Of course, Lion must not receive leftovers from anyone. She is a very dedicated woman to settle for someone who barely responds to her messages. He was not born to beg, he wants a romantic, loyal, passionate love, if they don’t give it to him, he prefers to remain single. She’s not picky, she just has the guts to say how she feels and she won’t let any detail slip. Your mental, physical and emotional health is at stake. His generosity is enormous, when he loves he gives everything and is capable of anything to put a smile on that person’s face. Your heart deserves all the attention in the world. Stop calling her crazy just because she has the pants to end whatever hurts her.


The Taurus woman was born to love, even if at first glance it is not noticeable. She is not one to waste affection, but when she promises fidelity it is serious, she does not like to play with the emotions of one and expects the same from the other. Of course, building something lasting is in his plans and that’s why he leaves at the first negative signs. She likes to be held firmly by the hand, to be introduced to others and not to be hidden. He hates hanging out with insecure people, those who want today and not tomorrow. She is light, positive, tender, it is she who is unleashed from time to time and likes to be given her place. It’s funny, people dare to call it possessive just to set limits and not allow them to treat it like another piece of furniture. I am sorry,


It’s very admirable when a woman knows what she wants, but few recognize what they don’t want. Scorpio is one of them, because life has taught him with strong jolts that there are those who do not even deserve to be at the entrance to his door, because they are people who break, lie and betray. Now she knows it’s not worth ignoring or humiliating, let alone having them pay attention to her only once in a while. She’s passionate, she wants a love that can unchain any chain, someone who doesn’t run away when her emotional lows hit her. She’s not strict, she’s conscious and she’s no longer going to let her good side end up imploring these crazy loves that only fill her with fears, anxieties and lots of tears.


There’s a lesson Cancer learned the hard way, if she’s not able to see her full worth, she’ll end up attracting people who either. And that’s why for a while he decided to uproot this ghost from his life, the one who allowed humiliation and mistreatment. Now he prefers to be careful, telling his heart over and over again not to get carried away so quickly because there are many who pretend, but in reality they only see the opportunity to unload their wounds on others. She is no longer the one to trust, the cracks remind her that she gave her all and was torn to pieces. Cancer, who no longer risks as before, wants to feel safe, to get to know the person and to discover that their qualities correspond to their own. She doesn’t need attention,


It’s simple, now the only pain a Pisces woman is willing to accept is her stomach, and after she’s been made to laugh out loud. She is a woman who has believed too much, because her kindness has led her to place her hopes in people who no longer have a cure. Over time, she realized that she can’t be anyone’s savior and that if she wants to help someone, she has to get well first. People say she’s become selfish, because nothing seems to her, but the reality is that she doesn’t want to become anyone’s doll. The one that they only exhibit in front of others and that they end up locking up between four walls. She doesn’t want to be a woman of appearances, she wants real love, to be shown with facts that they will be by her side, come hell or high water. If they can’t, let them go.


The woman who does not want to guess the feelings of the other. Gemini, you are tired of being the one who always seeks, the one who justifies, the one who waits. She doesn’t want to be part of a relationship that only exists in her imagination, as she is adept at adorning each other’s flaws. She no longer wants to be the one demanding attention or being given space in her schedule. He wants to be shown from the start what the intentions are. If this person is looking for something serious or to go out, say so. She doesn’t care if they call her intense, she’s not going to stay with someone who barely gives her half the love she deserves. She is there to turn the world upside down, so that person goes crazy with her occurrences. She’s here to have fun


The Capricorn woman is very clear about this, she is no longer for these relationships that remain in many beautiful messages. She wants something more than the superficial, she is looking for a deep connection, someone who is willing to follow her and who does not judge her when she fights for her goals. She won’t fall in love with anyone anymore, she wants attention, patience and love. You deserve a partner who can plan a whole life by your side, but who doesn’t dream everything, who shows you by actions that you are taking big or small steps to get there. Now, whenever someone tries to get on your love list, you first wonder if that person is really contributing to your days in any way. If not, it will go away. He wants a stable relationship, where trust is not required, it shows. It’s not that complicated, but few are prepared


Yes, she’s a complicated woman, but there’s no lie in her eyes. She’s the crazy one who can make you fall in love to the core and once you make her feel safe, she fulfills your loyalty for life. It is not easy for someone to take control of your heart and for this reason it is very difficult for you to let go. Before judging her, ask her who hurt her so much to make her so suspicious. Everything has a reason and Aries will no longer put themselves at anyone’s feet, their innocence is still intact, but their intuition keeps them awake. She is the woman who is called capricious only because she has learned not to be satisfied with someone who seeks her out when boredom appears in her days. She doesn’t want to be the replacement for anything,


The woman who wants a deep relationship, in which she can joke without filters, in which she does not feel pressured by her appearance or what she thinks. Someone who is able to fall in love with her flaws and understands that there are times when her hobbies rule her. Libra, she relies on tranquillity, she is already tired of putting an end to love affairs that stress her out and make her wonder every day if it is good to continue there. He wants honest hugs, endless loves, gentle caresses. A person capable of listening to all those dreams he’s been hiding for years, but also his wounds. Someone who doesn’t overwhelm her, who motivates her and reminds her that she’s not alone. A love that doesn’t want her perfect, that recognizes her demons and doesn’t judge them.


The Virgo woman is perhaps the hardest to impress of the entire zodiac, as she is not one of those who get carried away with looks or money. She’s self-sufficient, she doesn’t wait for the prince to arrive promising a castle, she wants something more than the cute story she grew up with as a child. An intelligent love who is able to win over your mind, someone you can look up to and become one more reason to keep going. Virgo stays with whoever fills them with power and love, they don’t want a controller or someone who has to take care of other arms. What he hates the most is the lack of loyalty, living with the insecurity that his partner leaves to someone else at all times is the worst. You want facts not a person who explains himself all the time to justify his absences. For this, it is better to be alone.


Sagittarius, you’ve realized that when you let beautiful people into your life, everything changes. Your thoughts are healing and those who desire to be better at everything, compare to nothing. It’s the kind of love she deserves, the kind that renews her and doesn’t come with the intention of breaking her wings. She doesn’t like those who smother her and want to dominate her 24 hours a day. If you’re going to be with someone, it’s to live in peace, not to have another reason for stress. She wants them to let her live, but at the same time show her that she has an important corner in the other’s life. She doesn’t want to be possessive or absorb anyone’s energy, she just makes her priorities clear from the start and won’t compromise on any of them. If that sounds like overkill,


There are many storms for which Aquarius is definitely grateful, because thanks to them he has learned that life is not rosy and that many people arrive showing good intentions when they have none. She is a practical woman, who listens a lot to her logical side and rarely gets carried away by pretty words. She loves the loves that encourage her to commit madness, but those that are healthy, those that remind her that every moment is worth it. She doesn’t want to end up in the arms of someone who fills her with bitterness and who isn’t able to respect her essence. She wants to commit, to truly love, to indulge herself, not to have to worry about the loyalty of the person who claims to love her. If they don’t give it the attention it deserves, it turns the page and sometimes tears it up,


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