According To Your Sign Why You Are Not Happy At All

You Are Not Happy At All

According To Your Sign Why You Are Not Happy At All

It is very difficult to find full happiness, or rather, to maintain that full happiness constantly. If each of us knew how to find our weak points and work on them, possibly that happiness could be maintained for much longer in our body, in our skin, in our mind… Now we will show you why you are not completely happy according to your zodiac sign.


You get stuck / or in a lot of paths that have no exit, Aries. Yes, you are a super smart person, someone who knows what he wants, or if not, at least what he doesn’t want. The problem comes when, despite the fact that your mind tells you something, your heart tells you the oppositeYou know something is wrong, you are clear about it, but you end up doing it “just in case” there is an opportunity. Sometimes you stay at a fixed point for a long time, you don’t go forward or backward, you don’t go back but you don’t move forward either. And impulsiveness is what ultimately makes you commit those messes…


You need to control everything, you are afraid that something will escape you, that they may hurt you, that they may play you from behind, that they will mess you up, that they will betray you… You have had a bad time, Taurus, in fact, it is very strange that right now there is not any Taurus with a broken heart. You are a good person even if the first impression is that of someone rude, and in the end, there are people who know it and who take advantage of it. And a lot. That’s why you don’t trust others, but the problem is that you end up suffering, because living like this is complicated, living without being able to be calm/or with everything around you is damn. And that is what makes you not be happy at all. We are all going to be betrayed at some point in life but not turning yourself in when you really have that hunch will make you regret it in the end or not live it as you really want.


You don’t let your Gemini mind rest. As much as it often seems that you stay lying on the sofa, you do not rest your mind, you do not relax, you do not enjoy and you do not stop thinking. Gemini please do something that can help you, do something that will relax those nerves. I don’t know, yoga, meditation, relaxation, whatever. But cash. How long have you not really taken a break, huh Gemini? Well, a lot. If you want to be truly happy, you will have to rest, you will have to start looking a little more for yourself and your future because, think about it Gemini, everything you think about has to do with a past that already was and will not return… You’re already too smart, try it.


Look Cancer you would be a little happier if you didn’t have such self-destructive tendencies sometimes. Everyone goes wrong at some point in their life, and nothing happens, life goes on, and everything happens as it should, so instead of staying there paralyzed, without even knowing what to do, face problems, take a good look at them, and solve them however you can. It’s important that you do it, Crab, and leave the nonsense to others. Of course, sometimes it gets complicated and if it were up to you, you’d throw it all away, I’m sure it would, but damn Cancer, you’ve come out of many, all of them, always remember that.


You don’t focus on yourself no matter how selfish others may call you. Not Leo, they can call you everything, believed / or, freaked out / or, know-it-all, but selfish? Come on, not even close. You think too much about others, so much so that sometimes you have put your life aside just to stay where you shouldn’t, Leo. You can never be completely happy without taking care of yourself /, without prioritizing things, and without having more confidence in yourself /. In the end, you give everything and you stay empty / or inside. And if they play it to you, you end up so broken that it is almost impossible for you to completely put yourself together. Think more of yourself Leo, love yourself more and you will realize all your power.


You live at the extremes Virgo, you live thinking about the past but above all about the future. In what you have to do, in what you lack, in what you have not finished yet, in what you would like to do… And the present for when Virgo? You do not give opportunities to what your heart believes you should give them and that is why you miss many of the things that are around you Virgo. Please be aware that you may fail at a million things but better that than end up regretting not having done it.


Believe it or not, you are not as confident as you seem to be a Libra. And unfortunately, you are concerned about the opinions of others, especially those of the people you love and appreciate. Yes Libra, it is difficult for you to make decisions because you always want to have everything perfect, everything in “order” and most importantly, that no one suffers for anything. In short, Libra, in the end for one or the other, it is very difficult for anyone to get out of something unscathed when it comes to deciding. Look a little more for yourself and think that in the end, you are the one who lives your Libra life, no one else.


You always want more Scorpio, always, and yes, of course, you get it, but the problem is that in the end, you don’t end up enjoying the present, you don’t end up having a good time at all, you don’t end up living Scorpio. You are a person who sets many goals almost daily, even dreams to achieve, and that is good, Of course it is, but you have to have fun when it comes to achieving those Scorpio goals. Try to slow down in some aspects of your life, you know that sometimes you get very high, and you don’t rest, and you don’t calm down, and you get a horse’s anxiety about everything. Take a deep breath and take things easy. You will get everything you want but at a different pace. You need it.


You never ask for help Sagi, even if you need it more than ever Sagi, even if you’re dying inside… You prefer to shut up, shut your mouth, and put up with everything. The problem is that, inadvertently, in the end, you end up breaking somewhere, and since you have never complained, the others think that your head has gone, that you are deranged, and that you do not know how to have self-control over anything. What they don’t know is that, in order not to make a mess, you have kept quiet many times and you have exploded all at once. Learn to explain more about what happened to you Sagi, and learn not to keep what has hurt you.


Many times you constantly close Capri, and people do not know what is going through your head, what you feel, what you are up to, or even what your goals, your dreams, your aspirations are. If you were only a little more open, others would understand you much more and they would know that under that cold and “calculating” facade there is someone full of love, and if not, at least, affection to give. Misunderstood? That is always Capri, so try to talk a little more and let the world know you. If you find that small group of people who love you as you are, you will end up happier.


You tend to neglect your personal relationships, Aquarius, and sometimes too much. You have pending conversations with people very close to you. It has always happened to you but sometimes, you can’t find the time or time simply passes and you leave them behind… Don’t be so slack, really, Aquarius, you would be much happier if from time to time you got a little closer to your loved ones, if you knew more about them, I don’t know, if you showed a little more. In the end, you will never know how much longer you can enjoy them, it is important that you be aware that they will not always be there.


You give too much thought to all Pisces, a lot. You are always in your head thinking about what is best for the rest, what is best for you, and what is best for the world. And you care a lot, too much for others, and you take it from yourself to give it to the rest. And worst of all, you often try to make them better people, or at least better people according to what you think good people are. Let the rest be Pisces, and if they’re wrong, they’re wrong, and if they mess up, they mess up. Let them learn and look ahead, and stumble, fall, and get up. You will be happier worrying less.

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