Signs That Have Other Priorities Before Engaging In A Relationship

Sometimes we may meet someone, like each other, and the relationship can flow without even thinking about it. Other times, things are not so easy, and you have to fight to get the relationship out. Others, we find ourselves in more or less stable relationships but there is something that prevents us from moving forward. The other person wants but we… don’t. BECAUSE WE HAVE OTHER PRIORITIES TO WHICH WE WANT TO GIVE IMPORTANCE INSTEAD OF LAUNCHING OURSELVES. This can happen to anyone but there are signs that are more likely to not jump headfirst after a yes or yes relationship. Are you one of those signs that have other priorities before committing to a relationship?


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He is the eternal adolescent of the Zodiac, that person with a young mind and always eager to enjoy life, to take advantage of every moment and to worry only about what is truly important. Their desire to experiment is usually above a serious attitude and very focused on the day and always doing the same things. Of course, Geminis will jump into a relationship and live it intensely! But that will be if it is a top mega cool relationship because if it is not, there will be times when he will prefer to continue enjoying his life to the fullest without committing himself thoroughly. Nor will it fool anyone because from the minute one Gemini makes it clear how independent he is and the amount of plans and things to do that he always has in hand. For Geminis, the day will come when they stay calm and settle with what they have, while they can, they will want EVERYTHING.


Everyone knows how emotional and sensitive he is, and that is why he has the reputation of being that “sufferer” for the love of the Zodiac. That is a bit like that but not exactly either. Cancer lives love deeply and those who are involved in relationships suffer more than those who take them less seriously. However, Cancer, despite being a gambler on love, sometimes has other priorities than committing to a relationship. And that’s when that relationship is going to negatively affect that other part of your life that is so important: your family. For Cancer, theirs come first, and they almost always act thinking that what they do will have a negative impact on all of them. Be careful, that does not mean that Cancer cannot live their stories, no. You will do your best to have them, but if making a deep commitment means having to put your other priorities aside, Well, he will think about it and take his time to have a relationship that may distance him from his family. Sometimes Cancer thinks if it is worth caring so much for others, but quickly convinces itself that it does not matter if it compensates or not. It is what you feel deep inside, period. There’s nothing more to speak of.


When it comes to talking about relationships and commitments, in Virgo’s head to types of thoughts begin to spin: what it costs you to get emotionally involved and your need for order and keeping your obligations up to date. Virgo is a mental sign and someone very hard working. When love appears in your life, new worries also appear because Virgo wants but cannot. Or he can but he doesn’t want to, you know. It will be a matter of the time of your life that is happening because as you have many responsibilities, projects, or are tired and burdened with a thousand stories, the most likely thing is that you prioritize having your life organized to fully committing yourself to a relationship. All this does not mean that Virgo goes from love relationships, no. But it is easy for him to always subordinate them to other priorities that are important to him. What’s more, Virgo is patient and believes that time is changing circumstances and that what cannot be today, maybe tomorrow. If there are pure and sincere feelings, they will prevail and the time will come when the relationship can become something important in the life of Virgo.


He takes love and relationships as seriously as everything else in his life. He is not someone who plays to see what happens, who jumps from bed to bed, or who gets too involved if he is not sure how he feels with a person. But while he finds that person who accompanies him in his life, Capricorn will focus a lot on his work, on shaping his future, on fulfilling his obligations, on having his life organized and stable. Therefore, sometimes, as he is in an important stage in which his future is being worked on, Capricorn will prioritize him over that person he has met. And that you may like it very much, and seem ideal of death, but the relationship will have to wait for Capricorn to move forward with its themes. If it’s time to be 100% focused on something, this sign will be 200%. It’s your future And there is no better justification than that to park loves, dates and exchanges of beautiful words. And so if you decide to focus, you don’t think you are being selfish. Moreover, whoever understands that will wait for him and support him, whoever does not understand it, it is clear that he was not someone with whom Capricorn wants to be the rest of his life.


A relationship with someone interesting that you like a lot, is a wonderful adventure that you have to live. Of course. But it will never be something that becomes the engine of your life. The life of Aquarius is full of many projects, of many interesting things to bet on, and this sign does not want to leave anything aside. And above all, you want to be free to move here or there without having to explain yourself to anyone. Your time, your space, your things … they are your life, everything that complements this life, welcome. Anything that wants to drag you and subordinate you and constrain you, you don’t even want to smell it. A relationship with a lot of commitment is usually that, at least that’s how Aquarius sees it. So,

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