You are Cancer and you want to know everything about the astrological predictions of 2019. Our astrologer, Chris Semet, reveals what you have in store for 2019 in love, work, health. Discover your free horoscope 2019!
What will the stars ask you in 2019
This year, everything will push you to go to others. You will have the opportunity to develop a better psychological sense to better identify the people around you.

General climate
2019 will be a very good year to expand your relationship circle, to make new friends, to formalize a union or to sign a work contract.

Your key months
From January to April, you can count on unexpected support. For some, it will be a key period for your love. In June, escape, change your mind as soon as you can. In August, get closer to your half or open up to a new feeling.

You will have the opportunity to improve your relationships with your colleagues or superiors. In 2019, teamwork will be promoted so pool your knowledge. Some will be brought in to join a new team in which they will flourish. Others will be promoted to the management of a working group. Still, others will find the collaborators, interlocutors or supports they need.

More vigilant, especially during the spring and summer, you will be able to better target your expenses. Some will take advantage of this period to save money.

Friendship & Love
2019 will be rich in exchanges, meetings, complicity and moments of sharing.

As a couple, this will be the year when to formalize your relationship, to start a real estate project, to give a new impetus to your story or to open to other influences. You will not miss an opportunity to find yourself and spend beautiful moments in love.

Single, if you want to break with solitude and if you want to open up to love then bet in 2019 and especially in the last quarter. So this is the year or never to let you go to a new feeling. Give yourself the means to please, to seduce and to live a beautiful story.

From one end to the other of the year, the others will have a great influence on your mood and your morale. Remember to surround yourself and especially avoid toxic relationships that could harm you in one way or another.

Closer to the stars
1st: A Very nice year to sign a contract of work or lease, even to formalize a purchase. For others, you will have the opportunity to fully embody your life.

2nd: You will be satisfied with the social life that will give you joy and good humour. For some, your love will be a source of fulfilment, well-being and serenity.

3rd: This year, you will say yes to the beloved. Thus, you will cross a major milestone in life together. Solo, you will be at a crossroads. 2019 will be conducive to all kinds of contracts.

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