The Pleasure That Brushes The Hair Of Every Sign

The Pleasure That Brushes The Hair Of Every Sign

They say that when you wear the sun inside, it doesn’t matter if it’s raining outside. There are moments in life that we would like to save, pause, and enjoy forever. Those moments in which our senses are put to the test and we can delight ourselves in an incredible way. After all the bad, the Earth reminds you why every second is worth it. Each zodiac sign has a pleasure that bristles beyond the skin:

1.- Aries

Yes, you are a crazy soul, the one who often wonders if you are on the right track. But even though doubts shake your thoughts, you don’t stop moving forward. Your warrior spirit is the one that takes control, the one that does not let you lower your guard after a disappointment. However, behind that great shell there is a heart full of goodness, sensitivity and even fragility. Aries, you love the pleasure of enjoying everything natural, you get lost in the swaying of the sea, in the green of the grass. But what you love the most is autumn, enjoying those dry leaves that have completed their cycle and now have to leave. Walking on them reminds you that in life you have to say goodbye and move on. And even if it is the last time you can have a beautiful landscape.

2.- Taurus

Taurus, there are many who judge you and few who have dared to investigate the depths of your being. You know that not everything is perfect these days, that sometimes you just have to wipe your tears and move on. You like to work hard for what you want, but that doesn’t mean that you are a materialistic being, you also immerse yourself in the little things. For example, you love the smell of freshly made sandwiches, especially when they have a natural mixture, how about a little apple, strawberry, pineapple? They are the flavors that take you back to childhood, that make you remember the soft hands of your grandmother cooking in the middle of the day, just to draw a smile on your face and that takes you to the end.

3.- Gemini

Gemini, the truth is that you have long understood that no matter how hard you try to have the approval of those around you, it will never be enough. Sometimes, you just have to be brave and show your true essence, whoever likes it, go ahead and whoever doesn’t, too. You are a difficult soul to tame, perhaps the most complicated of the entire zodiac, but the one that is most worth it. You are the one who enjoys taking a trip back in time , you love when you rewatch those shows from your childhood. It’s like suddenly nothing matters, it’s you connecting with your inner child. This is exactly when you feel peace, when you value the beauty of life and want to go back to those years. To feel the tranquility again when you get home from school and throw yourself on the couch seeing what you liked the most.

4.- Cancer

If people who really want to win your heart were to pay a little attention, they would realize that you don’t need much. Cancer, you are luminosity, the type of person who hooks you just by transmitting a smile. You love the simple, what really fills you in every way. Your greatest pleasure is receiving everything you give, because you don’t think about it for a second when it comes to shaking hands with the other. You lose yourself in the sincerity of a gentle caress on your face. In the warmth of the arms that promised you to be through thick and thin. You love when they kiss your forehead out of nowhere when not only your skin bristles but also your heart and that does not compare.

5.- Leo

Yes, Leo may not be the most romantic being in this world, but that does not mean that he is not sweet, dedicated and passionate. It is a sign that when he loves, he does not hesitate to show himself as is, he really loves transparency in everything, but there are certain pleasures that give him back his energy. Those moments when you think it is no longer possible for something to go wrong, after having a bad day, but… just when you think you have lost hope, you find yourself in for a surprise. For example, when someone cooked their favorite dish or when they suddenly find money that they no longer had. Leo loves when life takes him out of context, ignoring all kinds of problems and simply reminding him that there is always a new opportunity to be better.

6.- Virgo

Perhaps for the rest of Virgos, it is too exaggerated in terms of plans, but the truth is that being meticulous is the only way in which he has learned to value everything that he has achieved in life. Despite the fact that he seems very cold and that he always gives priority to work, inside he is like anyone else, he also loses himself in the simplicity of things. Especially after a long day. Virgo madly loves the softness of his bed, the cold side of the pillow, the way the air comes in through the window in the middle of the night. So subtle what an unexpected caress. That is what keeps Virgo smiling, the way he recharges energy to continue. It is so, such a perfectly imperfect sign.

