What Each Sign Smells Like

What Each Sign Smells Like

There are smells that cling, that do not go away despite the years, the damage, the death. There are smells that mark you, that are carried in a corner of the heart, in the secrets of your memory, those that few know and that are activated when that peculiar aroma returns to you. Each zodiac sign has a way of staying forever when they appropriate some essence, but they give it a magical touch, the one that explodes with the scent of their skin. What do you think is yours?

1.- Aries

Aries, you are the one who has that strong smell, the one that does not warn, but comes in such a warlike way that it permeates each part of the other. People do not forget you, because your smell reminds them of the courage that is inside. You smell of fire, of the strength that is in the burning wood, that which is capable of filling your eyes with tears from so much burning. The smoke that burns your throat. You smell like wanting, not giving up, that you try even if you don’t know anything. You smell of courage, who dares to dance in the rain without fear of being turned off. You smell that union between fire and Earth, which scares, but also calms and gives heat.

2.- Taurus

A perfumed soul, a soul that embraces you and leaves you its aroma like a slow caress. Taurus, you smell of memories, of that fantasy that passed through our minds as we ran among the flowers and filled us with their scent. That soft smell, which is not cloying, but which invites you to want more. The smell that gives you a feeling of peace in your chest, that tells you that everything will be fine, even if the tears are present. You smell of elegance, of the sweet way in which you give yourself up in fear of being hurt. Sometimes you don’t even need to say a word, because your essence is art. It is the way you record yourself in another and it is appreciated.

3.- Gemini

They say that the sweetest happiness is the one that is shared, the one that gives you that feeling of pleasure at every moment. Gemini knows what I am talking about because it is the sign that does not make an effort to leave a mark on the other. It is the one that smells of temptation, that dessert that no matter what happens, you will always want to eat. You smell like you are not afraid of challenges or uncertainty. You smell how hard you work every morning, how you earn the admiration of the rest. You are that mix between sweet and fresh, which is capable of filling with life just by being present. That’s how you smell, made with love.

4.- Cancer

Just close your eyes to use your scent. You are that person who goes deep, not just skin to skin, you embrace emotions. Cancer, you are the one who has the gift of connecting on a spiritual level and that is why your smell is so indescribable that the closest thing would be magic. You have the gift of hypnotizing because in everything you do you put a touch of love and that’s when people find you in a lot of scents. In the essence of fresh bread, in scented flowers, in wet earth, in peppermint. You smell of moments that are not forgotten, that is filled with dust, but never go away.

5.- Leo

Leo, you are that madness that is capable of recording countless memories. You are art and that is the reason why it is very easy to distinguish yourself from the rest. There are many people who have come into your life desperate to fill you with bitterness, but you have stood firm. You are sweet, from the side they see you, you have that scent that reassures, that cravings, that fills with energy. You smell the way you hug, so sweet, so passionate, so strong. You smell of balance, harmony, and peace. You are like that perfect cake, with that smooth consistency, that when breaking it impregnates that melodious aroma, that all you want is to stay in the kitchen.

6.- Virgo

Virgo, your motto is clear, less is more. You are not here to prove your worth to anyone, because you faithfully trust your steps and how hard you work every day to fulfill your dreams. You are simplicity and therefore your smell is not forgotten, it does not annoy, but it stays there, remembering that you marked a before and after in that person’s life. Because you know that despite the bad times, life is a party and you have to fill yourself with perfume to face it. Your perfume is your roots, that smell of your grandmother, as strong and sweet as cinnamon. They say that cinnamon bites and kisses at the same time, curious right? Just like Virgo.

7.- Libra

Libra, your scent is the rapture, the one who does not follow the rules but wants to love. Because freedom is the oxygen of the soul and you smell like that. With firm steps, with goals, with how much you want to fulfill the dreams that one day you promised yourself as a child. You smell the aroma that dry leaves give off when the wind makes them dance. You smell the big trees clinging to the side of the road. The smell of the rebels, of those who do not mind losing everything as long as they follow their instincts. You smell the swaying of a seemingly calm river, but when they put it to the test it becomes overwhelming.

8.- Scorpio

Scorpio is the sign that has that smell of an old soul, the one that learned that it is not going to take anything physical from this world and that the only thing it can embrace is its spirit until the last goodbye, they are all those memories in which it loved the life. Your smell is that of yesteryear, the one that reminds us of our beginnings. You smell of aromatic herbs, such as mint, spearmint, nutmeg. You smell of home, of the desire you have to find true love, not the one they paint in the movies, the genuine one, the one that takes you right by the hand despite your flaws and hobbies. You smell of the friendship you provide, of always being when they need you.

9.- Sagittarius

Sagittarius, you know that there is no more beautiful adventure than living your life as you please. That’s what keeps you on your feet, with a smile and wasting optimism, even if many are bothered by your brightness. And you know that there is always time for something new, to test your heartbeat and the number of landscapes you have stored in your memory. Your smell is strong, rich, and unforgettable, like the aroma of freshly ground coffee. You smell those who dare, those who are capable of meeting a thousand souls and giving everything. You smell like they wanted to do something crazy while you were reading this.

10.- Capricorn

Empowerment, strength, risk. Capricorn, you are the person who is difficult to forget, because you enter the fears of others. No, not in a bad way, you do it as an example, reminding them that in this life everything is possible and that if you are achieving it, the rest can also be done. You smell of success, of the passion you show by breaking your mental limits. You have that sweet, yet long-lasting scent that envelops you without even realizing it. Just like the smell of vanilla, the one that is able to travel through your senses and finally lodge in the most beautiful memories of the brain. That’s how you smell, of admiration and a lot of inspiration.

11.- Aquarius

The most beautiful thing about wounds is having the courage to heal them and wait patiently for them to heal. That is what a pure soul does, one that does not let the blows of life take away its shine. Sometimes the body gets tired, the mind gets tired, but the soul is able to keep going no matter what. Aquarius knows it, because it has that scent of cleaning, that everything can be improved. You smell of prayers, heartfelt words, faith, hope. No matter how much the rest want to see you in pieces, in the end, you have the courage to take out all the garbage that surrounds you, especially that of the heart and there you are again, to recover your purity.

12.- Pisces

Authenticity, flavor, and love. Pisces, you are one of the sweetest, most cordial, and dedicated beings in the zodiac. People keep you in mind because there is a touch of naivety in you that cannot be compared to anything. And yes, many times people try to hurt you, but not because of their evil will you change your way of being. Your smell is like that of a baby, the one you take in your arms and it is almost impossible to say goodbye. They become addicted to you because you engage in a subtle way, you do not demand, they decide to stay by your side because you are worth it, the days, you are worth everything. And that’s when there is no better refuge than having someone like you in life.


What Each Sign Smells Like

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