How Retrograde Mercury Will Affect You On September 27th According To Your Sign

How Retrograde Mercury Will Affect You On September 27th According To Your Sign

On September 27, Mercury will begin to retrograde in the sign of Libra, and being the planet in charge of communication, we can expect the odd little problem in this area. It feels as if your mind is not thinking so clearly and you are more “inward”, which can lead to misunderstandings when expressing yourself. Plus, Retro Mercury is notorious for bringing your exes back, demanding pending conversations, or just meeting them by chance. Being Libra is such a sign related to relationships, probably, this time more than ever, you see them with those people who were in your life.

We live this process three times a year and it is perfect to reset your mind, to do the cleaning by removing everything that does not work. Let’s stop being scared by retro Mercury and see it as a unique opportunity to improve, and more this year, that happens in signs related to communication.

You can even make your own in technology by leaving us without a mobile phone or messing up the networks for a while. In this phase in which the planet instead of moving forward, goes back to our life, having patience and paying close attention to each message, contract, is very important.

This year, in addition, the retrogradation occurs in air signs, so it can be even more intense since the air tells us about very mental energy and related to communication.

Keep in mind that when you will feel its effects the most will be two days before the retrograde begins, and two days after the end of 10/18.


Mercury Retrograde comes to test you in your relationships, you will feel that things are not going as fast as you would like, even though you urgently need something from another person. If you are starting a relationship, arm yourself with patience and keep in mind that ghosts may come from your past. Now is the time to think if it is really worth it to continue dragging in your heart those people who hurt you or did not fit with your vision of life.

Take time to meditate on it alone, Aries, write your conclusions in a notebook that only you can read, and when that person introduces you, do not hesitate to read your notebook before making any decisions. Having a clear mind will be difficult, so you have to prepare. For a month, hold the reins of your personality, do not take paths that you do not know if they are convenient or not in a hasty way. This is not the time to jump into the void, but to reflect. On the other hand, take a breath before slamming the mobile against the ground because it has been trapped, with retro Mercury the technology gives the odd little problem …


Taurus, with Mercury retrograde you will feel more self-absorbed than normal, but you don’t have to shut yourself up. It is an internal review period, so it is perfect for you to talk to someone who can really help you, calmly. There are things in your life that are not quite right and relationships that you may not understand where they are going. And if we add to this that coincidences occur to you on a daily basis reminding you of people from the past, the month is getting complicated.

Use your moments alone to take care of yourself and ask yourself the necessary questions, those that hurt a little. But do it from the love of yourself and knowing that these moments are for that, to heal and come back much better. The day-to-day will get a bit long if you don’t let yourself flow and accept things as they come. That includes being patient with people who do not reply to messages (always check if yours have arrived), be patient with projects that do not finish coming out, use that extra time to improve them.


Gemini, you were gaining strength and now retro Mercury arrives to make you a little nervous. If you are one of those people who have technology integrated into their life, and being a Gemini it is most likely, you may suffer from despair with network drops, damaged appliances … And of course, if the family is involved, there may be some that another discussion in which to make yourself understood will be a little more difficult than usual. Breathe, Gemini, and calm down.

Be patient and before getting angry with the world, understand that sometimes life goes at a different pace, necessary to reset itself and that we have a better version two weeks later. The great test that is presented to you is to improve even more the way you have to communicate with the people who are closest to you, the ones you love the most. Sometimes they have a lot of patience with you, and that is not always fair, look at yourself and realize how many times you have passed over the feelings of others.


Mercury retrograde will help you perfect the way you communicate with your people, with those you love most. Because of your character, sometimes you lose your nerves a bit and it is difficult for others to understand what you want to convey. In this period it will not be easier, it is a perfect time to do things calmly and sophisticate your relationships. For starters, keep in mind that no matter how hard you try, there are things that keep pace, and it’s not worth drowning in anxieties.

Instead of getting angry, see if you can’t do better, as life forces you to take enough time. And with regard to the people of the past who can return, you already have things clear in your heart, Cancer, you know who really gives you that feeling of home, and who is only to take advantage of how good you are. Love is infinite, but you cannot take care of everyone, you have to be clear about this, and not everyone has the right to stay in your life. There are people much more interesting and fulfilling, who really deserve that you give them one hundred percent.


Intense days are coming and you, Leo, should start preparing to have a little patience. Mercury retrograde invites you to review the way you communicate. The people next to you may feel that sometimes you don’t listen to them, and these days you will see that maybe sometimes they are right. So putting a little more interest in what they are wanting to say will not go wrong. It is being patient, asking questions if you do not understand them, accepting that not everyone thinks the same and that your opinions can change. You are not always right.

You will have to breathe several times to keep your nerves, especially with late payments, lost emails and cell phones that suddenly stop working properly. Do not pay with others, on the contrary, understand the situation and try to have more affection moments with people, making an effort to understand each one of them. On the other hand, Retro Mercury brings you back to those people who feel they still have the right to speak to you. It is time to make the decision if you want to continue listening or if you prefer to end that topic once and for all.


You know in advance that communication is not going to be fluid these days, so to avoid bad times, make sure you call after sending an important email, that they give you the “ok” to the messages you send, and look at eyes at people when you speak, to see if they are understanding you. Yes, Virgo, we know that sometimes the latter costs you a little more, but it is time to gain strength in yourself and trust that Mercury retrograde will help you improve the way you share with others, which will change how you see the world. And if things happen like the internet goes down, relax. It will be time to make coffee and chat with the person next to you, honestly ask how they are doing and create a real connection.

