What’s weird about this whole “crazy ex coming back” thing is that you predicted it. You knew it would happen, one day, but you didn’t know that day would be today.
It seems the stars have aligned for this moment, and although you want nothing to do with it, there is someone in your life who is unhappy with the way things have been going for this moment. the big break, and now they want a second chance.
As if! You’re not ready to give a second chance because you don’t feel like a game that needs to be played. You gave of your time to this cause a long time ago and that journey is over, as far as you are concerned.
Expect that person from your past to reach out to you during the Moon’s opposition to Mars. It’s okay because you’re emotionally distant enough from them that it’s not because they’re trying that they’re succeeding. You know who you are, Cancer.


The last thing you expected is about to happen, and that would be your ex trying to get back into your life. First of all, you are completely happy without them. Second, you don’t think about them at all, in fact, hearing them is both shocking and unnerving; that person was the very meaning of disappointment to you, and all things related to that person give you chills; you really don’t want anything to do with that crazy ex.
They will try and fail, thankfully, because you really don’t have time in your busy, fulfilling world to take a big step back. Go on and do what you’re doing, Leo. This person will try to upset things, but you will be so far from caring that their attempts will hardly be noticed.


When your crazy ex tries to come back, you’ll have a good laugh. You have always been aware of the idea that this person has not let go of you, and even if he turned out to be nothing but a crazy person who only thinks of himself, you know that you hold a special place in their madness.
This person is like your stalker, and you wouldn’t be surprised if they have a secret room covered in pictures they took of you. This surveillance is exactly why you made this person an “ex” – they are really crazy and you want nothing to do with them. Lunar opposition from Mars gives them this stupid idea that maybe, maybe they can bring you back into their life. They can’t, Virgo, and no one knows this truth as well as you.


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