The Moon in Virgo takes place in your zodiac sign, so forgiveness is personal to you.
If there’s one zodiac sign that can hold a grudge, it’s you, Virgo, but you’re suffering right next to that grudge. You may have felt that at some point your “hate” gave you a kind of throbbing power; you savored this burning feeling, because you believed that it gave you life.
Alas, the power of hate eventually devours the host alive, and that’s where you are right now.
The Moon in the feminine sign of Virgo really activates your desire to make a difference, and you’ve decided that not only are you no longer holding this enemy in place, but you’re also bored to tears even thinking about their .
Forgiveness comes to you without you even trying. You are about to let go of this so-called enemy simply because his memory and his wickedness no longer entertain you. You forgive them because they no longer have a fascination with you.


The Moon in Virgo puts your beliefs under scrutiny.
You are about to let go of someone in your life because you have realized that you have no use for them on any level. You used this person as a muse; they hurt you very badly and the pain they caused became an artistic inspiration for you.
You have dealt with this pain for all its worth and now you are being exploited.
It seems like that person has some value after all, but now that that well is empty, you feel like you don’t need to hold them back anymore. And so, you embrace them in your mind and push them on their way. This is how you deal with emotional pain; you make art out of it, and when it no longer gives you what you need, you move on. It’s time to forgive this executioner while thanking him for the pain he inflicted on you and that you knew how to transform into art.


The Moon in Virgo makes you see relationships in a new way.
It would be hard to consider what you are about to do as “forgiveness” because it’s not really something you do, but you will get rid of someone in your life who is bothering you.
And even though they’re more than just someone to annoy you, you’d rather not live day in and day out thinking about what that person did to you and how much you resent their very presence.
Because you can’t just “kill” them, you accept that they are there and that annoys you even more. So you make a deal with yourself:
If you can ignore this person forever, you can consider them “forgiven” and therefore part of your life. With the Virgo Moon at your back, you will find comfort in letting go. Your enemy will never change, so change is upon you.


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