On the other hand, Virgo, retro Mercury brings you back to that person who is always there, even if you don’t want it to be that way. Perhaps the planet of communication wants to tell you that you need a good conversation, deep and real, in which you can finally express how necessary it is for you to close chapters and cut that bond. Even if it is painful. Come on, cheer up, it’s time to do it, the perfect opportunity.


From the beginning of your season, Libra, comes the opportunity to review with Mercury Retrograde your way of communicating with others. On the one hand, it will bring out your more introspective side, which will allow you to have your ideas clearer if you can focus on asking yourself the right questions. Once you know what you really need in your life, it will be time to try to communicate it. As we know that communication with retro Mercury is not usually fluid, arm yourself with patience, write it down before saying it if necessary, and talk with the other person lovingly. Better always in person, there may be misunderstandings by message.

Those people who have been giving you problems may come back into your life, especially this last month, so it would be great if you already had a clear idea of ​​what you are going to allow them and what you are not. Don’t let them play with you. Remember how good relationships are for you, do not despair if something does not go well or takes longer than usual, it allows you to improve a little more, know how to listen better and not get caught up in people who do not deserve it.


Mercury retrograde will affect you, bringing you even in dreams people with whom you have to heal and finish issues. It is time to ask yourself the necessary questions, even if they are painful, and to steel yourself to do what your heart is telling you. Enough of overlooking important conversations. Communicating what you really want to say may be difficult, but not impossible. Find the best way to do it, write it down or try it out first. But do it. And try it in person, because we know that retro Mercury does his thing and can crash the router at the worst moment.

Imagine being in an important conversation and suddenly stop answering … It is also not necessary to force things, be patient and let them flow, the conversations will arrive when they have to arrive, you worry about being prepared. At times like this you know that the best thing for you is to be able to meditate a little every day, to be able to be moment by moment and to be more aware of the words you use. Many times people see you as mysterious because they cannot understand you.


Sagi, the way Mercury retrograde affects you is very important to you. In case you have a problem when communicating, and if we add to this the lack of fluency and the limitations of this period, the result can be explosive. You can lose relationships if you don’t focus on how you approach others. To begin with, you should think before you speak if what you are going to say is going to hurt the other person, and more importantly if it really is necessary to say it. Try to speak more calmly and really listen, not like you usually do. Keep in mind that your messages will not be read as you are thinking them, so check them. In general, you should review anything, contracts, purchases …

Before jumping into the pool, and thinking that everything is fine. Retro Mercury is going to slow things down, so don’t despair if you don’t immediately have things the way you like them. It is a perfect time to reflect and share moments with very small groups of people, which allow you to connect in a deeper way with them. It’s a wonderful opportunity for your honesty to find a healthier way to show itself.


Mercury retrograde will help you change outdated mental patterns that do not allow you to access the best way to relate. It is time to observe when communication stops being fluid and give yourself the opportunity to try other ways of doing things. For example, looking at what type of person you have in front of you, what are the new ways of communicating in society or what physical instruments you have to repair or replace, such as your mobile or laptop. Do not despair if the emails do not arrive or if the calls do not take you, when you manage to speak, do it with great attention and really listening to what the other person wants to tell you.

Perhaps a job opportunity will come your way, but please, read the contract well and ask all the questions you need, so that there are no unnecessary scares. And if the opportunity does not finish materializing, if it is postponed or remains in a stalemate, do not panic, use that time to further improve your idea. As for the people who are no longer in your life, they can reappear and you will have to have clear ideas so as not to fall into manipulations because deep down you are a sensitive person, and if you have not thought about it beforehand, the Guilt can make you make wrong decisions.


Mercury retrograde invites you to change from the depths, Aquarius, and to begin with, you will be presented with situations and people from the past that you have not yet overcome. Try to put your feet on the ground and be clear about what you want in your life before you start talking and lose the opportunity to make a change in the way you relate to them. Relax and be patient if the messages do not flow, if your phone breaks down or you lose connection. See it as a new opportunity to rethink and analyze if you are saying what you really think and in a way that does not hurt others.

If you are starting a relationship, things will not go as fast as you would like, and there may be some misunderstanding. Especially when it comes to love, try to talk and make things clear before starting to do anything. Take into account what the other person tells you, give them space to express themselves, and ask any questions that are necessary. It is very important for you not to overlook anything the other person says. Finally, changing the subject, if you have to do any paperwork, do not forget to read the fine print and do not sign anything without reviewing it a thousand times, especially if it is related to inherited money.


Retro Mercury arrives and you, Pisces, you have just had a revelation after the full Moon in your sign, you start a new stage and it is very important that you pay attention to your relationships. There is someone who could come into your world, but it is not going to flow as well as you would like. You will have to be a little patient and take care that your messages are clear and express what you really want to say. And in the event that there are a few bad vibes due to a misunderstanding, feel free to meet in person and give each other the opportunity to say what you think, listening to each other, without prejudging.

It is a period in which unforeseen events occur with technology, so do not start eating your head if you cannot get in touch with the other person, it can happen, it does not mean that they do not care. Also, do not be scared by the coincidences that bring your ex back. You know perfectly what you deserve, Pisces, so focus on looking for it and don’t let yourself be manipulated.


How Retrograde Mercury Will Affect You On September 27th According To Your Sign

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