Signs That Make The Mistake Of Ruining Their Present By Remembering The Past

Signs That Make The Mistake Of Ruining Their Present By Remembering The Past

There is nothing that can hurt you more than your own thoughts, there comes a time when they break you, they make you wonder over and over if you are in the right place. Sometimes turning to the past becomes the most masochistic act, the one that overwhelms you, the one that takes much more than your breath. There are zodiac signs that make the mistake of ruining their present by remembering the past. You are giving away for wanting to trust something that does not exist again:

1.- Aries 

Turning the page, it is easy to write, but it is more than a duel. It is looking at yourself in the mirror and discovering that the cracks in your soul are noticeable on your face, dark circles and sad eyes. Aries, feeling disappointed causes lumps to form in your throat. They are the ones who do not let you trust, your fussy part that is only looking for some pretext not to enjoy.

It’s not easy … it makes you lose your head, everything hurts, that nostalgia becomes your best company. You are a funny soul but every time you go back to the past you can see the bitterness in your actions. It seems that you are but in reality, it is not like that, there is a part of you that does not let go of ghosts, it is you who is forming your own ordeal.

2.- Gemini 

Your mind is that cluster of thoughts in which you can lose yourself and it is that the truth that you have lived everything. You are the one who is carried away until the tears are present, there is a part of you that makes the mistake of idealizing, you focus only on the positive and you are not able to accept that things were not as good or bad as your extreme brain makes you believe it.

You really forget everything and everyone when you take a look at the memories in your heart. It is enough to dust a little so that the laughter or the tears are present. Deep down you know that it is not healthy, that all you are doing is ruining your beautiful present.

3.- Virgo 

The problem is that when things don’t go your way you feel like you lose control and that’s when you’re desperate for shelter, you want something safe, something that reminds you how much they can love you. The past is your comfort, it is the way to flee from your reality because you are not prepared to deal with failure.

In addition, behind a perfectionist soul hides a sign that honors feelings, that can be lost in a sea of ​​tears and that hates to stagnate. Virgo clings to what one day made him feel the most special person in the world because he is terrified of accepting that he has to give up his vulnerable part again to love in the present.

4.- Pisces 

The sign that caresses antiquity is the soul that is lost in a world that only exists in its head. Pisces is the sign that when things go wrong, it does not understand reasons and immerses itself in its alternate reality, it is where it can do whatever it wants without a bit of fear. In addition, it is a very dedicated sign, even when he does not want to be with someone, it is difficult for him to say goodbye.

Pisces is the one who creates a unique, deep bond, that’s when he becomes the most unconditional being, the one who will do whatever is in his power to take care of you, protect you and love you. The problem is that they do not know how to deal with nostalgia, when it appears they forget everything and travel to the past.


Signs That Make The Mistake Of Ruining Their Present By Remembering The Past

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