Cosmic Survey: Daily Mindsets Of Your Zodiac Sign

Daily Mindsets

Cosmic Contemplations: Daily Mindsets Of Your Zodiac Sign

Reading minds is difficult and requires a lot of practice, so I made this cheat sheet.

Here you can read what is constantly going through the mind of each zodiac sign. That way, the next time you see them pensively, you don’t have to ask what they’re thinking about.

As always, it was difficult to pick just one thought. Then I decided on a method that helped me.

I’ve been thinking about prejudice: what do most people think each zodiac sign thinks? When I found that thought, I wrote something completely different.

So far it has worked fine. Let’s see together how this worked out and if you can find yourself in these thoughts!


So, everyone thinks that this fire sign is always full of energy and can run around 24/7. That is not completely right.

In my opinion, the idea that they have at least once in their heads every day is this:

When am I finally coming home?

Why is that? After a hard day (every day is hard for them), Aries want to relax, lie on the sofa, read, sleep, or watch TV and just turn off their brain.


Perhaps the biggest prejudice against Taurus is that they are materialistic and only think about money. That may be true, but not always.

When single, they always think about how nice it is to love and even nicer to be loved. When in a relationship or marriage, her favorite thought is:

what could i eat today

Or any thought related to food and drink.


They are known for thinking about too many things (usually at the same time). It’s either that, or they’re completely turned off and their heads are completely empty.

But, the idea that twins get different flavors every day is:

Life is really beautiful and cruel at the same time.

Geminis are a sign of duality, so with them, it always has to be two of everything. It may seem contradictory at times, but Geminis are used to it.


It’s true that Cancers are emotional, but I don’t think they really think about it. You have another habit after all – constantly making a victim of yourself.

Later you will find out that this is not quite the case. But every day they think something like:

Nobody understands me/appreciates me/want to help me.

Yes, even if this is not true at all. Cancers are just like that: they constantly complain but do not change anything.


While one might think that these kings are always thinking about how all people love them or how kind-hearted people they are.

But what mostly goes through the head of a lion in everyday life is:

How do I look?

This has been proven right so many times that it’s starting to get weird. While Leos say they are amazing, handsome, and beautiful, the reality is that they are not always safe. That’s why the mirror is her best friend!


These people definitely think too much and almost never turn their brains off completely. Maybe with a series or before bed. It’s almost impossible to pick just one thought that has nothing to do with your daily to-do list.

But what I can choose is:

There has to be a way/a solution.

It really is like that. They always want to solve all problems. Not just hers, but everyone who loves her. And if there is a solution, Virgos will definitely find it!


These harmony-loving people always want to bring order and balance to all things, situations, and even people. Of course, they don’t always succeed and that’s not their constant thought.

But instead, they think:

How can I do this?

Libras are not problem-oriented, they are solution oriented. That’s why they don’t ask themselves if they can do it, but how! No matter what it’s about. It can vary from choosing outfits to making job decisions, but they actually find it pretty easy to navigate a variety of situations.


They are known (and rightly so) as passionate and romantic people. While Scorpios think about bed games more than others, is that thought the most present in their mind? Not quite the same, but similar:

That’s Lovely!

This can refer to a person, a thing, a situation, or even a phrase or joke! They often think this to themselves and not infrequently say it because they have no problem with others knowing what they are thinking.


This fire sign is known to love philosophy. It is therefore not surprising that Sagittarius people generally think a lot.

These are mostly thoughts on philosophical topics, so nothing common or mundane like the other zodiac signs.

Because of this, her favorite thought is:

What happened if … ?

Or anything similar that gets her brain into overdrive. These thoughts give them countless scenarios to develop.


Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn likes order and discipline, but also his job. These people are real workaholics, just like an earth sign should be.

Then what does Capricorn think about the most? That is:

What else can I do?

Even when he is done with work, he will have these thoughts in his head. This is because Capricorns always want to be useful and do something productive.


Aquarians, in my opinion, can never really turn off their brains. Therefore there is no moment without thought. Zen is a completely unknown concept to them.

But the thought that comes to mind most often is this:

Do I have to do this now?

Sometimes the emphasis is on must, sometimes on I, and sometimes on now. They then change them depending on the situation.


Pisces may be romantic and dreamy, but they know how to enjoy the pleasures of this world. Not all people are so lucky and gifted.

This is exactly why Pisces like to comment on people and think (quite often say out loud) something like:

You have to know how to live life.

Our dear Pisces are sure that they will enjoy it to the fullest and the others should learn this art of living from them.

final thought

As famous comedian Charlie Chaplin said:

We think so much and feel too little!

I think he’s absolutely right! Our thoughts come in abundance, leaving us confused and unable to choose just one.

We find it increasingly difficult to concentrate. Multitasking is something we pride ourselves on these days. In reality, we should rather avoid it!

Intended thoughts are usually okay because they keep us on our toes. But there are too many unintended thoughts we picked up along the way.

Our feelings should actually be our guide through life. We should pay more attention to how we feel. Then we should analyze those feelings and understand what we should do to feel even better.

We are not aware of it, but what we think about most and how we talk to ourselves determines our lives and our future.

It might sound like a cliché, but the more positive our thoughts are, the more beautiful our life becomes.

So choose your thoughts more carefully!

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