your power to make the bad relationship work. You will make sacrifices. You will get more involved. You will do everything you can to save your relationship. But in the end, you will have to face the fact that there is nothing you can do. True love is beyond your control. You can’t force it. You cannot change reality.


You always see the best of people. You have a kind, tender and tolerant heart. Give a second chance because you sincerely believe that people can change, improve, learn from their mistakes. Unfortunately, sometimes you are too kind. Sometimes from too many possibilities. Let people step on you because you think it is part of the process. You trust that in the end everything will be fine, that they will see the error, that they will grow up to treat you as you deserve. But not everyone is in love like you. You have to understand that certain relationships are a lost cause, which is difficult for you, because you never want to lose hope. You never want to give up love.


You get attached easily. Once someone has a place in your heart, you will never want to take it away. You want them to stay forever. You don’t know the meaning of temporary, which is why all of your relationships get so serious, even when you’re with the wrong partner. You are the person in love with the idea of ​​love, so you want every relationship to be resolved. It kills you when you realize you have to break again. This is why you don’t usually separate. You continue the relationship for too long. You continue to pretend that in the end, it could work when, after all, you know there is no possibility.


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