7.- Libra

Libra, you don’t need to have all the material fortune in the world, you prefer the spiritual one. The one that fills you with calm, that gives you back the desire to move forward. You are synonymous with charm and simplicity, so for someone or something to surprise you, it really needs to connect with your heart. Because you always see beyond, more than gifts, you see the intention. It is your intuition that guides you, the one that keeps you with the right people. Those who know what makes you smile. For example, an unexpected walk in which you open the window in the middle of the road to enjoy the wind in your face. As you listen to your favorite song over and over again, it’s you and nothing else. You are there losing yourself in your thoughts and filling yourself with good vibes, there is nothing better.

8.- Scorpio

Sometimes, they think that the fire that runs through Scorpio’s body is synonymous with going against the clock. No, they are not in a hurry, it is just that they feel in a passionate way, they do not know any other way to surrender and when they like something or someone, it shows in the brightness of their eyes. However, that doesn’t mean they get ahead of themselves, they really enjoy the process. Something they love above anything else is to enjoy every moment alongside those they appreciate. That is, a slow kiss, in which you can clearly feel the breath of the other person, in which you can try to decipher their way of perceiving life. A kiss that invites you to everything and nothing. Scorpio could go hours like this without complaining. A kiss that runs to the tip of his foot as if there was no tomorrow.

9.- Sagittarius

Sagittarius, stick with everything that tests your soul and shakes your heart. Stay with those who are not scared of your roots and have the courage to reap something new by your side. Stay with those who do not demand you, do not change you, do not try to put chains on you. You are special and you know it. You recognize that the essence, the vibe, the customs, are important. That is why you love so much that person who is capable of living the present without fear.

Your greatest pleasure is to dare, to break with your own fears , to play with the present and let go of the past. You love when you can travel and simply be you in the middle of a new place, of traditions, colors, dishes, smells. That’s when you ironically come back to yourself, when you become a stranger, but at the same time you remember why you are here.

10.- Capricorn

Yes, maybe you forget everything because you lose yourself in your four walls and not precisely because you are locked up. It’s just that you have your own world, in which logic rules. Where your day-to-day is complicated, but you enjoy it. Capricorn, if there’s one thing you’re not afraid of, it’s hard work. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have feelings or that you can’t disconnect from responsibilities from time to time. There is something you love that makes your skin feel confused and comfortable at the same time. I’m talking about the aroma that comes off the pages of a new book. From the scent of wet earth, from the rain singing at the window. I speak of those things that you do not say to anyone, but that fill you with happiness and you just have to look at yourself to see it.

11.- Aquarius

Astrology knows very well what it does, that’s why it gave Aquarius that unique personality, because people are scared of his way of seeing life, but imagine if he said everything he thinks. That is why he prefers to be reserved and lose himself in his ideas, rather than invest energy and time in someone who does not try to understand him. It is the sign that finds something new in everything, it likes to put a different touch to everything and that is what distinguishes it from the rest.

However, she loves to take a look back at her childhood every now and then , because that’s where she embraces her roots and reminds her inner child that everything is fine. That is why when soap bubbles appear in your path, you do not miss the opportunity to blow hard or pop one. He loves to feel that everything is fine for a moment, no matter how fleeting it is.

12.- Pisces

A difficult sign to read, because just when you think that his character is at your feet, he surprises you with something else. It is like that, dreamy, intense and very resilient. He is the one who can take the strength in his hands and at the same time cry. That is why he loves magical sensations, those that cannot be bought with anything and in which he can be simply him, without fear of any prejudice.

Pisces freely enjoys silence , the way their thoughts stay still and they just lose themselves in nothingness. He loves to lie on the sand while gazing at the light of the stars and if at that moment someone special takes his hand, everything gets better. Yes, he’s a crazy romantic, but what harm does that do? Rather, it feeds your soul.


The Pleasure That Brushes The Hair Of Every Sign

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