Although Cancer generally has an unpredictable mood, when it comes to reading the one in front of them, things change. He is someone who connects to energies on a higher level and can detect bad intentions on the first impression. Really, never doubt when a Cancer tells you they don’t like something about a person, maybe they’re not sure what it is yet, but time will tell. he was right. Her sensitivity allows her to uncover true intentions, even when they attempt to disguise it with lots of pretty words. It’s a sign whose face we rarely see, on the contrary, it pretends not to know to see how far they are capable of going.


Of course, Pisces must be in the first places. People often portray him as a very weak sign, someone who falls for manipulation, but… the truth is, he realizes everything and never lets them into his life to mock his emotions. You’re very worried about being in bad company and that’s why you can get a little intense at first, because you want to figure out what the other person’s goals are. Pisces, you are tired of being the bag you throw all your unhealed emotions into. He will no longer make himself available to anyone, if someone wants a place in his life, he will have to prove by deeds that he deserves it. The other person doesn’t have to say much, Pisces scans him and realizes how trustworthy he is.


Don’t be guided by what you see on the outside, because although Libra seems scattered and always immersed in its own world, it is a sign that perceives everything around it. The fact that he doesn’t always have a smile on his face has a lot to do with the people he’s with. There are those who give it confidence and others who dull its shine. This is when his level of empathy takes over the situation and he is able to show that he has a knack for discovering people who are only there to steal the calm and poise. Libra has no problem putting themselves in other people’s shoes, as their sad and happy side is very malleable. He would never dare to judge the life of someone he doesn’t know. To perceive the feelings, because it honors the wounds, as simple as that.


Few are able to realize Taurus’ talent for dealing with emotions, as most see him as a fool, one who loses his mind when things don’t go his way. However, he knows very well how to differentiate fakes from real ones and does not need to think about it too much. Just because he doesn’t hug and love everyone doesn’t mean his sensitivity isn’t well developed. When Taurus doesn’t like someone’s presence, they don’t do it with the intention of hurting them, something just tells them that this person is not trustworthy and that it is better do not waste time. That’s why he doesn’t show his vulnerable side with anyone, he’d rather be the villain in the story than become its victim.


There is no doubt that Virgo has one eye here and a thousand on one side. In truth, it may seem that he is very focused on his activities and he is, because he is a perfectionist, but he has time to know if the person next to him is someone who can bring good or bad things in his life. They are a very empathetic sign, but they also use their logical side and when it comes to drawing conclusions, they are rarely wrong. While the others are on the Moon, Virgo doesn’t miss any strange gestures or attitudes. This is how you can determine if someone is lying without fear of being wrong. If he shows you his cold side, you don’t trust him and he has no intention of pretending to be something he isn’t. Precisely, it is the hypocritical people that he does not tolerate.


The reason Scorpio is often portrayed as not being very sweet and mysterious is because they’ve met people along the way who have disappointed them in the worst possible way. However, it has helped him become more sensitive, as he now pays attention to every behavior around him. He is an expert at detecting those who lie, those who say they love him with all their being and who at the first opportunity use what he once told them against him. Scorpio and their intuition are one, don’t ask them to smile at someone who makes them feel uncomfortable. The types of people who only muffle their footsteps prefer to push them away. Call it intense if you will, but it saved him from several falls.


Sometimes cold and emotionless, but other times the sweetest being on this planet. That’s the personality of a Gemini and only people who truly decide to get into his heart find that there is no evil in him, he just wears the dark coat once in a while because he doesn’t want to allow anyone to hurt her. It is a very empathetic, courageous and noble sign. This is the reason why you can tell if someone is honest. Although this is synonymous with losing people you consider valuable, because there are some who generally seem very good. However, Gemini, they don’t make a fool of themselves. He has a special radar to detect negative feelings and as soon as he perceives them closely he moves away, because he doesn’t want to be contaminated by the bad vibes of others.


Fakes are like that, like empty shells, once you crack them open you realize they have nothing good to offer and they’re probably only coming near you to drain some energy. Leo is a sign that never stops, likes to be the center of attention, but for real merits. That is why he strives every day to improve himself and will not allow anyone to interfere with his independence. When he wants something, he goes out and fights to get it, whether others like him or not. This helped him to perceive feelings before others because he senses envy first. Those people who are embarrassed by their genius all the time and want to fill them with fear so that they don’t keep moving forward with their dreams. These are the ones you want to remove from your life.


Aquarius is one of those people who don’t get angry anymore, don’t waste time on it, because it’s synonymous with giving their energy to someone who isn’t worth it. He prefers to observe, analyze every detail and then leave. He doesn’t want to be disappointed before his time anymore and that’s why he always listens to his heart, when he tells him that it is not good to let certain people in. You may have a hard time accepting this, but you know it’s better to draw a line before mixing feelings. Aquarius is very clear that not everyone knows how to love in a healthy way and even if they love someone, that’s not enough of a reason to let them into their life. And it is that there are many emotional piranhas able to promise the sky and the stars as long as they cuddle in the arms of someone who resolves their life. Definitely, Aquarius will no longer be anyone’s savior.


True connections aren’t always about the people you’ve known your whole life, but about the people who show you they’re with you through thick and thin. Capricorn is a sign that puts the people they love first and is therefore very selective in showing their vulnerable side. Many people can boast of knowing him, but those who really become his friends are few. He is a person who is always involved in his own problems and the last thing he wants is to burden others. His empathetic side is exclusive, only the person who gives him a good feeling wins. Moreover, he is very intolerant in these cases, it is enough that something does not suit him for him to move away.


With Sagittarius things are more than obvious, he discovers everything, but that’s not why he’s going to shout it from the rooftops. There is information that you prefer to keep so as not to get involved in gossip, this is what you hate the most. However, his sensitivity always keeps him alert and away from bad company. Sometimes he is silent because there are those who do not trust when he perceives bad energies, but deep down he is sure that something bad can happen. Sagittarius doesn’t want worries or dramas, even if it hurts, he prefers his peace, before getting into trouble with the people he loves. He will only tell them once, if they don’t want to understand, it’s up to them. Anyway, with time, they will understand that I was not mistaken.


Aries isn’t going to deny it, they don’t like to feel overwhelmed by certain people’s company, because they know that means they’re not to be trusted, no matter how much they smile. It is a sign as sensitive as it is intense, which has helped him to set limits to those who only try to come into his life to send him their bad vibes. He doesn’t like unnecessary worries and that’s the reason why he prefers to end before trying to discover his weak points. Aries is not there to tolerate anyone’s impulses, it is already complicated enough to deal with theirs. It is the sign that knows to be very careful because there are those who hug you today and push you with the same force tomorrow.


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